my anxiety seems different than most

I keep reading about definitions of anxiety and anxiety disorders and articles explaining it and it's even more frustrating because they all DO NOT explain what I am feeling.

The best way to describe my head is "chronic inability to be in the moment"

whatever Im doing, my head is asking itself "am i enjoying this momentt?" "what am i going to do next". This is constant, over and over. chronic. So i never actually enjoy anything 100% and cannot ever be in the moment.



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  • Hi,

    You are not alone. I am exactly the same. I never enjoy anything as my mind is constantly obsessing and worrying about things.

    It is very frustrating, but you are not alone.

  • Sometimes I feel very lonely in this anxiety battle because I have very strange symtoms or the things that happen to me ate harder to explain. Like lookimg left makes me anxious while driving. Or sitting all the way back on my couch makes me feel like I am falling, anyway my point is, we all have some form of anxiety and panic and fear, but there are definitely differences for whatever reason. I can relate to how you are feeling. I often "check in" which is what I call it, with myself, almost like I make myself feel something and sometimes I feel like I cause anxiety, because sometimes I am doing something and I don't feel anxious, but right away my head checks in and says WOW U ARE NOT HAVING ANXIETY. Then boom I get anxious. I always pay attention to ebery single thing I feel. Its exhausting

  • Ohhhh yep I do this also a lot

  • Yep Roses, I am the same the min. I realize sometimes that I am relaxed and the min I do, then I feel panicked! Or I get a pain suddenly and panic! ( I have health anxiety too)

    But we can train our minds not to go that way! I am doing therapy and am having more better days! HANG ON! We are here for you ~ hugs, Ileen

  • I am the same. I worry constantly mainly about not being good enough or never being able to have "everything" done!!! I try hard to enjoy the things in my life that are good but at the moment there's too much that I think is not. I am too self critical and have had some free NHS therapy to help with this which has given me ways of coping but it will take time to change how I feel. I think I want to investigate "mindfulness" to try to help with living in the moment. There are courses across the country. Maybe that could be something to look at for you too?

  • Alos mindfulness audio is available on amazon for $2.99 and up! I have found the audio's helping me a lot! It does work! I am learning how to live in the present moment! ( With a lot of help!) Good luck and god bless!

  • thats a symptom of depression

  • Just lately i have started to get anxiety when on the toilet! I just want to get away from it- very awkward when you are, erm, in the middle of something. Anxiety accompanied by fear/ certainty that I am going to pass out backwards is another horrid one; it seems we all have different manifestations of anxiety, some more common than others. I have recently been in CBT, it isn't always easy to handle, maybe a little better in some respects but there is a long way to go.

  • yes,very similar.I have had to look back to really know if I have enjoyed something.Always have,since childhood.Always found the 'having to put on a face to fit the occasion' a little difficult.Have managed to work out a few strategies ie. finding certain passtimes which help me to recognize the 'moment' as in music or art for instance.Must say,it took me at long time to work that out,but find it helped.

  • Dear J ( can't remember how to spell all it sorry!)

    I know exactly how you feel! I am always unable to " LIve and enjoy the present"

    It is called anticipatory anxiety! And it is miserable. I worry, constantly about the future and even when I am having a " good time" like in a movie I can not concentrate on the movie or tv show or anything. I do have good news, today I went for hypnosis. It was wonderful! I am not saying I am cured but boy, do I feel better. He addressed this issue during my session. So, can I recommend trying this? Absolutly! You are not alone! Let me know how you are doing and I will check in on you! If you can message me back. Hugs of support! Ileen ( or Deb)

  • thanks Deb

    Everyone says they worry, it's a worry. Maybe I dont have anxiety? My head is not full of worry. Or maybe it is but I dont know what Im worrying about. I'll be watching tv or taking my dogs to the beach and always thinking in my head "am I enjoying this". It's a chronic over and over and over again constant question. And it is sooooooo exhausting. Is this worry?

  • Ive been there for 3 years now. Now Im still having anxiety disorder but i can already control most of it. The only thing that im fighting ryt now is the dizziness/ disorientation which i made up by being too anxious of it. But its not too critical anymore. Three years back, ive been thru a lot of hardship just like you all. I had never gone thru medications. Like a tag of war, I fight against my mind constantly and slowly learning to overcome my fear. Some might not notice it but its the fear which is the root of it all. You must always think how you live your life before you got your anxiety. Picture in your mindthe way you think, you act, you behave before. Remember your past life until you realize that whats happening in ur mind ryt now is NOT REAL. Its hard but u can learn slowly over time

  • Nope, sounds like anxiety to me. I feel like a ghost, unreal, and hate being in my own skin, like having a body is an inconvenience. THOUGH, I am not worrying about it anymore. It scares me, sure, but after spending days, crying, obsessing, no sleeping, fearing the worst and having none of it happen...made me realize: "well, this is not helping." So I still feel the way I do, but I don't feel as hopeless.

    I have moments when I feel like I disappear for a second or a moment of feeling...

    Okay, you know when you see something scary or experience something traumatic and that split second when you just kind of freeze? Your thoughts freeze, your mind freezes and you feel like you are transported somewhere for a second, like your existence blanks out? That-that is what they feel like and I notice I activate them on my own. It's scary, but I'm so sick of worrying. Maybe that's the Holy Spirit telling me that I don't need to worry anymore because after experiencing that much level of's like I no longer can worry. I've broken my worry button. Which is FINE with me. So now, I'm trying the no-worry-route. See where that leads. I've been on it for...oh, a week? And I haven't even cried once! I doubt it is my DP since I can still feel love and happiness and anger, but if something happens, it happens. Worry will not prevent nor stop it so why do it?

  • Yes. I have been feeling out of sorts for almost a year now. I have seen a therapist which helped me deal with the causes of my anxieties. When I feel them coming on, I tell myself, "This is nothing to be tense or anxious about. Relax." This helps. Sometimes I have to repeat that. When a bad thought enters your mind, replacing it with something else helps. I do not think about feeling "not here" when I am focused on something or being in the moment, actually listening and responding to conversation. Knowing that this is not harmful helps. I am learning to ignore it more and more.

  • I am like you. Try it is a free online mindfulness course. I found this really helpful. I also had 9 sessions of person centred therapy with a fantastic lady where I was able to talk with no preasure or judgement and she really listened. I was able to take the lid off my anxiety and discovered not only was I bottling all my fears but my feelings were in there too. My anxiety had numbed my feelings to the point where my whole life felt like I was just going through the motions without really enjoying anything. I still sometimes question if I am enjoying something but I find I am open to giving lots more things a try. I am also a lot more aware of different emotions I feel. Previously I could only identify and name being sad or angry.

    Anyway good luck

  • It almost sounds like a form of GAD. Generalized anxiety disorder. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a very therapy to help your learn different behavior. I know what you mean about not being in the moment!

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