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Fighting fear again

I've been suffering with a toothache for the last couple of weeks. I've been to the dentist twice but nothing is showing up on the xrays ... so she is sending me to a specialist to see if the root is dying or whatever they look for. The pain has been ok - mostly just achy until last night. It was terrible....I could not get away from it. I took some ibuprofen and was finally able to go to sleep. But I am scared ... I have a natural fear of the dentist even though I know they are there to help me. But I keep remembering two things from the past. My husband went to the dentist to have a tooth pulled and they found a tumor - cancer. Then I remembered the lady next door....she was having issues which the doc said was a sinus infection (my sinus are really bothering me too right now) ... she was misdiagnosed and it was cancer ... so now, I am letting those thoughts into my head. CANCER. This started as a tooth ache and it is turning into something else in my mind. I won't know what is going on until I see the specialist. But I am kind of freaking out that it is something terrible. Being in pain like this is really beating me down - I know that. I know I need to calm down, stay positive and find out what is going on - then get it fixed. That is the logical me. the anxiety ridden me is not doing as well. Thanks for listening.

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Well the dentist is not my favorite place either but I have had some visits just recently & one thing I do know is that been in pain with your teeth is one of the worse things to be copying with

From what you have said it sounds like maybe it is some kind of root problem , I have had pain very similar in the past & my dentist has done a procedure called root canal on the tooth which basically is to take the nerve out the tooth which stops the pain

Your dentist most likely just wants to make sure what is causing this so they can give you the best treatment

Up to reading your post I never knew that going to the dentist could throw up such medical problems as you mentioned been cancer , my main fear of going to the dentist has always been what they might do causing me more pain & I think even though very unfortunate that you have come across this happening to others that the odds are low that you have any form of cancer causing your pain but your anxiety will want to get in there & convince you that you have

I hope your appointment comes soon & you will then have peace of mind & if this is a worry to you & you cannot control your thoughts due to your anxiety or the pain is getting to much for you to deal with give your dentist a ring & be honest how this is affecting you & what you are fearing if you have not mentioned it to them all ready & they maybe able to give you some reassurance & chase your appointment up for you x


A bit of an update and thank you for your response. I got the consult with the specialist, was told I needed a root canal immediately. It is hard for me to do things like that when I am unprepared emotionally but I did it ... without any Xanax. Unfortunately almost through the procedure the doc says we have a problem. The tooth cannot be saved and needs to be pulled. They don't do that there so I have to set up that procedure with another specialist. So much anxiety and pain yesterday, not very much sleep, go to work today and try to set up the next leg of this ordeal. For me it is so scary ... right now I need to have some time to sort of recover emotionally from yesterday. I hate feeling so frightened with such intensity. It triggers every anxiety thought I have! So I am trying to be kind to myself, not be concerned that some doctor I don't know does not understand anxiety and just do the best for myself that I can. Thank you so much for allowing me to put into words my fears and weakness and not thinking badly of me. This site is such a Godsend.



I have just seen your reply & I hope you are feeling slightly better today

I can relate to how you feel , I have been having dental problems & have had to have quite a bit of treatment & just as I thought it was all finally sorted another problem has arisen & yes my anxiety is trying to take over while I wait to see what they can do in a few days ...meanwhile even though I am not a dentist my own has already predicted doom & gloom which helps feed that anxiety I already am feeling & I really have to keep trying to keep myself in check as I know exactly what I am doing yet reversing your own thinking is very hard work

I also am just the same when facing fears I feel a need a break in between to gather myself together before the next one but unfortunately sometimes it doesn't work that way leaving you feeling drained with all the adrenalin we use up with the anxiety but then I try & say Oh well I suppose the sooner this gets done that is another problem out the way & hopefully then life will be kind to me for a while :-)

Hope everything goes well for you , I am sure you will get through this & come out the other end & maybe make some notes how you felt how you coped how the outcome was nothing like you were predicting & when life throws something else our way hopefully we can look back at those notes we made & they may help to give us the knowledge & strength we may need again when that fear creeps in x


You could just be cpsubconcously clenching your jaw and it's hitting a nerve in your tooth.


The doc did say that the damage to my tooth normally occurs when a person clenches their teeth - probably in their sleep. I don't know that I do it but I guess I must. The damage has been done now and the tooth cannot be saved. More anxiety to go through. This stuff scares me silly. Thank you for your response...I truly appreciate it.


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