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Had a chat with an help hotline and feel a bit better I'm not going to burn out as I've been there done that this is a bad blip that's all

Thanks whywhy and tom etc for your kind words again I've been so mad busy I should now except that I feel like this and that's what I'm doing right now on here I've been far to hard on my self my wife also took part in are tell call this has helped a lot and yes I've had a panic attack yesterday and my anxioty is high at the moment but it will pass also I'm going to change my name on here to the not so big guy notsobigguy as I need to celebrate the fact that I've lost 4 stone esh this year put on two productions in the drama school started a 3rd year and made a fab Xmas dinner despite feeling blaaaah

So positive is going to be my middle name from now on I'm sorry if I've done your heads in I still feel bad but I'm going to except it for now go down stairs and movie I'm also going to chill out gym yes walk yes but in a more relaxed way !!!!

Love you all loads your my strength Thankyou xx

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Well done you, what a good idea! So glad you're feeling better :)

Sometimes it can take an outsider to see what we can't.

I think it must be a trait of this anxiety to be hard on ourselves. You achieve so much yet somehow don't see it that way. I'm sure you're not alone in that.

I think the change of name is a brilliant idea, wow! that's a lot to lose, takes some serious effort & definitely worth celebrating! :)

It's ok to relax a bit, it's not a race, how you get there is much more important than when :)

You didn't do anyone's head in, to me you always seem very positive & do all you can to feel better. I admire your determination.

Enjoy the movie



Thanks again !


Hi Stu

First you haven't done any ones head in , this is what the site is here for to help through the good & bad times :-)

Well done making that call & yes you are having a beep , slightly bigger than some but you can & will come through this & I am so pleased you made that call & they have helped you , well done :-)

Also congratulations with the weight loss that is a massive achievement , maybe you just need to maintain the weight you are now & even though exercise is good for you ease a little & don't over do it

Now please will you start & take care of yourself , your body has been through some these last few weeks , let it recover by resting & you will feel like a new man as well as the weight loss :-)





Yes indeed whywhy I conceded lol I've been over working and need to cut myself some slack thanks mate your amassing here's a hug from me hug x


It's hard when we feel we're doing ok then suddenly bam something hits and knocks us back. I think it possibly is bad at this time of year because we feel we have to be sociable when we don't really. Your post sounded really positive and I'm glad your feeling better.



Thankyou yes your right and that what came out in the call I feel very disappointed in myself for getting here in the first place time to reflect and allow it to just be there sod you anxiety I'm in charge :-)


What a positive start you will have to the New year. Losing weight is hard, I know, so you have done exceptionally well and must feel so much better for it. Good for you. !!

We all have our blips and are all here to listen to whatever people post so , no, you are no trouble. That's what everyone is on here for... to support and get support. This site has helped me heaps over the last year. Just reading sometimes and helping . I don't post too often.

I go for a walk every morning and really enjoy it. Keeps me fit and the weight down... especially after Christmas.

So, Mr. Positive, I hope your New year is very good to you and also kind to all on here.

Great to read your post. Love Julie xx


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