Scared of angina

Hey all. So I've been having chest discomfort shortness of breath arm pain and upper back pain for over 2 months. I've had 7 ekgs a stress echo and just yesterday I had a nuclear stress test. Everything has came back fine and I'm losing it. I read online that nuclear stress test are %95 accurate. And %10 to %15 false negative. Then I read you can still have angina with all these test are normal. Can I have all these symptoms almost all day long for over 2 months and it all be anxiety? I was fine before those 2 months. It's driving me nuts. Thank you


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  • I find the best thing to is find a hobby just take the doctors word for it. OK like honestly I had the same thing but it went away you have to accept how you feel and just say its anxiety and move on like I know this might sound kind of weird but stop caring about yourself like just live try to live everyday to the fullest without caring ha idk if u get it

  • That's what my wife is telling me. It's just so hard lol. The pain is worse when I move and flex my chest. I must have some really sore muscles. Thanks for the reply

  • Do you excersise ?

  • I did prior to this. But since I've been in pain I haven't really done anything but take walks.

  • As simple as that sound that is actually great advice. We should stop being so self centered and just live!

  • How old are ?

    Excersise is a big factor when getting through anxiety like I mean when you excersise excersise to your limits trust me you will be to tired to care sleep right and eat good the best thing to do if your worried is to accept it be aware of of it and say screw whatever happens happens

  • I think after all your tests it safe to say you are fine the Internet is always going to have a story about how sometimes doctors miss things or that the tests aren't 100% accurate but technology these days is very advanced and you should trust in the doctors who have studied for years and been practicing doctors for years.

    Your chest probably hurts from tension and even if you don't think you are I am positive that you are very focused on your heart and chest area even when You are not thinking about it its at the back of your mind in your subconscious.

    Try to accept it and move your focus away from it and you will see improvement. Do relaxation exercises and muscle tension exercises.

    I wish you the best :)

  • I have been thro the same stuff. Got all worried about heart attack and hospitalised for a week. They found nothing And said its just the S L E Lupus. Some times you have to trust the Dr is making the correct diagnose

    And go with it. It's all about taking it easy and doing what your body can do so small walks and take it easy on your self

  • Hi, my sister has just been diagnosed with Angina and is currently waiting for a procedure as she has two arteries partially blocked. Her ECG picked this up immediately. She's has to go for an echocardiogram in a couple of days as that gives much more detailed you will experience the symptoms.. And on goes the cycle. Just to demonstrate how powerful our minds our ( especially our primitive mind) can I recommend you read the book Buddas Brain? It was written by Drs Rick Hanson (neuropsychologist) and Richard Mendius (neurologist). A fascinating, easy to read book which explains precisely how our brains work and how it can affect our behaviour and us physically! Yes! You can have physical symptoms for months on end whilst you are afraid. I have had an anxiety disorder for 6 years ( a lot of which centres around fear that's something is wrong with my heart) I had chest, back arm pain for so long it became a way of life. It was only when I began to understand that the symptoms faded away. They come back when I'm anxious. Also an excellent book is Dr Claire Weekes 'Peace from Nervous Suffering' ( don't laugh at the title) it was written in the 70's so ignore the dated language. It's still considered to be one of the best books to read for anxiety and what to do about it. Please don't worry, you're not alone.

  • Hi. I had the same thing 10 years ago. I was in my 20's. Had every test you mentioned, including Nuclear Stress test. All was normal. Once I came to terms that it was stress after a miscarriage it went away. It most absolutely can be stress for you too. You did everything right. Had all the right testing. Trust you are ok.

  • Thank you everyone for the replys. I hurt from the time I wake up and mu breathing seems different. I'm trying my hardest not to read into it and to think of something else. It's just the first thing I wake up to in the mornings. It doesn't actually wake me up. But once I roll over and open my eyes for a minute and see how sore I am my breathing gets funny and I start to get a cold sweat.

