When will this end Iv had enough 😫

Still not feeling any better meds have made me feel worse I fear I'm never going to get better I can't be left alone because I panic I can't go out I panic I can't look after my little boy hubby don't understand he's had to take time off work been to doctors 3 times this week he says its side effects to ciltlopram and propanolol and give me a 5 day course of diazepam I'm loosing loads of weight please please tell me there's an end to this ? X

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  • I have been asking the same thing it's the end of my 6 weeks

  • 😩 I hate this

  • Have you tried ciprelax ???

  • Can't believe we are both suffering. I have pains in my head and it's going numb on one side. Keep convincing myself I'm gonna have a stroke cos it's a horrible feeling. I'm really ill today. Feel like giving up :-( xx

  • I know Hun I'm the same 😢 X

  • Please try Ciprelax !!! It was a life changer for me !!!

  • I will ask my doctor thank you xx

  • Yes, danielleapet, there is an end to this that doesn't rely on permanently taking meds. But you must help bring it about. Panic attacks are not nice, you think something dreadful is about to happen. But it never does because panic attacks are not the result of organic or physical illness. They are caused by blips and short circuits in your nervous system (which covers the whole of your body) so in the physical sense they don't exist. They are frauds, fakes and phoneys that are caused by the effect too much anxiety has on your tired frayed nerves. Eventually, our nervous system becomes quite literally over-sensitised and this makes us fearful, little problems seem overwhelming and panic runs like a shock of electricity through us even when we least expect it.

    Whatever caused the anxiety in the first place soon gets forgotten as the panic attacks cause fresh fear and anxiety everytime they come causing more panic causing more fear in a never ending and self-perpetuating circle.

    Recovery (and I mean full recovery) depends on two things. First understanding why panic attacks are occuring as explained above. So at least you know why they're happening and you know they can't cause permanent damage and you know you can be healed.

    Second, recovery deoends on de-sensitising your nervous system, once you've achieved that the panic attacks cease. And here's how you go about restoring your jangled nerves to their former peaceful state.

    You have to stop fighting the feeling and constantly testing yourself - that only causes more tension and stress. You have to ACCEPT the bad feelings for the time being and do so without adding second fear to the flash of first fear. When you feel an attack coming just go limp to meet it, relax andlet it break over you like a wave breaks against a rock but never harms the rock. Accept every feeling of panic secure in the knowledge that they can't harm you physically, accept them without creating further anxiety by letting every muscle relax. The key word here is to ACCEPT and I mean utterly accept whatever your jaded mind and jangled nerves throw at you.

    It's not an instant cure but gradually through acceptance your sensitised nervous system begin to recover because you're not constantly bombarding them with endless fear.

    This is the system devised by Claire Weekes who once experienced panic and sensitised nerves herself and wrote a book about how she overcame it. The books available on Amazon and it's called 'Self help with your nerves' by Dr Claire Weekes. It's not long and it's easy to follow so I recommend you read it, it will be well worth it, without knowledge life is meaningless. I know she also wrote a second book called 'Pass through panic' which I haven't read but is clearly targetted at people like you.

    the Acceptance method will definitely cure you of your panic attacks but you have to practice regularly and be persistent. I am sure it will bring you the peace you seek benefiting not only yourself but your son and husband.

  • I love this. I'm going to give it a try! Thanks for this insight :)

  • Hdelmari, in the U.S. the same book is titled 'Hope and help for your nerves'.

  • I'm going to try this thank you for your advice x

  • How long have you been on the medication? If its early days then it is very normal to feel those side effect I myself could not get through the 2 weeks side effects stage but my doc never gave me diazepam which will help ease the side effects. Be strong i wish i was strong enough to last through the side effects.

  • Only day 5 on meds so yes must be side effects went back to doctors and he gave me diazepam too Iv been trying not to take them but Iv had to have one just as I'm so agitated restless neves are shot and I'm feeling confused sick shakey everything is irritated me x

  • Oh so very early on the diazepam will help short term you won't get addicted for a few days of use so don't worry good luck I hope the medication works for you :)

  • Thank you x

  • I'm not on any meds at moment but I feel the exact same way. I'm so obsessed with my heart. I've had daily panic attacks, been to the dr, and called the paramedics twice. My hubby has had to take time off work too because I don't like being alone thinking something might happen while I'm home alone with out 19 month old. I've stopped working, i don't drive anywhere. It's terrible :(

  • Hi Hun that's just like me everything you e just said is me it's horrible have you been to the doctor ? Xx

  • Yes I have and I have a cardiologist appointment on Monday. My dr is pretty sure everything is fine and is just doing it for my peace of mind.

  • You'll be fine Hun x

  • Thank you :) you know how anxiety is.

  • Years ago I had heart scans tests the lot all normal Hun x

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