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Can anyone help or knows anything about what I'm going through. Ty

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Hi I'm John.. for 6 months now I'm sick 6 out of 7 days.. clogged ears ringing dizzy I have no emotions starring into space and feeling spaced out and blurry vision And my top of head gets tight.. and I don't know if this had anything to do with it I can't swallow I have to eat soft foods like Apple cause and scramble eggs.... I can't even talk to anyone... I have to sleep allot or lay down..

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Hi johnanthony. It sounds like anxiety. You have most of the symptoms i get. But the last part, sounds like you might also be suffering from depression as well

I know how you feel hun..

I know how you feel to... I have a few more ingredients then you... 😂 Trying to laugh

I just want to be myself again I need to go get tests done..... I haven't got anything done I just been reading and I'm kind of scared I just don't want to hear something bad... I miss my girls... My daughters... Now I got this big hurricane coming

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Be safe Johnanthony, our thoughts are with you.

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It sounds like anxiety however I would personally go get a check up just to be sure. I hope you are safe during the storm.

What's the difference my head is spinning as fast as that category 5 hurricane ... Lol


Hi John, I remember feeling like this. It sounds like you are suffering with depression with anxiety symptoms thrown in. You need to seek medical advice asap. It does get better, just go get help from your GP.

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