Tell Me Your Symptoms And Maybe I Can Help Explain Them

Okay. So if you deal with anxiety symptoms, I'm here to say I understand. I've experienced many many wacky symptoms, believed I've had many health issues, but were always proven false, and if you want an explanation as to why it happens, please ask. I've researched, I've read, I've listened, so please have at it!

Here's a list of some symptoms I've dealt with to show how ridiculously versitile amxiety can be.

Anxiety symptoms (duration range: 1 day-24/7)

Light headedness


Tight band around head

Light head

Heavy head

Brain zaps


Loss of appetite

Ringing in ears

Tight band around chest



Tonsil stones

Tight traps

Muscle soreness

Blurry vision

Skipped heart beats

Loud heartbeats

Difficulty breathing

Nocturnal panic attacks

Panic attacks

Visually overwhelmed

Tension headaches

Sensitivity to high frequencies

Staring off into space

Back pain

Sore body

Clammy hands

Shaky hands

Internal shaking


Lethargy episodes

Feeling hot

Burning legs

Cold fingers



Feeling rushed

Inability to take the sight of gore

Buzzing on one part of head

Left side of body feeling foreign

depth perception felt wrong

Excess saliva


Waking up in the middle of the night

Not waking feeling rested

Tight throat

Difficulty swallowing

Hot ears

Hot jaw

Patches of goosebumps

Nervous energy

Falling sensation

Muscle tremors

Sensitivity to smell

Gasping for air

Dizzy when lying down

Scary, vivid thoughts

Muffled, buzzing hearing

Short term memory problems

Spaced out feeling


Inability to eat

Weight loss

Inability to focus

Weird/bad dreams

Slight OCD


Bringing security items (phone, Motrin, etc)

Weird foot coordination

Time felt disconnected

Fear of passing out (so much so, I avoided taking baths)

Impending doom

Feeling as if I'd suddenly snap

Sore from chest down due to tightening

Dizzy spells

Hot shoulders

Tight stomach

Tight legs

Tight back

Glitchy vision


Hypersensitive senses (vision and smell)


Feeling as if the floor was rocking, swaying, moving beneath me like a boat

Update: regarding DP: there IS A WAY OUT. You have to learn not to react to it. I still experience it, but I don't CARE a about it anymore. I literally don't worry over it and it's beginning to go away. But it didn't happen over night. This took MONTHS a of NOT reacting. I think I decided to be okay with feeling it in January, with some hiccups. JANUARY, guys. But the point is I don't care about experiencing it anymore because I know it's not harmful. THIS is how you overcome EVERY symptom. Every single one. But DP is one of the worst symptoms, so I thought that would be reassuring to you guys.

(Oh and really active dreams.)

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  • Buzzing on one part of the head??? Why??? I have that and it is scary

  • I know you become sensitized with anxiety and tight muscles in the back of the neck can cause weird stuff. It's just anxiety! I've heard and experienced this symptom before. It's nothing to be alarmed of.

  • I've had nearly all those symptoms recently hot sore jaw. Ugh I wanna feel normal

  • This is kind of the normal for anxiety. Picture this; adrenaline is a stress hormone. Cortisol is four times as powerful as adrenaline. Cortisol stresses and taxes the body by doing all these things to prepare you to run. A person without anxiety would take a day to recoup after heavy fear. But with worriers, cortisol is constantly being released over and over. A simple worrisome ought triggers a stress response! So from a medical perspective, it's no wonder you don't feel normal. But that IS normal for a stressed body. Not because of a medical ailment, but because of stress.

  • True so where's the switch to shut off stress and worry? ūüėĀ

  • Haha, I wish there were one! It's a process. You have to train yourself not to react to every symptom and they diminish over time because the body takes four times as long to calm down than it does to get wound up from stress.

  • I agree with your approach and applaud you for your courage in hanging in there with your symptoms. The one thing I have not experienced is the diminishing of the symptoms over time. This may not be an automatic for those of those of us who had deep and severe early life trauma.

  • I want to feel normal too. I pray every night to wake up and this all goes away!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tinnitus¬† and a vitamin deficientcy can cause it also¬† fyi

  • Hi Trea121,

    Thanks for taking the time to help others.

    Iv'e had constant head pressure for over a year, really tight neck and shoulder muscles, Tension headaches, Tiredness, Waking up feeling shit, feeling faint and like I am going to pass out. Leg aches, chest pain. It's mainly the Head pressure that never goes away. Sometimes it's not as bad but it is always there. Like you said has every test done and came back fine. I'm on lexapro now but there is still that doubt that it is something more than anxiety.

    Look forward to your response.



  • Oh, the head pressure. Blegh. Yes! Have had it. And have had it 24/7. Feels like your head is light? Or a tight band? Sometimes as if your brain is made out of cotton? One reason is your focus on it. Also, the tightness in your neck muscles can cause feelings of faintness. As well, anxiety can cause your inner ear muscles to actually tighten, too, messing with your equilibrium. I had this symptom and I have gotten over this symptom by distracting myself. I suggest stretching and maybe a chiropractic check to help the tight muscles. The neck is a big tension spot like the stomach and the lower back.

    I wasn't really concerned with this symptom which was why I think it went away within a month or so. Try distracting yourself and not getting worked up over it. Have an, "oh, this is just anxiety" attitude. I know it's hard but it is anxiety, but stressing yourself over it more will make it worse. This is your body's way of saying it needs a break. Not to freak out more.

  • The freak out mode is coming from your brain. Your body is needing to relax. But there's a VE close link between the body and the brain and how thoughts directly affect the body due to the release of cortisol and other stress hormones.


  • Cheers mate. I'll see how I go. I'll just try to forget about it and if it was something bad then it would of peaked by now. I really need to exercise more but never feel like I have enough energy.

  • That's true but that's all the more reason to do it! When you feel bad and you still do something, you feel super accomplished and you'll notice the symptoms minimize some. It builds confidence in the knowledge you're healthy.

  • You said tightness in your neck can cause feelings of faintness? What about brain fog/spaceyness?

    If so, what are the best exercises/remedies many have used to relax all these muscles?

    The other thing that messess me up is when doing research and seeing the people that have similiar issues of the brain fog/and DR as a result of anxiety..

    It's crazy how many conditions that can be the cause of it, (even when your trying to be reasonable about it) and then on top of it, when I see how many docs they went too, complaining of no relief.

  • Amazing post! This really helped me a lot. I experience many of the same symptoms, some of which I never imagined could be caused by anxiety so therfore I would think something horrible was wrong. Thank you.

