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Getting anxious when I should be happy

Does anyone else get anxious and nervous in a situation you should feel calm and happy about? It makes me second guess my decision and stay in my safe zone.

I rarely leave the house do to fear of an anxiety attack and I feel safe at home.

Does anyone experience this? And do you have any tips. I'm not on any medication I honestly don't trust them, no matter how many studies have been done

Thank you for any advice

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I get they way sometimes!!! Not all medicine is bad!! I'm on twomedications that are not addicting or habit forming!! I thought I would Never take any medicine because I didn't trust them until my anxiety went downhill...I had awful panic attacks, etc...things will get better, enjoy getting out, if you feel uncomfortable then excuse yourself and go back to your happy place!!!


What medications are you taking? I've been thinking about seeing my psychiatrist but even that causes panic


I'm taking 150 MG of Atarax and at night I take 25 mgs of elavil...the Atarax is for anxiety and the elavil is to help me sleep..I'm doing great with them...medicine is not a permanent fix but it will help ease your symptoms so you can find ways to help elimate stressors that trigger anxiety!!

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How do you like the Atratax?


I take 3 ( 50 mg) pills a day! Morning, noon and night...sometimes only twice a day!!


i totally understand what you're saying, in the beggining of this year my mon invited me to travel with her, she would pay everything and we would go to a beautiful beach. I should be happy, but actually i was really anxious and uncomfortable, but with the help of my psychiatrist i manage a way to travel, and it was so much fun.

So my advice is ask for help, found a way to beat your anxiety, if you don't trust in medication, exist a lot of others treatments, found one that works for you, just don't give up of your life and oportunities

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