Can't breathe feeling and head pressure

I have so much anxiety about having anxiety. I feel like something is wrong with me when I've been told it is just anxiety. I am dizzy all day everyday with head pressure and feeling like I can't breathe. I have random moments where I feel like I'm going to pass out. I just need words of encouragement I guess. I am terrified of meds but do take a super low dose of Xanax. I have tried Effexor and it didn't do anything but cause horrible withdrawal when I came off of it.


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  • Would drinking more water help with that dizziness?

    Your anxiety will not harm you, you just need to learn to switch it off, I mean once you feel it kicking in you need to tell yourself it is only the anxiety and it wont harm you. its because you think it is harmful that you feel worse when you get it. It isn't easy to do but if you keep trying you will eventually master it. Also go onto you tube and look into breathing exercises that will help you to relax. Use the exercises when you like you cant breathe. Some foods also help a lot with anxiety such as bananas, look on google for other foods that can help. Exercise is also a great thing for anxiety as it help release chemicals into your brain that actually make you feel good so do more exercise.

    You will be ok, just try not to worry so much, do things with yourself and keep yourself busy, learn new things or go do things that you really enjoy doing. Everything helps!

    I hope this will help you, you can come on here for a chat if you need to.

    Take care Megan and good luck.

  • Thank you for replying. I try my best to have normal days. I have also tried drinking nothing but water nothing helps with the dizziness. I get so depressed bc I just want to feel normal. It's hard.

  • You have seen a doctor about the dizziness? Could it be vertigo.

  • The ent did not give me a clear diagnosis. She basically said I think I may see something but it's not a true and then stopped what she was saying.

  • Can you phone them and ask?

  • I will. I had anxiety before pregnancy but never with any sort of dizziness.

  • Im in the same boat as you and it scares me to death! I go to the emergency room so much they know my name by heart now and my head pressure will last for a day or so or itll feel full like something is about to pop which scares me more and along with the dizzy feeling i also feel like im not here and everything is fake.... But i haven't been taking my meds im taking buspirone 7.5mg twice a day and hydroxyzine as needed but some days are bettet than some and some days everything sets off my anxiety and i always feel sick thru the day like a slight nauseous feeling and i feel weird

  • I have also been several times to the er. I feel like I'm dying a slow miserable death. It is scary to me to. I keep getting told take meds but I don't want to be a guiney pig to find the right one. No one I have seen has heard of constant dizziness or lightheadedness being caused from anxiety which leaves me with is it really just anxiety. 😩

  • Hi megan, i feel the same way been dizzy 24/7 with nose, eyes pressure, i have not done any test yet. Did you done mri or ct scan?

  • I have had a MRI of the brain and it came back clear.

  • I feel the same way! Thank you all for your posts!!

  • Being on here and having people Have the same symptoms as me helps me. 😊 Bc it's so hard dealing with this everyday.

  • Hi megan yes you are not alone dealing with this head thing. How long have you been dealing your symptoms?

  • It started shortly after I got pregnant in 2014 so going on3 years.. It has done nothing but get worse. Have an appointment set up Wednesday to see if maybe trying another antidepressant would work. Tried Effexor did nothing. I just don't kno how to believe it's anxiety.

  • Hey Megan! I totally understand you and feel very similiar. Weird head feelings all the time woo. I still have no idea what's going on but it's good to know someone else is like you even though it's pretty terrible. Hopefully knowing that you're not alone helps you alittle too

  • I have the same feeling. Constant woozy headed... pressure in my head and ears feeling.

    I've told my doctor and he said it's probably just anxiety... so I've tried to accept that and put it in the back of my mind & ignore it. It's very hard though as it's everyday.

    Praying we will all knock this symptom out very soon

  • It also seems to come on strong when I sit down after a day of running around like I do.

    Somtimes I think I over do it

  • I have to be up and about with my little one and it's so hard. I struggle but it is so hard.

  • Hi I feel this all the time! It's on and off and comes over in waves where I literally feel like I'm going to drop on the floor. My heart will race my palms will sweat my head goes all funny and it feels like my chest is all tight like I can't breath x

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