  • My symptoms are

    1) Feeling that what I am seeing is not real and that my body parts aren't mine

    2) Feeling like a small child is sitting on my chest

    3) Feeling faint

    4) shortness of breath

    5)Sweating/ Jittery (before not too much right now)

    6) Nausea

    That is all. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and write a response.

    I'm pretty scared these symptoms are heart disease or something. I don't know what I would be anxious about.

  • First is DP; mentioned in post. It sucks but it's a mental defense mechanism. Your brain switches to auto pilot because it cannot process the stress and it does this to protect you.

    Weight on chest can be due to tense muscles and/or disrupted breathing cycle which you disrupt by thinking of it. Excercising helps correct this.

    Feeling faint ties in with the poor breathing and/or tight neck muscles and inner ear muscles that mess with your equilibrium (balance).

    Nausea. When you're anxious, blood is shunted away from the digestive tract to more vital organs in preparation to run. Even when you are calm you can feel this way because your body is ACCUSTOMED to sending stress signals. So you can be fine in your home and then BOOM, symptoms.

    Sweating is probably one of the most prevalent symptoms. I get that, too. And the jitters.

  • Thanks so much !!! I appreciate it I was really worried! The symptoms are gone now and hopefully they don't return for a while .

  • When you worry over them returning, they often do. Tell yourself it doesn't matter if they return. THAT is the key.

  • sound like you make need some anti anxiety meds like fluoxetine¬† but if you are having thyroid problems like Hypothyroidism can cause all those symptoms and more.¬†¬†¬†¬† I had it and I am now on meds and feel better¬†¬†

    Also tension at the base of the skull at back of head can be related to tension, sinus issues like a sinus infection and the tight band around head is probably tension or stress     

    find some happy music  close your eyes for about 20 minutes and lay in silence, or just lay back in your car alone in a park to just wind down

    wind down for about 20 minutes here and there and it will help a lot

  • A have same delinf as your first comment about seeing so horrible

  • I've had over 70 symptoms within a year. Im in no way trying to diagnose. I'm just explaining how anxiety CAN cause these things. But regardless, even if it were to be caused by a medical ailment, anxiety will STILL affect the bidy negatively. And that can be reduced.

  • And I agree. Though if I had gone to my doctor for every new symptom, that would have been really expensive. But thank you for addressing that and I agree. :) But a lot of doctors aren't that knowledgable of anxiety, unfortunately. Or, none in my area, I should say.

  • I've been to doctors for most symptoms & what causes anxiety is when they aren't curious about whether there is a true physical cause before trying to mask symptoms.

  • thank u .Have had many of these feelings. Good to know others experience same. You listed them all

  • Hi trea121

    Thanks for the post... I've had quite a few of the symptoms including tonsil stones, which I had when I was a child without knowing at all what they were!

    I recently discovered that they were called tonsil stones ( I don't get them any more) but my question is how are they linked to anxiety?

    I am now struggling with DP and DR, panic, nausea, jelly-legs, weight loss, constant anxiety and depression. I'm on escitalopram 20mg and on waiting list for CBT.


  • I've had all those symptoms. The jelly keg feeling is scary. But if you think about it, you know when you read a book and the character is in a fearful position, they say their legs "go weak?" Same thing. Also, I tense my legs a lot which causes that feeling. When you go out or when you become anxious, observe it from a subjective view. Just kind of note what you start to feel.

    For the tonsil stones, I have no idea. That's my own theory and with some minimal research. I've just NEVER had tonsil stones prior to anxiety. Tonsil stones are made out of calcium and aren't harmful. It could also be something as simple as some with anxiety don't pay as close attention to oral hygiene.

    I've had both DP and DR. I had DR in the first couple of months of anxiety (24/7) and DP since....last August. 24/7. But after about 2 days worth of research and a bunch of panic attacks and fear, I learned it wasn't serious. I also read my Bible which helps; I don't know if you believe in God, but it definitely makes me feel better. I know meds can do some weird things too but I've never been on meds for anxiety. Also, I've lost 20 pounds with anxiety. Gained some back, but I know what you mean. People with anxiety usually eat more or less. I eat less when stressed.

  • Great post.

    I suffer with chest pains around the shoulder area, tingling in the face and constant frar 24/7 that these pains are something serious and are going to kill me. If anyone wants to talk i'm here 24/7 just like my pains. Take care eveeryone and together we can all beat this. XxX mike

  • I've had occasional chest pains. Obviously u recommend going to the doctor once at least, but if they've given you the all clear, then anxiety is the next probable cause. I suggest going to They also have their own complied list of over 100 anxiety symptoms. And they do explain the chest pains. But I do know it's very common.

  • The burning & tingling, especially in my jaw & face are really awful! ¬†I have to do a lot of public speaking & it's getting harder with the fiery sensations.

  • I haven't experienced the burning skin sensation, but I've read it as a symptom and wouldn't be surprised anxiety causes it. Does it get worse when you're public speaking?

  • It doesn't usually feel worse during the speaking, probably because I have to stay focused on what I'm doing. ¬†I do sometimes have sensations of autopilot or sleepwalking. ¬†It's a bit disconcerting with so many people counting on me.

  • I keep feeli sick which is bad because my fear is being sick. Kinda ironic...

  • I keep feeling sick which is bad because my phobia is being sick. Kinda ironic...

  • Emetophobia. Yup. Me too!! I understand this 100%. If you distract yourself, does the feeling lessen? Start taking walks and see that when you DO something, it actually helps.msitting and dwelling makes it much worse.

  • Ok thanks! Will bear that in mind :)

  • Ok I'm intruiged I get electric shocks In my head feeling of falling from a great height at speed, not the same as falling of a kerb, more like my spirit leaving my body, paralysis can see but cant move, and the ones that freak me out more is I wake up and my bedroom decor is completely different to what I have, I am fully awake its covered I small diamonds with a peach and free flower in the middle. I can go to the toilet speak to my other half and its still there, but only I can see it. When I close my eyes I can see images of a room with carpets doors furniture and people comming towards me but cant hear what they're saying, this is really scary and I dont understand why its happening to me I'm not crazy, more so intrigued about it as scary as it is. had it years so doesnt scare me to death as it did anymore, still freaky though. Even my doctor is baffled. Xxx Mandy ūüėĶ

  • The electrical shocks I've had. Feels like the brain is being zapped. Called "brain zaps." Feeling as if you're falling, or are going to fall. Anxiety negatively affects the neurons in your brain, causing them to act erratically and misfire the flight or fight response.

