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Weird feeling, focus on breathing & overall worry

Has anyone has the feeling that their breathing was forced? This feeling/ thought will stick with me anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour. I try to distract myself with reading, but find myself caught up in these worrisome thoughts and feelings even when I'm trying to distract myself. I randomly get these thoughts and feeling throughout the day most days of the week. Then these thoughts and feelings turn into what seem to be more sever physical symptoms. I will get a feeling that I am going to faint, but I never have. My mind really tricks me into thinking something bad will happen no matter what. Also, my blood pressure really increases significantly when I do not do cardio. I am talking about my blood pressure going from 105/65 - 120/76 all the way up to 140/85 - 150/88. I was diagnosed with "allergic asthma" last Tuesday. My physician heard wheezing when he checked my lungs and made the diagnosis. I have a history of bronchitis problems. I have been taking an inhaler called spiolto estimate and singular. My cough has really improved, but I still feel the chest tightness. My mind tends to think that the chest tightness is short of breath. Does anyone experience a situation similar to mine? I was told by my doctor that I have high cholesterol. She told me that my overall cholesterol isn't high, but my bad cholesterol is too high for my age. I know that this is from not watching my diet and having a phase of being relatively inactive compared to how physically active I normally am. I hope that my body will start recognizing the clean eating I've been doing soon! Any feedback or input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for taking the time to read my lengthy post :)

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I feel this way too! I'm 22 years old. I can completely be doing something like playing with my daughter or watching tv, reading, ect. & I start to feel like I am going to faint. My arms feel weak & I feel like I have shortness of breath & I start to get so worried. I don't faint but i definitely feel like I'm going to.

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Just hang in there girl. You are going the right way. And always remember that the shortness of breath will get better as soon as the meds kick in. When you feel that you cant breath just remind yourself that you are healthy and that this is not happening. When you wame up remind yourself that.. "I am healthy and today will be a good day. No kne or anything will ruin it" it works for me.. Feel better soon 💚


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