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Look this up!

Hi I'm Dylan, last year I had my first panic attack and it shook my world, I was confident and fun loving and it all just fell apart in the space of a second, I'll be honest I had it while smoking a joint and it was a very uncomfortable situation mixed with confusion and adrenaline, ever since I've knocked myself into general anxiety, I've had such a feeling of unreality for a year and I'll admit it afraid of going insane any second, I've learned a lot over the last year and my recovery is going extremely well lately, look up panic away online, this guy knows what he's talking about and has really helped me, my feelings of unreality have been leaving but I'm stuck on the letting go part now I think, I'm in reality again but not sure what to do now, I'm a lot less stressed but I still get automatic negative thoughts, any advice on this part? Ready to move on but not sure what to do :/ and btw if I could get out of my rut so can you, I promise :)

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Hi there not sure what to say except I wanted to say you have come along way and let's hope it continues. My thoughts are with you.

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Keep doing what you are doing if you are getting better!!! I wish I could get better. I'm a miserable excuse for a human being😥


Hey, have you recovered completely yet?? I also have DP DR from marijuana that also gave me my very first panic attack and sent me into a frenzy everyday ever since for the past 2 months. Has made me afraid of literally everything and so much more I don't even feel like typing lol. But I think I'm getting better.. I just want to know someone who made a full recovery. Please let me know about you, thank you!!


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