    The others....I haven't heard that of anxiety specifically, but it could (and this is just a theory, even if your doctor doesn't know) be linked to DP. People often feel like their house changes or things don't feel normal. But still, I haven't heard that with DP. Are you on any different medications or vitamins? They can cause some weird stuff.

  • What's dp xx I had the same this morning not my wallpaper xx also had 3 electric shocks last night, before I went to sleep after exhaustion. The other when I see things when eyes are shut to go into more definition to try an d make you understand is , when I shut my eyes I get a whirrling looks like water that then parts to reveal a carpet then I see doors and people comming at me shouting stuff but I cant hear them, scares me so I open my eyes, it is very weird doesn't happen all the time just sometimes inc the wallpaper, I'm not however scared just intrigued as to why this happens to me, well tell a lie it does scare me, as I've never heard anyone else experience this, I love this post by the way xxx maybe you might be able to explain my doc is baffled. Looking forward to your reply and thank you so much. I know the electric shocks are brain zaps, but the seeing things is weird but also fascinating. I once went to Whitby when i was at school ill never forget, we we're on a coach and as we approached whitby their was a row of houses but one of them I couldn't take my eyes off I knew that house I knew the interior of it how many rooms it had was a 3 story house I was 11 when I went there im now 49 and remember that house like yesterday weird xxx mandyūüėĀ

  • Ow sorry trea been on same medication dothiepin for over 35years so its not them causing I xxx Mandy ūüėä

  • DP is called Depersonalization. It can make the world see, more vibrant, like scary. It cane make your house feel different. It's like an alteration in your perception of the world around you. Which was why I though of it in regards to the wallpaper.

    I also know PTSD can do some weird stuff, like causing images and things, but this is all just a theory based on my own experience.

  • Well hi.

    I'm glad you posted this & shared with us. I'd like to add some things , too.

    I've had anxiety for a couple yrs thus far. I think my anxious issues come in waves. It's been months , near a yr, since I've had anxiety & it's mess.

    Some of my issues are:

    Always Worring 24/7

    Grinding Teeth

    Trouble sleeping

    Nervous habits


    Pulling my hair when anxious

    Tingly feet , (sometimes face & hands)

    Pains in the back of my head , near base of neck (dull ache or tiny sharp-likeneee pain )

    Acid reflux


    ..this is only naming a few ūüėēūüėíūüėĒ

  • Oh, I crack my knuckles when nervous. Never used to do that; used to hate the sound. But I would grip my hands so tight and mess with them that it started. Nervous ticks, I call them. And yes, I have delt with the grinding teeth, painful jaw stuff.

  • Wanted to help with your list

    (NOTE I'm not a doctor ).

    Also wanted to add cold fingers or toes for no apparent reason.

    The Tonsil stones can caused by a sinus or ear irritant as well as bad oral hygiene.

  • Actually, cold toes is caused by blood being shunted away from the fingers and feet to go to other parts of the body to prepare for running.

  • Hi I really suffer with anxiety and panic attacks associated with medical conditions. I think I have something wrong with me or I poke around my body till I find something I think is not right. I have not always been like this only for the last few years. Why am I like this and will I ever get better. My gp has put me on sertraline 100 mg but to be honest I don't know if it is really helping.Can u help cause iI feel when I go to the doctors they look at me like I'm mad and wasting their time. They say I have to find ways to control my anxiety but I feel they don't do anything to help me achieve that.

  • Anxiety they're great and yeah you can get better. You're still the person you were before the worry. And you can get back to that, it's just about doing the right things to achieve it.

  • Does anyone else ever feel like they need to crack their muscles I don't know why I feel like this but I think it's because there is so much tension I just want to crack to release. And I am 18 years old and anxiety is taking over my life I hate it I am living in fear I have a new symptom every day it's sooooo so frustrating for my mam as she keeps shouting at me saying I always have something wrong and she's sick of it, it's true but I just want help I always think I have something wrong because the symptoms are always new and feel so bad ūüėęūüė™

  • Hang in there. Can you get some support outside of your home? You are being courageous by posting here and that is great. There is a kind of healing that takes place when you risk and are honest. Hang in there.

  • Reading up on how anxiety affects you physiologically can help explain why you get all these symptoms.

  • Your post is very comforting. It's always helpful to hear that you aren't alone with all these crazy symptoms. It's scary how out of control things can get when you're in panic mode. I've been dealing with chest discomfort for months. I've had palpitations for years. I've been to my Doctor, the ER. I've had EKG's, chest X-rays and blood work. Everything comes back normal but the pains don't go away. I don't know why but I don't believe them. Like they missed something. The middle of the night is the worst. I would love a night of uninterrupted sleep.

  • The pains can very easily be due to anxiety. Tight muscles can cause severe pain, anywhere on the body. I had pelvic pain and was terrified it was a cyst. But then I realized how I was sitting, and discovered it was a pinched nerve. That can also cause some weird pains.

  • CONSTANT derealisation, I feel like I'm in a bubble far away from everyone else, awful memory, muscles hurt and I feel weak all over.

  • This was me last year! Same symtpoms. I couldn't even watch a movie because I couldn't follow it. It's gone now though, and that's because I stopped worrying over it. I did stuff anyway. Just tell yourself it's OKAY to feel this way. It's just stress.

  • Do you ever have sickly feelings

  • Ugh, yeah! I've had some WEIRD stomach things.

  • Sometimes, when I think about it is hard to breathe but when I don't think about it I am fine. Is this anxiety?

  • I think this is the most common anxiety symptom. Why it only happens when you think about it is because when you become conscious of your breathing, you disrupt your natural breathing cycle. Getting your mind off it returns it to its natural state.

  • I always wondered if my tonsil stones were related to my anxiety! interesting. my most often symptoms are .. sore back and neck. headaches and migraines. hot face. shaking. nervousness. nausea and diarrhea. heavyy head, feeling spaced out and shortness or breath

  • Have had all these, too. Man, my shoulders would KILL from how tense they were. And when I left a store sometimes, my legs would be aching from how tight I'd been flexing.¬†

  • I literally have more than half of all of these symptoms. About 90%. I'm so happy to have found this community. I know I am recovering from extreme anxiety and DP, and it is defenitley gradual, but this really makes me feel so much better

  • I have ongoing extreme tightness in my throat and it has lasted many years. It is hard to ignore it, but sometimes I have to to do it.

  • Globus hystericus. Have had it. Still get it occasionally. I know anxiety can cause that tight feeling.¬†

  • Well i have the following :

    Ongoing thoughts of worry

    Hyperventilating ( especially around pms )

    I had neck strain because of sleeping in a uncomfortable position , but as it's healing , I've been getting neck spasms & this pulsating sensation in back of neck , not sure if anxiety or because of my neck .

