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Constant Nausea

I've had IBS for years now and its made my life much worse than it used to be. I've managed to keep it under control for the most part but for a while now iv'e been feeling so sick I've been wondering if its even worth the effort at all. I am nauseous most of the time and I always just thought it was because I have IBS but I'm beginning to think it could partially be anxiety related.

I'm currently a junior in high school and things have been rough to say the least - but even on good days I get hit with these awful waves of nausea and sometimes have to go home early. The nausea also causes me to panic and the panic makes it worse but the minute I get home the nausea usually seems to stop. It's especially problematic when I have plans. Before I even go out I know I'm going to get sick and it almost always happens, this has led to me missing out on so many things I would have loved to do. It seems impossible to go out and have fun when I know I'll just end up suffering. I worry about my stomach problems constantly but I don't know anyone else who gets this way and I feel so alone. It even happens when I'm taking exams, which has made my midterms and finals a living nightmare.

I don't know if this is something I can fix, but I just wish I knew someone else who understood. I'm so tired of feeling this way, I'm going to New York city tomorrow and I'm terrified of the nausea I already know I'll have. I just wish there was a way I could be normal.

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That is exactly my problem too, nausea based anxiety. I feel really sick when I'm out and that triggers the panic. I was also diagnosed with IBS when I was younger.

Friends and family don't understand it, they keep telling me it's all in my head and just grit my teeth and force myself to go through the sickness. That's been proving easier said than done.

I too have missed out on so much, because unlike my friends, I would keep getting sick all the time. I have tried so many remedies and medicine to stop the nausea, so far I haven't found anything that works. If I can just find something that helps me feel less sick than I will have a good chance of fighting my way through this. So far though, nothing, I go out and still get sick. It's horrible.

For me, it all started when I was at school, I kept getting sick and sent home. I was eventually taken to see a doctor and he diagnosed me with a anxiety disorder.


hi I'm Kathleen I suffer with the same thing go see your docter he will give you some thing to srop you from feeling like this hope you sort it out good luck kathleen


I too have suffered nausea through anxiety. I do not suffer with IBS but have over 30 years suffered with bouts of anxiety. The nausea is relatively new. I find cyclizine hydrochloride sorts it out for me. Just one before I eat, three times a day. It was prescribed by my doctor, but here in England you can buy over the counter. Obviously it may not work for you. Once I stopped feeling sick all the time I gradually reduced the tablets and am now OK (for the time being, but know the answer). Hope you find something that helps you.


Get into contact with me experiencing the exact same symptoms and haven never come across with the same symptoms either driving

Me crazy would be great to talk to one one about


I suffer the same, have done for many years if I know I'm going someplace I take Imodium the night before to stop me from having ibs attack but they don't stop the anxious feeling in tum or feeling sick. I sometimes take diazepam (prescription from Dr) to go out. I can honestly say I have wasted the past 18 yrs of my life I go out one day a week. I hope you find help from your Dr tell him exactly the symptoms you are having, please don't waste any more of your precious time. Life is for living and you are young get it sorted now !! Hugs to you X


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