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My past symptoms

Anxiety symptoms (duration range: 1 day-24/7)

Light headedness


Tight band around head

Light head

Heavy head

Brain zaps


Loss of appetite

Ringing in ears

Tight band around chest



Tonsil stones

Tight traps

Muscle soreness

Blurry vision

Skipped heart beats

Loud heartbeats

Difficulty breathing

Nocturnal panic attacks

Panic attacks

Visually overwhelmed

Tension headaches

Sensitivity to high frequencies

Staring off into space

Back pain

Sore body

Clammy hands

Shaky hands

Internal shaking


Lethargy episodes

Feeling hot

Burning legs

Cold fingers



Feeling rushed

Inability to take the sight of gore

Buzzing on one part of head

Left side of body feeling foreign

depth perception felt wrong

Excess saliva


Waking up in the middle of the night

Not waking feeling rested

Tight throat

Difficulty swallowing

Hot ears

Hot jaw

Patches of goosebumps

Nervous energy

Falling sensation

Muscle tremors

Sensitivity to smell

Gasping for air

Dizzy when lying down

Scary, vivid thoughts

Muffled, buzzing hearing

Short term memory problems

Spaced out feeling


Inability to eat

Weight loss

Inability to focus

Weird/bad dreams

Slight OCD


Bringing security items (phone, Motrin, etc)

Weird foot coordination

Time felt disconnected

Fear of passing out (so much so, I avoided taking baths)

Impending doom

Feeling as if I'd suddenly snap

Sore from chest down due to tightening

Dizzy spells

Hot shoulders

Tight stomach

Tight legs

Tight back

Glitchy vision


Hypersensitive senses (vision and smell)


And counting.

Despite this, I'm positive I will overcome anxiety and do not believe for a second that I'll just have to "live with it." I've spoken with many people and know of too many others that have overcome it completely. Anxiety is not an illness; it's a behavior. The fear we cause is created by us. Therefore, it can also be stopped by us. I will not be victimized by anxiety because it's not a creature, it's the result of a behavior.

But the symptoms do suck and it is scary. But I won't lose hope and I won't be victimized no matter how scared I am.

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I have at least more than half of those symptoms.. We can conquer this and will!! Blessings


At some point in my 6years of anxiety i have had 61 of these symptoms x

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I have had the majority of those :(

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Wow, that's one hell of a list!

I recently came across a publication that has literally changed my battle with anxiety... Paul David - At Last A Life

This has been an absolute revelation...highly, highly recommended!!

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Wow! You have described most of the symptoms I have experienced over time. I know it's anxiety but at the time the symptoms are so real and scary it's hard to carry on.

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You describe everything I go threw wow,a few of em...


ive only had anxiety for a year. Well, I've had it longer, but I mean a year is when panic and physicals/mental symptoms happened.


What a list! Suffering with most of the symptoms today and having read your list it helped me to understand the awful symptoms of anxiety and that I am not imagining them they are very real. I find meditation and relaxation helps. Good website is No More Panic lots of help and advice. Will try and get the book mentioned sounds good.


The majority of these symptoms have left me, the hardest ones lingering which again isn't surprising. And though the symptoms are very real, they are produced by the body's physiological changes stress provokes. But it all BEGINS with thought. Literally, every fear you have begins at a thought. Then you fear that thought. And then you react to the FEAR about that THOUGHT, not necessarily to the thought itself but what you've perceived that situation to be like. So if we can create that, we can uncreate it. Never assume you're trapped to a life with anxiety.


I love your post! You are very wise and absolutely correct. Your list was spot on too. I'll tell you what has helped me... God! Talk to Him. He hears. I have good days and bad days but He has really pulled me through. Take care and best wishes.


He helps me so much! I think it says a lot that like most people I meet with anxiety have a strong hold on God.


Also, anyone feel free to message me if you have a question about a symptom you see on here. :)


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