    This sensation as though I'm gasping for some fresh air , as if I was stuck in some humid room.. Then my upper part of boob would ache .

    I get this feeling in my throat sometimes , mostly when panicky , other occasions I'm calm but anyways feels like something in throat .

    My ears are sore & stuffy ( most likely sinus thing lol)

    I get anxious feeling in legs , feel like jello

    Sweaty palms

    Dots in vision 

    Upper back to lower neck tense 

    Feeling " blah "

    Feeling woozy ( only during PMS nowadays) 

    Off & on , mostly off...I have a nervous burping habit .

    Playing in my hair :/



    & more. Basically , these are the main issues here , for me.

  • Have experienced all and I still have jello legs because I tense my muscles alllllll the time. TMJ, yup. Hurt neck from poor positioning? Yup. Breathing problem? Yup. I used to get nocturnal panic attacks and would wake up gasping. Usually means you're taking in too much air, not too little. So to spend five-six seconds exhaling helps that.¬†

  • Yeah I find I take in a lot of air as if I'm in danger 24/7 :/ but thank you . :) your advice is truly helpful. Oh I should add ...Its a challenge off & on to eat ..I burp a lot while doing so & drinking is irritating, as I feel it ache every time I drink & it goes down . I get head pressure in the back of my head while burping , & sometimes after I drink , well I burp then too . Yeah I'm pretty much a mess but I'm getting better. ¬†Lol I love how you're helping ppl with a post like this !! Thanks :)

  • Sounds like aerophagia; swallowing too much air. Can cause bloating and excessive burping and often occurs when you eat. It's also another symptom of anxiety.

  • Have you ever gotten pulsating sensations in a certain spot back of your head ? I already mentioned tmj because I was grinding my teeth before that occurred . Lol¬†

  • I love this post Trea! I think its great you've got so much experience dealing with this. I stuggle with it and accepting it is ony anxiety.

    I went from having the tension in my head. Bad headaches. Dizziness. Lightheaded after having an MRI scan of my brain it calmed down... still there but nowhere near as often

    But I no am suffering with really bad tight chest, shortness of breath feel like I cant breath correctly. Always checking my pulse! its almost like I've moved away from my head and now i'm onto my heart. I've had an ECG and blood tests all comes back clear everytime. I get really bad backache too!

  • I've had this, too. The breathing can be scary but I find going outside at night and just breathing everything in, walking around a bit, REALLY helps. Also, breathing from your lower abdomen rather than your chest.¬†

    My lower back has hurt a lot but the real tension I get is in my traps. So bad sometimes it hurts to lift my arms. 

  • Lightheadedness/dizziness how can this be connected to anxiety?! I hate it so much it stops me from enjoying my life. My social life had died because of this! :(

  • My social life has been killed over numerous occasions. Light headedness is caused from either hyper/hypoventilating, your neurons missfiring (fight or flight response), and can also be caused by tight neck muscles that disrupt your equilibrium.

    I have dealt with this symptom SO MUCH. It was the first to show up and the longest to stick around other than depersonalization. I'd sometimes have dizziness only when I lay down, other times when I went for a walk, or went into a store. It would come out of nowhere a lot. I'm very intimately associated with this lovely symptom and can say anxiety can definitely cause it. Forcing myself to leave the house and then, if I felt light-headed in public, asking myself what the worse-case-scenario is. What is, really?

  • If I bend over or even move around or dance anything involving lots of movement I feel faint and everything gets dark? Is that anxiety too? Because I've been told it's not my blood pressure, heart or brain. ūüėē And I feel ill a lot of the time like I have the flu? Please help me!

  • Oh, the ill thing. Had that yesterday. The ill feeling I know can be caused by anxiety because I've had it and it can come without warning. It's so weird. If you went to the doctor for the dark feeling I wouldn't be surprised anxiety is doing it. I used to get lightheaded when walking, but after doing it again and again and learning not to react, it's gone away and if it comes back, I don't fear it.¬†

  • I can relate to a general feeling of unwell or fighting an impending illness. ¬†So frustrating to feel like this is a new normal.... praying it is not.

  • Chills really bad chills always starts at the same time every day I get goosebumps as though I have a fever but when I check my temp I don't have a fever but my skin does feel hot to touch?¬†

  • Have had this. I also used to have chills but my legs would feel really really hot. Stress causes blood to be shunted away from your hands and feet and can cause chills. It can also cause flushing. I used to have both at the same time.

  • Ah right yes I think I have both at the same time too with my skin feeling so hot yet I'm cold to the point of uncontrollable shiverig¬†

  • I still get internal shaking from time to time. It feels like I've quivering on the inside.¬†

  • Thanks for this post and all your support! My biggest symptom is that my head feels like I got hit with a baseball bat. I have constant dull pressure/tension headaches, mainly in my forehead/face and back of my head ¬†and necl. Also constant distorted/dizzy/blurry vision, like someone just shook me up or I was alittle drunk. Can constant vision problems be anxiety? Any advice on how to get rid I this? It's the worst cause I always feel like I'm in a fog

  • I have experienced all this, especially the brain fog. I had my thyroid checked but it came back normal, so I put it down to anxiety. Eventually the symptoms faded when I stopped fearing them and let them linger.¬†

  • You have described my symptoms better than I've been able to articulate. ¬†I've tried to explain it like I've been whacked in the head & I get blank stares...

  • Yup. I've explained some of it as "cotton brain."

  • Ok this is gonna sound really crazy.but I got i won't go into the germs thing for now.but I have a real problem with my thoughts.i was trying to tidy my house and i find it very hard cos i think that something bad is gonna happen with my boyfriend,my family,my friends,my crush if i it an item in the wrong place!so i about tidying as can't handle all the thoughts!i also put stuff away then take it back out and move it someplace else.the really insane thing is if somebody is with me when I tidy up i don't do that!it is definitely my OCD playing tricks but it is so bad i get to the point i am shaking with anxiety and fear now!any advice for this?