  • I have had these symptoms since age 7 and am now 26 and still haven't died or had a heart attack so yes it definitely can be and probably is anxiety/stress. The bad thing is that the more you worry about these horrendous symptoms and convince yourself it's not anxiety the more the symptoms will occur. It's a never ending circle unless you learn to accept it's anxiety and chill out. It's hard when a doctor tells you everything is fine and all your tests are fine because deep down I think you hope they find something just so you can know that it's not in your head but take it from me the mind is the most powerful part of our body and when stressed/anxious can cause us physical symptoms often worse than actual illnesses. Just try be calm and tell yourself it's all in my head I'm fine I haven't died yet so I probably ain't going to. Also drink lots of mineral water, green tea,camomile tea for anxiety herbal teas I swear by them for all sorts of ailments.

  • Carmela that was written perfectly. Every word is the truth. We are all going to die, every one of us. No one is making it out alive. But the more we worry, that is another day we are taking away from our lives. I wake up every day and choose living, choose that it's going to be a good day. When it is my time, and the good Lord knows that time, then so be it. But He has put us here to enjoy the beauty He has created. I no longer want to waste the day on worry. Sure, I have bad days but then I seem to snap out of it. Trust in God. We are where we are meant to be. Don't let the mind take over.

  • Hey I recommend reading this book to everyone with anxiety its called (at last a life)

  • Hi were could I purchase this book I've heard it's good does any book shop hv it it's written by Paul who thank you

  • kindle app online or smartphone

  • This is what I have had in the past and I am hypothyroid. But this is what I have done to over come these worrying symptoms, I also had a heart attack nearly a year ago so I was doubly worried and sensitive about my heart.

    I looked up anxiety and there are a lot of good websites out there and I made a folder with all the positive information on how to relax, how we all get it from time to time, panicaway was good along with others. I keep my anxiety folder in the car so its there at all times. Strange how I don't need to look at it now, I just know that the answer is in there and that is all I need.

    I also went to a herbalist who gave me a brilliant concoction to stop me incessantly worrying and stressing myself out.

    I also had a back de-stress from a physio/osteopath which freed up my tense back, then I kept it supple and went for two walks a day, walking fast but also slowing down and looking at the views, birds etc. I began to enjoy my circuits and getting out.

    I also found I was worse on days when I sat around the house, I think my back just seized up from inactivity.

    I got out more and socialised with friends which gave me something to look forward to.

    I made sure I took good vitamins minerals, ie that my levels were in the high range, I am still working on my ferritin although in the range I read that it is best in the top quarter. I also take B12 methylcobalamin sublingual, vitamin D I find I get chest pains if I don't top up, even in the summer, who actually gets in the sun every day! I take a high dose of all the vitamin B's called B-100.

    Get your thyroid checked for T4 and T3, there is a lot of information on the thyroid group.

    I also stay off gluten, grains, dairy, I went out for a meal yesterday and felt awful all night because I had gluten in my food, my joints ache, my back aches, I get a tightness in my chest and upper abdomen, my stomach rumbles, I get wind which makes my back ache. Now I recognise I have an allergy issue I can see these symptoms and make notes so I can go back to see what I have eaten. I was also reading about MSG and how it is in so many different foodstuffs and even cosmetics.

    Is there any drug that you are taking that coud be causing problems, I was on low dose aspirin and it gave me abdominal pains and a tight chest, it cleared up when I came off the aspirin.

    I hope the above helps, if all done together then I am sure it will clear up.

    PS also look up anti-inflammatories and take those, I think it was Cumin high dose I take.


  • Brent829, i've had the same weird nagging chest pain for about 10 years now. It's not constant, but if I think about it, then it starts to bug me. I did the same thing, had an ekg test and everything came back fine. I was told by my Dr. that it was all anxiety and tension induced. I have noticed, if i take my mind off it and think about other things or just go about my day and not think about it helps alot. Luckily, I can go a week or so without feeling it sometimes. It does get annoying. Hang in there, get a good relaxing hobby, don't think about it, and try to do some sort of tension therapy like meditation; which I myself need to do more of too.

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