Anyone had this?

I have ibs and anxiety, I was gettin dizzy and lightheaded a lot but it comes and goes, but the last few days the dizzy light headed feelings have come with like a low blood sugar attack feeling, like I'm starving so I have to eat anything quickly to get through it, I've had blood glucose tests and they come back normal,!? I'm wondering if any anxiety panic attacks can replicate these low sugar feelings :( scary.... thanks for reading


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  • Does the attacks feel like your about to faint or like a dropping sensation? If so I get this all the time

  • Yes like I ain't eaten all day and so weak I feel like I will faint, I get shaky too, what is it ??

  • Probably your medication side effect. Although you could be hypoglycemic.

  • I'm on low dose amitrptyline ?

  • All medications have side effects. Stress is terrible for the body it's like running a marathon everyday, you need food. You should carry a dark chocolate bar 80% + coca which is high in magnesium which will help you alot from side effects and low blood sugar. Eat it when you feel light headed shaky.

  • I wish I knew I've been dealing for four years

  • I've been to docs and gotta do a fasting blood test Monday

  • You need to try and eat regularly this is why you feel faint. I couldn't eat anything due to my anxiety but I got my appetite back and eat often as I can now feel less faint and dizzy.

  • I try but when busy at work I sometimes forget until it's too late

  • Supplement your diet, multivitamin with iron daily. Snack on peanuts, eat high coca chocolate, have alot of avacodo salads all high in magnesium.

    A fasting blood test, for what ?

  • I've no idea? He says my low blood sugar feelings are more than likely anxiety panic etc but said get fasting glucose test done to make sure

  • Will be to make sure you're not diabetic, which I doubt you are.

  • Hi Nathsam46 i have been reading your post here bcuz i too feel dizzy off balance everyday. I seen you were at patient thread too were i join there its on facebook now. I came across to read about SIBO lately on one of the patient thread i read some post there with this woman she had ibs/ sibo here symptoms is dizzy and lightheaded and one symptom she mention there she can be so much starving ,maybe try to vent there but the post is over a long time ago.

  • Yeh I've read a lot about SIBO but my docs don't seem to be bothered about it, :( horrible, how are you?

  • I still feeling dizzy right now like im on a boat my head feels full , i had pressure on the bridge of my nose, eyes sometimes on my temples. Been like this for over 4 months now with no relief. I can handle the pressure but the dizzy spells is what i find it hard to deal like my head feels heavy than my body. Did you join in the group head pressure migraine along with dizziness?

  • Yeh I get the pressure too. Right in the bridge of the nose Hun, and no where is that??

  • Do you have the pressure constantly? Did you done mri? The group thread is on facebook all of those people join there had similar symptoms

  • Oh right yeh I'm on there and no MRI have. U?

  • I have not done yet mri but i went to see an ent last week to check my nose he tuck this thing inside my nose but diagnose me allergic rhinitis but im on meds now for few days but with no relief. My next step is to do ct scan in my sinusm how long you have yor symptoms. I just so hard to believe its anxiety for me bcuz i have it everyday.

  • Pm you and 3 months

  • Be careful with iron tablets!

  • I'm not taking iron tabs, my l iron levers are good

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