  • Have this too. You have to kind of force yourself out of that cycle. As soon as possible. Start small and work your way up. Have an "I don't care" attitude. I use Bible verses, if you're Christian. That really helps me.¬†

  • Thanks for reply.i thought it was only me that got that.glad I'm not the only one!i guess starting small is good idea so i don't get kinda spiritual i actually have a book on how to deal with anxiety and think it has bible quotes ¬†in it forgot i had it til now.i could have a read of that again.thanks:)

  • I have OCD too. Here is an article my psychologist suggested -¬†

    Feel free to message me if you want to talk to a fellow OCDer lol

  • Thanks!i will have a good read of that article:)yes it would be cool to chat with a fellow OCDer:)

  • It sound like thyroid issues I had similar symptoms ranging from the band around the head headaches a tightness at base of neck, lightheadedness, body aches, anxiety, feeling cold, and some hot flashes etc.¬†¬† I found out I had a large cyst on my thyroid then they found it had a cancer cell so they took my thyroid out.¬†¬† I am on medication now but I feel a little better.¬†¬†¬†but most of your symptoms sound like imbalances with your calcium (which can make you cold, cause some numbness feelings in limbs, tongue and lips), low iron can give you headaches, aches, lightheadedness, wooziness, other things,¬†¬†¬† Plus thyroid controls almost everything so if it is out of whack you will have the weight issues, depression or anxiety, feel foggy, forgetful, have headaches, feel kind of detached rom things, have the shakes sometimes, and feel very tired after 1pm¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† have it checked¬†¬†

  • I've had all those symptoms and I had my thyroid checked. For me, it was down to anxiety. All those symptoms are pretty much gone now.

  • pain in the neck that comes and goes i have constant nausea and its hard to know whether i have like the flu or if its just anxiety i was having a dull pain last night where it felt like my gallbladder was i know if its your gallbladder then its a severe pain plus my pain was moving around i know focusing on it makes it worse if finally subsided at like 5 am and i was able to sleep now im focusing on it cause i dont want it to come back ugh i hate this help please

  • Sounds like POTS. That's a lot of symptoms. I suffer anxiety but also have POTS, Chronic Lyme and a host of other infections & ailments at a young age. Vitamin D and B12 defiency can cause a lot of these symptoms as well. Low cortisol/ adrenal defiency and low thyroid, too.¬†

  • I personally have had all that checked and am confident it's all tied to anxiety. I suffered for years from anxiety prior to panic attacks before I even understood it was anxiety.¬†

  • I have a borrelia infection similar to Lyme & my doctor said it can cause all of the above, especially the POTS. ¬†Have you found anything to help?

  • I'm not familiar with Borrelia (which is saying a lot considering what I used to research) but I know taking coffee out of your diet helps because coffee is a stimulant and can make symptoms worse, as can alcohol and sugar. Exercise helps. I use a tactic of "flicking" thoughts. You know how you flip through photos on your phone? I kind of do that with scary thoughts. Quiet dismissal. ¬†

  • I like the visual of flicking them away. ¬†Thank you!

    I quit coffee and most sugar quite awhile ago, but sometimes a drink will help relax my headaches.  I just can't overdo it or boy do I pay later!

    Borrelia Burgdorfia is Lyme & I had Borrelia Hermsii--Tick Borne Relapsing Fever.  They can cause so many symptoms, including anxiety :-(

  • But anxiety can always always always make the symptoms of something else worse! It's known to exacerbate everything.

  • Please help me with my symptoms¬†

    *constant dizziness 

    *head pressure

    *eye floaters and blurry vision  

    That is all the symptoms I have but they never go away ... had every test done apart from mri which I am having in next few days ... bloods and ecg all fine .... anxiety? Even though I don't know where it's come from.!!! I'm not stressed or anxious it just came one day and has never gone !! I'm desperate to get my life back  x

  • It can come/persist due to the misfiring of the stress response. You've "routed" your brain to react a certain way so when you fear being dizzy, boom, stress response is activated and you get/stay dizzy. Even when you're calm. Because you've trained it to respond automatically and now that stress response is pretty much out of wack. And staying calm, learning to not fear those symptoms, is what makes them go away. But that takes time so patience is key. You may not FEEL normal, but this is a normal RESPONSE. Same goes for head pressure, which can be due to tight neck muscles from stress, which I've had. Every kind of head pressure you can imagine, I've had.¬†

  • I try so hard to ignore it and keep busy but my hobbies r walking running and horse riding all hard to do when busy, and impossible to forget/ignore .... I am at the end of my tether after 3 months i just don't know how to break this vicious cycle ....¬†

  • I was there for a good year with DP. I had THAT 24/7 and finally, late last year, I finally stopped fearing it. Now I don't care if I have it because I know what it is.¬†

    Like dizziness; it isn't dangerous when it's anxiety-related, it's just your body's way of telling you it is overly stressed. Remember to also congratulate yourself on everything you do. Even if it's leaving the house. Or doing the dishes. And then you just work your way up from there. Start small and build on it. 

  • I don't let it stop me doing anything but just find everything a battle and not very enjoyable .... I do people's heads in talking about it as well as my own... I wish it would just bloody go!! Maybe when I get my Mri results if it's clear that is a starting point ... I just feel like I am stuck like this forever¬†

  • If you talk about it all the time, your focus is inwards, so it will feel amplified. A lot. That's called hypervigilence. Continually thinking, "I just wish it would go!", "I don't want to feel this way", etc. won't help. You kind of have to adapt the mindset: "Well, I feel this way. It isn't pleasant. But that's okay. I'm going to do things I enjoy regardless of these pesky symptoms." THAT is when it starts to change. And believe me, I'll go out, feel like crap, and won't be reacting. And I'll actually worry BECAUSE I'm staying calm. It is so weird.¬†

  • Ok I will try this ... so just try and ignore it? Any other advice to beat it ? And thank u

  • Well, don't ignore. It's more about accepting. "Yes I feel this way, but I'm going to do this anyway." Become aware of how you think. How many times do you say what-if? When scary thoughts come in, say, "it's just a thought" and calmly dismiss it. Don't be desperate to get it out of your head. You are in complete control of how you respond. I love that. Because that statement is 100% true. No matter what happens. No matter what you fear will happen. YOU are in control of how you respond to ANY situation.¬†

  • Thank u I feel so much better talking to someone who understands this horrid thing!! Do Meds help? I've been given propranalol¬†

  • In the two years I've had agorophobia, severe DP, DR, and health anxiety, I have never taken meds, simply because I have never wanted to rely on them. I do take some calming supplements though, which help me. Meds you have to come to your own conclusions on but I don't take any, and am glad for it.

