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Does anyone else get these weird symptoms when they don't sleep enough? I got 4.5 or 5 hours and I feel as if I'm all disoriented. I know where I am and what I did yesterday but I feel like I'm out of it in a matter of speaking. Im hypersensitive about my breathing today. It feels like I'm going to just stop breathing. Obviously I know that is very very very unlikely. I have asthma that is well controlled. I overate 2 nights ago and was waking up in the middle of the night with all types of symptoms. I couldn't take a deep breath and I felt all this shallow breathing. Now I'm all worried that ill have a seizure or faint because the back of my head hurts. I have no seizure disorder and i have never fainted. Why am i always worrying about this type of stuff? My pulse rate is completely fine. Its 76 right now even with anxiety.


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8 Replies

  • Well, here is what works for me: Take 1 3mg melatonin about a half hr before taking just a half of a Unisom... Just an idea ... it could maybe help you sleep longer.

  • When I don't sleep well I often feel in a drunk like state, it's horrible. I have asthma too and often feel hypersensitive about my breathing. Fainting used to be a big thing with me, I've only ever fainted once, years ago when I broke my arm.

    Health anxiety is horrible, I worry everyday about something, and think of it all day and night 😩

    Keep yourself occupied and do nice things for you. Are you having therapy? X x

  • Basically we have the same thing! It definetely is like a drunk feeling state! Yes I am. Are you? Why did you faint?

  • Yeah it's horrible!

    I'm having cbt in just over a weeks time, I've had it in the past. Is it helping you?

    I'm not sure I think it was the shock/pain, we was just on the way out of the hospital at the time, and I felt really funny, then I fainted for a few minutes, had a drink of water and off I didn't bother me at the time, never worried me at all That was about 13 years ago x x

  • I used to always think I was going to have a seizure. It made me have panic attacks just anticipating having a seizure although I had never had one. I used to wake up from my sleep thinking I was about to have one. Breathe. Its hard to think logically but not impossible

  • I have an awful fear of seizures too! That's always where my thoughts head whenever I start to feel weird. I haven't had one though. And yeah, lack of sleep makes me feel super drunk/derealized whatever you want to call it!

  • DEREALIZED I could never think of a word for the feeling. Thank u.

  • It makes me feel super weird around people I don't know

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