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What can help?

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Right, so since my last post late yesterday I have spoken to the doctor in more detail over the phone and he has been really supportive. I have an appointment in 2 weeks to go in and see him to discuss medication I can take to help with the physical symptoms of anxiety.

I have finally realised after last nights post and the phone call today that I am suffering from anxiety and I now need to get on with my life. Can anyone suggest any things that can help me with the symptoms of anxiety other than medication? Willing to try anything and everything! I’m a dog walker so I do exercise a lot but I don’t really do anything else to help myself.

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I find accepting them and ignoring them helps, such as going for walks, meditation videos as I am also not on medication and these things have helped me loads over the last few months, still get the odd physical symptoms but not as bad or as often as I used to.

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Thank you! I’ll have to give meditation videos a go 😊

If they're too hard to ignore, i recommend taking vitamin d if you haven't. My doctor is havig me take vitamin d because he thinks I'm low. Also, try meditation. I've tired it and it seems to help :)

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I have vitamin D! That was one thing that was low in my blood tests 🙈.. I’m going to try meditation I think! Thank you 😊

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No problem! :)

And hopefully you can get your levels up. If they're really low that could be the whole problem.

Take a look at my natural remedies for anxiety post

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Thank you!! I will do 🤗🤗

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I have just gotten so tired of worrying. Isn’t it a lot of work to worry ? We worry about crap the doesn’t happen. If you can wrap your mind around that it will help. Coming on this website helps us see that we aren’t weird for being anxious. Also; remember that we aren’t as important to others as we think we are. People aren’t always thinking about us when we aren’t around. Those things we said and did that we are dwelling on have not been internalized by others....just us.

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I love this! Worrying is so tiring 😂 I feel drained from it all! I can definitely wrap my mind around that. It really has helped me realise I’m not alone and that other people are going through what I’m going through! Thank you MisterE

Kelly is right, the best thing you can do to recover from anxiety disorder or health anxiety is to accept it for the time being. Stop fighting it and practice co-existing with it for the moment. Fighting it and worrying about it only causes more stress and tension which make it worse.

Somewhere in the past your nervous system has become over-sensitised by worry, over-work, stress and maybe disappointment. In this state it starts to play tricks on you, it can imitate the symptoms of real physical illness, cause feelings of impending doom or make us fearful of leaving our home. Small problems easily solved assume Everest-sized proportions in our mind. These and other symptoms cause more fear which cause more nervous sensitisation which causes more symptoms causing more fear causing more sensitisation.

Recovery depends on stopping this vicious circle by accepting the symptoms, uncomfortable though that may be, calmly and with the minimum of fear. And there is nothing to fear: anxiety has never disabled anyone, killed anyone or made anyone lose their mind. The ability of anxiety to harm is is limited, it is a phoney, all bark and very little bite.

So just accept it for the moment, attach less importance to it, take a deep breath and get on with your life: occupation is good for anxiety disorder. If you can do this, practice utter acceptance, then your nerves begin to de-sensitise because you are no longer bombarding them with fear. And with persistance your nervous system will return to normal and that is the happy day when you recover.

So join the hopeful band of travellers along the Yellow Brick Road to recovery and by accepting your anxiety rather than fighting it you too will regain your quiet mind and the world will be a happy place for you once more.

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This was really reassuring to read! Thank you so much Jeff ☺️☺️

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