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Pain, scared of angina or other heart problems


I have started going to a gym to train and get my stamina since i was feeling that when climbing up the stairs fast my heart was racing a lot.

The thing is that today after some training i started to have jaw pain and yesterday felt some hand pain as well. I'm scared that all of this may be angina. Yesterday i went to the gp and i told him that i have chest pain and hand pain (since that was what i was feeling) and he said that the chest pain is coming from the ribs because when he pressed at the area it hurt.

The jaw pain continued for a couple of minutes after training and even while i was driving then after eating it stopped. I'm really scared it may be a heart related problem and since i had chest xray, multiple ecgs, echo cardiogram and blodo work about 3 months ago, I don't know what i should do at this point.


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This is kind of a weird question, but what are you eating and drinking before you workout?


Today i ate cereal with milk about an hour before the gym.


I’m wondering if you’re getting some acid reflux? That can also mimic heart symptoms.


yes, i was taking lanzol 50mg but now i switched to esomeprazole since i'm getting better. I do feel some symptoms and was getting a lot of weight loss but now i'm feeling quite better and not finding difficult to eat something like i used to. The acid in the morning is the worst since i feel it in my neck but then it gets better as i wake up.


Ok, that all makes sense! I really do think that it’s your acid issues causing some of your symptoms.

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