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Hi! My name is Lu and i'm 15. I'm flying by myself for the first time from Chicago to Texas to visit friends for a couple days and I am extremely anxious about it. I've traveled a bunch of times, even overseas, but with my parents. I've never done a trip like this alone and I'm nervous that i'm going to have an anxiety attack when i'm in Texas or at the airport or something. My doctor gave me some stomach acid tablets (I get nausea when i'm anxious) and Xanex to bring with me and just in general if I need it. I see a therapist, I saw her today and we talked about it and she didn't say much about it. I REALLY want to do this trip to prove myself that I'll be okay but I'm having second thoughts about going. I'm having really bad anxiety right now just explaining this to you guys. Do you have any tips on how I can relax if I have a flare up when I'm in Texas or on the plane? Any relaxation tips? I'll take anything. I just want to think about this trip and not have fears built up. I'm not scared of anything, but the experience of doing this alone is making me anxious. Like being in O'Hare Airport alone without my parents with me. Thank you. X

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Try breathing slow and regular when you feel anxious that will help you control. If you hypo ventilate breath into a paper bag a few times this can also slow your anxiety.

You seem to be very young to be flying, how old do you need to be to take your ticket to fly ??

Life is full of risks, it is those who make us the way we are. If we did not take chances we would never learn. If your family thought you could not do this challenge would they allow you to do this adventure. Personally I would love to fly, although now I am to old to start. I am very envious of you. You go for it, the skies the limit for you, you just enjoy.


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Thanks very much for that. I'll keep that in mind. It's a shorter flight, 2 1/2 to 3 hours. I'm old enough to fly as an unaccompanied minor I guess. I'm not sure if i'm considered an adult in the airline world but it's fine. Thanks again x


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