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My boyfriend has anxiety but his parents are those kind of people who think that mental disorders aren't that serious of a problem so he is unable to get medication for it. The reason I'm here is because the worst part of his anxiety is that he had severe nausea and goes days without eating because he can't keep anything down. He's tried over the counter nausea medication but nothing so far has helped. He's willing to try anything so if anyone has any ideas it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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Firstly I suggest you get your own house in order. Are you with your boyfriend for the long haul and are you prepared for dealing with panic attacks regularly over a prolonged period of time? There is no magic pill or easy cure for anxiety/panic attacks/mental disorders. As a person who suffers from lifelong anxiety I put my trust in my partner who at first supported me but after over a decade of doctors, medication and panic attacks on my part ended up dropping me like a hot potato which only exasperated the problem. So if you're willing to stick it out the first and best thing you can do is to let him open up to you, in a sense become his therapeutic partner. That might sound scary and it should because speaking from experience you can never all ways get it right with a person that suffers from anxiety, that is it can be a thankless and confusing job because no matter how comfortable a sufferer of anxiety feels around you they are still going to have panic attacks and you are going to feel shut out and rejected. It's an unfortunate truth of the relationship of the disorder. If on the other hand you still want to help than I suggest you just talk to him and try to accompany him to see a doctor as soon as possible even if it's without his parents approval or knowledge. There are many therapeutic options available through mental health facilities but the first step is convincing him to go since it doesn't sound like either of you can convince his parents which is a shame because if they only knew the amount of suffering a person with this illness goes through it might wake them from their ignorance. Anyway, that's my advice based on experience but maybe someone else with better clarity of thought can offer other advice. Good luck to both of you.


Yes, he must go to see the doctor. If he is an adult then is his concern. Wish you well


I was like that when my anxiety first came out or I finally realized what was going on. I was so nauseated and was making myself eat. Read up on magnesium. I use it and I have a friend that swears by it. You can get it at the health food store. The best way for magnesium to get into your system is absorbing it through your skin. Epsom salt baths or go to the health food store and get the spray oil or gel and use it on your skin. It is reported that 90% of people are magnesium deficient. Here is a link about magnesium and anxiety.

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Without knowing how old your boyfriend is it is difficult, however he needs professional help. His parents do not appear to be in the 21st century. Please persuade him to go to the doctors, he cannot continue going on without eating. Go with him if you want. Please get help for him before he fades away.


Has he seen a doctor to determine if it is anxiety or something else. You dont say how old he is but if he has been diagnosed with anxiety, maybe he can ask the doctor to talk to his parents. I can't imagine any parent would not help their child who is not eating and has trouble keeping food down. He definitely needs to talk to his parents and convince them he needs help. Can't advise him on treatment without a diagnosis of his symptoms.


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