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I need help

I have been dealing with anxiety for a while and i look online to see if anyone overcome it and has any tips but most just say they learn to live with it. Is any type of medicine or treatment that helps it get better, because I can't live with it, it causes me to have terrible nausea that will keep me up for days and usually ends up putting me in the hospital. It gets to the point where i can't even sit down for days and I can't deal with it. Is there anything I can do or is it hopeless?

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There are medications so you will need to see your GP about your problem and possibly understand what has caused your anxiety. Nausea can come with the condition you are suffering from.

Not knowing what has caused your problems I am not qualified to say if you have an underlying cause that may be from an other condition so I suppose you need to discuss all with your GP.

To have you in hospital infers you may be suffering from a none connected condition

Take a double appointment with your GP to put your mid at rest and discuss what is going o with Your Body



My doctors say it's nothing physical they ran many tests for my stomach they say its all anxiety caused by my ocd so i guess I have to figure out how to get that under control.


No, it's not hopeless. Please don't ever lose hope.

5 years ago I suffered with anxiety so badly I couldn't sleep, couldn't eat and couldn't even cope with getting my kids up, dressed and off to school. Every task I had to do, including very basic ones like showering, seemed like I had a mountain to climb. Every day.

5 years on, I'm studying a degree, working a demanding job and raising my two beautiful children alone. I still have some wobbles but it doesn't stop me from doing what I want in life.

Read, read, read. Find out as much as you can about your condition. Try all the suggestions to help you. Writing in journals, support groups and CBT. The anxiety may not go away on it's own and it may be hard work for a while but once you learn these valuable life skills you'll have them forever to help you through tough patches.

So please don't lose hope. Be brave and don't let anxiety take your life away from you.

Hugs, Wired.


Thanks that means a lot ill keep trying


I had the same thing as you. Nausea constantly I did all the test with my dr and it was nothing just my anxiety. Once u can accept that its anxiety and it's ok to feel like that u can cope better with it. Worrying only makes it worse x

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Don,t be afraid to take Meds if prescribed, they can get you through the bad patch and they don,t have to be forever.....ask the doctor, they changed my life when I needed them...GB x


I am not afraid to take to take meds i just fear none of them will work for me and i will be stuck like this forever


You will never know till you try. You may be lucky like me the second Meds worked. If you don,t feel they work ask your doctor to try something else, and remember give them a chance...some meds take 4/6 weeks to kick in.

General anxiety will give you thoughts that are just stories in your mind, no- one can predict the future.

I remember being like you and thought my life would be spent staring at a wall in a psychiatric

Today it could not be is good

Hope you find peace..GBx


I tried to deal with my anxiety symptoms but I just need some medication to give me my little window of hope that allowed me to deal with things. Otherwise i was getting bogged down with various systems that I was thing trouble overcoming.

I'm still on meds but I feel so much happier and I now feel that I am better equipped to deal with some symptoms I'm still getting. The more i get to grips with these - the less of an impact they have on my life.



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