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Afraid of telling my psychiatrist

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I keep getting loud ringing ears all the time, i hear loud music playing in my ears even though it could be silent all around me I'd still hear it! I hear screAming noises like the noise is comming from my head and some creepy ones too! Is this related to anxiety ? I feel like a freak!

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Hi Ellis,

Please mention this to your Psychiatrist he wont judge you. It could be anxiety, maybe tinnitus (ringing in the ears) .

You are certainly not a freak, and it will dispel any fears you have if you speak to him.

Hope you soon feel better.

Eunice xx

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Hello it sounds like Tinnitus (think that is the spelling.)

Go see your GP

Good Luck


Hi Ellis. I get eat pain and ringing I'm the ears when I have anxiety. When you become calmer it will stop. Also have heard like a loud crash at times before falling asleep. Test easy it will pass. Make sure to tell your doc . Peace.

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Brian50 in reply to Brian50

Ear pain not eat. Sorry. Lol

Does this happen before you fall asleep?

Please see my post September 1, 2014 titled "Microwave radiation from wireless technology causes deleterious health issues" White noise, ringing, gurgled voices, all can be classified as tinnitus, and it can very for each person. Some people experience loud sharp shrills while for some it's a piercing sound that lasts for short periods. In my case it started as white noise and then I would hear voices in the middle of the night and think that someone had left the television on, but that was never the case. As I said in my post this began shortly after the wireless smart meter was installed on our home. It can also be caused from other wireless products in your house such as cordless telephones as they pulse microwave radiation 24/7/365, a wireless mouse or keyboard, cell phone left on, and of course WiFi. Other causes come from newer "smart" appliances that have radio chips and transmitters installed inside them such as washers and dryers. If you use a cordless phone or cell phone I recommend you start using the land line and unplug the cordless phone as they are more dangerous than cell phones for radiation exposure. Research "microwave auditory effect, "Frey effect" and you will see that you are not losing your mind. If you avoid wireless and blue light stimulation (especially before sleeping) you will find these symptoms will subside. By exposing yourself to this type of radiation 24/7 your health will suffer from the cumulative effects. effecttinnitus and the

Hi got ringing ears gad yr or so had mri few months make sure nothing wrong yes got tinnitus 24/7 u just have learn live with it is very hard drives me nuts at times more when loud but more your stressed more hear things what I was told x

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