  • Each person is different in what they need.¬† Having been agoraphobic for 6 years, I realized that the medication wasn't doing anything and so I choose to wean myself off them.¬† Like you said everyone needs to come to their own conclusions as to what is best for them. You are right in that we are in control of how we react to our anxiety.¬† Stopping the negative talk definitely puts the brakes on the anxiety escalating.¬† Trea, I commend you for getting a handle on your anxiety, and getting¬† your life back.¬† It doesn't take courage as much as it takes wisdom to research and then follow through on what works for you.¬† I enjoy reading your posts. You bring a lot of positive reinforcement to this forum.¬† We need that¬†¬†xx

  • Aw, thank you! Nowadays, you see all these posts on facebook, on social media regarding "how anxiety feels" and it's like we know how it feels! And what I don't like is the helplessness it promotes. "Anxiety is hard to live with", "never say this to an anxious person". Instead of reinforcing how debilitating anxiety can be, I want people to feel empowered over what they can do about it and that overcoming it isn't impossible. It's hard. But I am tired of anxiety being made out to be this insurmountable beast when it's the result of behaving apprehensively. A result that can be undone. And THAT is so empowering!

  • Well said.¬†¬† Take care and enjoy your day!

  • I don't want to take any I hate Meds I don't feel like they r the answer they r just masking problems .... as of today I'm trying a new approach... not talking about it ... just trying to get on with it and say ok ur here and I don't like u, but I'm doing what I wanna do, like it or lump it...¬†

  • Oooh, that's a good one. Even I struggle with not talking about it, but you're on the right track. I personally hate meds, and I am in no way judging anyone for using them to combat at anxiety, I just don't take them because I feel like they mask the problem. They don't solve it. And I'm interested in pulling that problem up by the roots.

  • Yes I agree no Meds today ... I went for an 8 miler walk and every day I remembered how dizzy I was, ¬†I was like yep u can just do one now I am not scared of u and u can't hurt me ..... however I just wish it would go!! But haven't talked about the stupid sodding thing all day practically so that's progress¬†

  • I am really trying to tell this dizziness I am not scared of it but it's jut not budging .... any other advice?? I don't even feel anxious about anything ... I can't cope with it ..... can I really be feeling this bad with no idea as to why??

    Thanks so much 

  • Even when you're not anxious, your body is overstimulated, so it keeps misfiring the stress response, EVEN when you're calm. You won't be able to lose the fear over the dizziness in a day. It can take awhile.¬†

    For me, it took going into the store and getting as scared as I possibly could. Like, I was shaking and felt so dizzy. The ground was like moving under my feet and I was so scared. But nothing bad happened. And that was kind of a turning point for me. 

  • Even tho I have never felt scared or anxious about anything? This can still be having this impact on me? I have no fear of going anywhere or doing anything.... just feel fed up of constant dizziness and heavy legs¬†

  • Well, you being on here tells me that you're worried over it and worry triggers a stress response. It could be as simple as you went through a stressful time, and dizziness was a result of that stress response. Only now you're focusing on it, which triggers more stress.

  • You have shared some great advice. ¬†Thank you!

  • I get a lot of these symptoms, I've been diagnosed with health anxiety. Even saying it scares me. I'm lucky to get a good day now. Do the symptoms ever go away? Can I really beat this?

  • Anxiety is not a mental illness. It is a learnt behavior that can be un-learnt. Or changed into something better. So YES, you can beat this. It will be slow and it will take a lot of practice. Good days will start to outweigh the bad and even I'm not there yet. But you can get all the tests, you can go to all the therapists, you can read all the books, you can have all the tools, but YOU have to be the one to utilize them. I think a lot of the time we expect doctors and reassurances to "fix" our problem for us, when the only ones who can do that IS us. So yes, you can 100% beat this. And the first step is believing you can, and not taking anything less. Because you don't deserve anything less than to be anxiety-free.¬†

  • That's really helpful I mean for example I came over this afternoon feeling very unwell. I had a bad headache and felt dizzy and sick. I'm now in bed aching all over like really badly and feeling very sick. I feel so bad that I think I need to go to the hospital¬†

  • If it is any consolation, I had severe anxiety a week ago, after my dog had puppies. Oh, that was an ordeal! I was achy, I was a human knot! I felt poorly the next few days. And even almost two weeks later am feeling some residual anxiety from it. So I would not be surprised if anxiety can cause this.

    Look up psychosomatic symptoms. It's common in those with anxiety. And it's not saying your symptoms are not valid, just how POWERFUL the mind is. It's really astonishing. 

  • Are you better now?

  • Not completely, but I'm way better than I used to be and I'm not stopping now. It takes the body 4 times as long to calm down than it does to get stressed out, so it can take months of not reacting before you see results.¬†

  • It's basically come out into a horrible cold. Lost my voice, sinus pain and non stop coughing :(¬†

  • Would love some help here.

    I feel tired. My eyes feel tired. My coordination is off. I'm clumsy. My balance feels wonky, but not to the point I'm falling over. I feel disconnected. Unable to really be happy any longer. Terrified I have some terrible disease which is going to cripple me and leave my family in ruins.

    I've believed I've had so many diseases at this point it's pathetic. But, my health anxiety is so strong that I can perfectly mimic anything I think I have, or research they symptoms. For instance, I'm scared I have MS right now. I've had a MRI which was clean...but still think maybe...just maybe they missed something. Last week it was parkinsons, I don't shake or anything like's just something I cooked up becuase my pinky was a little shaky in the morning (completely gone now-that's why I went to MS I think).

    Can anxiety be this powerful?

  • Did I write this post? I could have.

    Coordination problems are definitely symptoms of anxiety. I've had that. I've been tired-like, bone-tired. I spill something at LEAST once a day so the clumsy is anxiety. I can pretty much vouch for that completely because I've become a butterfingers.

    I used to be worried I had a bunch of problems. My brother's a nurse and I'd ask him all these health questions until he refused to answer them. Tell yourself what you do know: you cannot possibly have all the diseases you're scared you have. Shaky limbs is another symptom I've heard of. One guy who had anxiety and no longer does (he's a therapist for anxious people now) used to have a shaky pinky and worried of MS, exactly like you.

    Is anxiety this powerful? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. My pastor used to have anxiety (love that word "used" to) and her's caused some weird problems. I won't tell you what they are because I don't want you to worry of anxiety causing that for you. Basic line: it was all anxiety related and she's fine now.

    But yeah, this sounds like anxiety. Not parkinsons. I used to worry over cushing's disease (don't look it up) and a bunch of other stuff. Now going out and challenging it is what's starting to convince me like, "huh. Wow. Anxiety really CAN cause all this." Waiting around for it to get better is what ultimately sets you back.

