Constant nausea with anxiety?

Does anyone else have CONSTANT nausea with anxiety? It feels like there's always something coming up just to the back of my throat. Sometimes my throat really burns too and it feels like there's something stuck. I'm terrified of vomiting and everytime it gets bad I start freaking out and panicking! I haven't been able to eat for like a week because of this. I'm taking zofran which is a prescription for nausea but it only helps a little. I've tried ginger, gravol, tums, pepto bismul, gingerale, crackers and nothing fully makes it go away. Can this really just be anxiety? I'm convinced there's something seriously physically wrong with me and I'm so scared, I'm only 16 :(


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  • Sounds like acid reflux. I have prescribed medicine for this as over the counter meds didn't work. I would see your doctor. I could barely eat before the tablets but now can eat fine.

  • Thanks for your reply. Turns out I have a stomach infection called h pylori that causes my symptoms. I was given two kinds of antibiotics and a prescription antacid called prevacid. The antibiotics are known to cause really bad nausea so I'm terrified to take them (fear of vomiting) but I know I have to (sigh).

  • That's good to know. Glad it's sorted Prevacid is like the medication I have. I have had those antibiotics, they make you feel really sick, but it's only for the short term and is worth it. Hope you get better soon.

  • Thank you :)

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