Constant nausea

So for the past year and a half i have constantly be nauseated. There is no break from it. Ive gone through all the tests that several doctors could think of. They say i have ibs but i refuse to believe that. part of me feels its anxiety but i dont know because it is a Constant issue. It doesnt come and go at all. I can feel exactly where my stomach is do to the nausea. Im so so so tired of not feeling well. Can anyone relate or have any ideas?


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  • Muscle tension. If you know right where it is, try seeing if the muscles feel tight and try to relax them. If you feel sore then that means you've been tensing.

  • For the whole past year and a half?

  • Yeah. I tend to tense my stomach all the time and for the two days I tried to consciously release the muscles, I was so sore from my chest and down. But then I started tensing again. Anxiety symptoms can go on for a very long time, especially the symptoms you are worried over. I've had symptoms that haven't stopped since my first panic attack.

  • Yes I can relate ! This is exactly what it am going through I too went thru many tests and found out nothing was wrong with my stomach. It was anxiety it started in. November last year it was constant every day all day it got so bad I couldn't eat or work I was miserable and so worried about it. But once I realised the more I worried the worst It got I stopped worrying I accepted it and it started to pass I went back to work and I tried to focus on other things. I'm in therapy aswell and I do yoga. Take deep breathes and try to calm ur stomach tell urself it's ok to feel like that it's normal it just anxiety and it will pass it takes time I'm still dealing with it but not on the same level as before. I am defiantly here for u msg me any time. I know it is so horrible . Xx

  • I have gastric reflux disease which makes me feel sick 24 hours a day. Anxiety makes it worse. I had an endoscopy which confirmed it and am now on medication which really helps. Hope u feel better soon xxx

  • I also had an endoscopy and they thought i had gastric reflux. They treated me for it for months but I didnt get better

  • this feeling is terrible it takes over your day from waking up wish i had answer do you have fear of actually being sick cos ive been told this is part of this nauseous feelingwhich comes from the amydala part of the brain bit too technical for me but it makes sense i suppose keep on coping

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