  • Thanks for the response. Anxiety really is a crazy thing. I appreciate you leaving the symptoms out too. Yesterday I heard an MS story where their first sign was a twitch in their eye, like a hair was stuck in it. I awoke with that exact issue until a few hours later. Now my legs feel numb and still feel off balance. The powers of suggestion to a health anxious person are inreal!

  • Psychosomatic response. It's like when you see someone stub their toe on TV and your own toe tingles. Saaaaaame exact thing. It's a pain, but almost reassuring to know how powerful the mind alone is.

  • So to be clear: you don't think I have MS?

  • You said you had an MRI. Even I haven't had an MRI, or any scan for that matter. I nearly had an ultrasound after I was terrified of having an ovarian cyst and was experienced bad pelvic pain....turns out, THAT was literally created by me. At most, it was a compressed nerve from the tension of my muscles, but now I don't have it.¬†

    So no, I really really don't think you have MS. 

  • I was only half joking. But, being a true hypochondriac I like the reassurance. ¬†Thankyou!

  • Ovarian cysts are actually very common and painful. ¬†They are also easy to miss if it's resolved before your tests. ¬†And I've heard the surge of hormones they can cause contributes to anxiety response as well.

  • I thought I had them last May and pretty much got so stressed, that my fear manifested. Turned out (as I believe) it to be a pinched nerve from how I was sitting. Now it's a year later and . . . well, nothing has happened and I don't experience those feelings anymore.¬†

  • I have nerve pain from bulging discs AND cysts. ¬†They always resolve themselves, but are quite painful in the process. ¬†

    How did you finally resolve your pinched nerve?

  • I just relaxed and stopped sitting the way I was sitting. Yoga helped too.

  • what about temperature sensitivity and photophobia (my bad for not going over all the replies if someone has already mentioned it)?

  • I've heard about visual sensitivity, sound sensitivity, and some related to temperature, yeah. One person said that when they walked on any hard floors, it felt freezing, not just cold, like the temp was amplified. And yes, sensitivity to light I've also heard of. I experience a lot of sensory overload. Used to be ridiculous when I went out. Two minutes into a store and I felt like I needed to close my eyes. Now that's declining FINALLY¬†

  • do you know what triggered your anxiety from the very beginning. how long have you been feeling like this for?

  • Yes I do. My core issue is/was fear of feeling out of control and fear of pain and suffering. It began after my sister got sick when I was eleven and I was consumed with the irrational fear of getting sick also so I freaked myself out and it just snowballed. However, it didn't get as bed until my sixteenth birthday, which was the day I had my very first panic attack. It was so weird. I didn't feel the best (my eating sucked then) and I'd downed a lot of caffeine and I worried about getting sick and suddenly a feeling rushed over me and I grabbed my sister's arm. And then the feeling vanished.¬†

    My worst panic attack though was my second one. I was lying on the floor and that feeling came again and my heart was pounding out of my chest and it came in waves. After that, I felt exhausted and like I was in a dream world. I didn't get off the couch for three weeks until I got up the courage to go to the hospital. Had everything checked, including thyroid. Zero results. I mean, I couldn't even follow a movie! Or read a book and I'm a bookworm and a writer. So after researching THAT and finding out it was derealization, I slowly accepted it and it dissipated. But then it turned into depersonalization and I basically went on this two month rampage thinking I was going crazy. THEN came the other symptoms. I am now almost eighteen, have read pretty much everything possible on DP and DR. I spent most of my money I made on my own therapy and never said yes to meds, because I figured I've lasted this long without them, I didn't want to start relying on them now. So yeah, I am very familiar with anxiety and its symptoms. 

  • it's good to know you aren't taking any meds for these feelings. I am trying to lay off any meds and just heal naturally or stop worry about stuff to let this vicious cycle continue.¬† this is great help, thank you.

  • This describes how I feel every second of every day. How do you just not react? I feel like anxiety is who I am anymore it's what makes me who I am. I don't know if I can come back from this.¬†

  • me too, it's hard but I try¬†by getting¬†back into my hobbies, which is fixing up stuff. i feel so normal when i do that.¬† also as¬†people from another board mentioned taking a B-complex really helps. at least it's helped me calm down.

    ps, your screen name reminds me of this song. maybe you are feeling stressed out?

  • You have to just start. Believe me, it doesn't happen in a day. Like, the other day I felt SO WEIRD. Out of it, stuck thoughts, etc. And I thought "I couldn't possibly go into that store". But I did, and then I went to the bookstore and got books I was dying to get. And then I went and saw a movie. And nothing bad happened! Three months ago I wouldn't have been able to do that. So you kind of have to put yourself in a situation where you get scared, just to see that nothing bad happens. First time is always the hardest because you have to switch the thought of "well it didn't happen THIS time but what about NEXT time?" to "It didn't happen last time. It won't happen this time."

  • Oh wow I have alot of these symptoms now. It's awful¬†

  • Hi there, I have a list also, on which you might find a bunch of cross over symptoms that you also suffer from (it appears so from your post above)? ¬†There is a great video here which you may find really interesting, personally I think its amazing and speaks quite well to many of the symptoms you speak about. ¬†The part I love the most is that it interviews a doctor who had no idea his own symptoms (that it shows you in the video, nearly killed him didn't put two and two together) were in any way related to this simple deficiency. its the first video down on my blog site. ¬†Perhaps if you have this vitamin deficiency and can get rid of some of these symptoms it will leave you with a more manageable list of problems to try and get answers for. ¬†Your list of symptoms sounds truly terrible and I think that you will be able to identify with some of the people in the video. ¬†I hope this helps you in some small way. ¬†

    Vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms (there are more, but these are the most common ones).

    Aching prickling and numbness in hands and feet caused by pressure or damage to nerves

    Acid reflux that occurs regardless of diet

    Aggressive behavior that is not normal for you

    Altered palate, food tastes different

    Always feeling cold due to low body temperature

    Anxiety, or a sense of doom

    Bad breath

    Bloated stomach occurring regularly

    Brain fog

    Bruising easily

    Chronic overwhelming daily fatigue, despite sleeping well

    Clumsiness, things always falling from your hands


    Constant heartburn

    Constant ringing in the ears from tinnitus

    Constantly itchy skin


    Cracked sores at the corners of your mouth

    Dairy sensitivity

    Depression that lasts for months without any apparent reason

    Diarrhea regularly

    Difficulty building muscle mass, even though you’ve been exercising regularly

    Difficulty finishing tasks or chores, finding it hard to stay organized

    Difficulty remembering words that are on the tip of your tongue

    Difficulty swallowing

    Difficulty walking in a straight line

    Dizziness, unsteadiness, poor stability on feet

    Dry mouth, unpleasant taste in mouth

    Early onset menopause

    Early-onset dementia

    Eczema, dry skin rashes

    Electric shock sensations that shoot down your arms and legs whenever you bend over

    Erectile dysfunction

    Esophageal ulcers

    Face is abnormally pale in complexion


    Forgetting names of familiar people

    Frequent miscarriages, spontaneous abortions

    Frog in throat sensation

    Getting distracted easily

    Hair loss not related to age

    Hallucinations, deliriums

    Heart palpitations throughout the day

    High levels of homocysteine, which are linked with heart attack, stroke, and Alzheimer’s disease

    Hormonal imbalances

    Hypersensitivity to certain sounds, such as Styrofoam or scratching



    Joint pain

    Language impairments in children

    Losing your breath easily

    Loss of appetite

    Low sperm count

    Memory impairments

    Mood swings

    Muscle fatigue following light physical exertion

    Muscle stiffness each morning

    Nausea, recurring need to vomit

    Neck pain

    Neural tube defects in newborn babies

    Neurosis, fixations

    Night terrors

    Olfactory hallucinations, noticing odd scents that aren’t apparent to anybody else

    Optic neuritis- nerve damage in the eyes

    Pain in bladder in the absence of uterine infection

    Pain in elbows, shoulders, and hips from bursitis

    Paranoia, peculiar suspicions

    Peripheral neuropathy (nerve damage) caused by the degradation of myelin, a protective coating that shields your nerve cells

    Persistent headaches

    PMS- pain and emotional problems prior to menstruating

    Poor concentration, ADD-like symptoms

    Poor control or arm and leg movements

    Poor development in newborn babies

    Poor, slow nerve reflexes

    Post-partum depression

    Premature grey hair

    Quivering, trembling muscles

    Recurrent panic attacks

    Red tongue that is abnormally slick, without bumps

    Reduced libido

    Regular canker sores, mouth ulcers

    Sensory impairments, such as hypersensitivity to touch, fragrances, textures, flavors, lighting and noise

    Sleep problems, such as insomnia or waking up easily

    Sleep that doesn’t refresh you, still feel exhausted in the morning

    Sore muscles, painful burning sensations

    Sore tongue, burning mouth or burning tongue sensation

    Stomach aches that happen often

    Strange thirst, constantly feeling dehydrated

    Strong tooth pain when drinking or eating very hot or cold foods

    Tender spots on your body which are often associated with fibromyalgia

    The need to take a few days to recuperate after even moderate exercise

    Thin, ridged nails that break easily

    Thyroid disorders, including hypothyroid or hyperthyroid

    Tight muscle pain in the arms and legs

    Unusual metallic taste in mouth

    Unusual weight loss or weight gain

    Vertigo, a sensation that the room is spinning

    Vision impairments, such as blurring, double vision, sensitivity to light

    Weak pulse

    Yeast infections that occur often

  • I originally thought it was B12 deficiency and got myself tested for it. Even though they said it was fine, I started getting b12 shots and saw no difference. So I can confidently say I do not have b12 deficiency, but thank you for the information.

  • Ah well it was worth a post to check. ¬†Did you get methylcobalamin or Adenosylcobalamin and pair it with metafolin (not the folate)? ¬†If they were cyanocobalamin injections I wouldn't expect you to get a resolution. ¬†Anyway it was a long shot. ¬†All the best.

  • Hi. I don't know if your still on this website but if you are please read my post I could use the advice, thanks¬†

  • Sorry,I wanted to know if Im the only one with loss of appetite. I mean,I get hungry,I am hungry,but I feel like food is not tasty at all or makes me nauseaus. I also lost some weight. Anyone had this? Im 5'5" and 47 kg

  • Had that. Lost 30 pounds off it. Was ALL down to anxiety. And I know that for me 100%. Eating healthier can help, as can more smaller meals.¬†

  • I probrably have or have had majority of them you've just listed, and I'm so so glad, because when I was at my lowest I thought it was just me going through this and thought there was something seriously wrong with me. I'm very slowly learning how to deal with my anxiety, it's not easy as u know but I'm slowly doing it, I even went back to work today few days early then what I should, it upas really horrible first two hours but I tried to not let it bother me n kept myself occupied best I could, and your absolutely right, the less yiu think about it the easier it is and because I work in a busy pub and staff that are so funny to work with at times I had a good shift considering how bad I've been. :) x

    I was so dizzy and the tight band around my head and feeling really on edge and anxious all the time, at the beginning of the anxiety I didn't know if it was vertigo or actually anxiety I was all over the place, even now when I go to places I feel uncomfortable being at I get really light headed n dizziness and I can't understand why as part of me wants to actually be there X 

  • I've had pretty much all of those symptoms. Particularly the vision and the constipation and the spaced out feeling. Spaced out feeling is because you're so overstimulated. I get that way after im in a store for too long, and it's because the sights can be visually overwhelming. Have had all and in my experience, anxiety has been the culprit. Just trust your doctors. And try to learn to not react to how you feel. You don't feel normal I know, but under the circumstances of stress, it IS normal for you to feel this way.

  • Trea, you've come a long way in the last several months. Good for you. Knowing a physical reason for getting the symptoms has helped lessen your reaction to anxiety. I'm so happy for you. Wishing you a goodnight. x

  • Oh, oh! I wanna join in with the cool kids and their symptoms! Most of mine hit the hardest when evening comes and especially when I try to sleep.

    I got a lot of head pressure. The same feeling as when you turn your head down and blood starts running into it. Felt like its slowly filling from the inside and is gonna burst any moment. Mostly had it when I laid down, or after staring at a pc screen for too long. Or just completely random at any given time.

    Breathing struggles. Feeling as if I can't get enough air in, or as if I am not getting enough air out.

    Random pulsating and twitching in random body parts.

    Static kind of sound in my ears, which was always there only now it's louder and annoying.

    Tingling sensation on the back of my neck.

    Feeling as if something was holding my neck painfully and strangling me (is that the word?).

    Stabbing pain in lower right belly, newly similar stabbing pain below my right breast.

    Pain inside ears, feeling as if they wanna burst.

    Randomly feeling tongue muscles .

    Seeing my nose without concentrating on it.

    Back pain.

    Stabbing pain on the right side of my head.

    A sort of numbness/tiredness in my limbs, mostly right ones, the kind of feeling of self one has while drunk to the point of it being a DP maybe.

    Suspiciously fast metabolism and almost a diarrea but not quite (I blame this on a newly started gluten free diet).

    Trouble sleeping because of random things my body does that wake me up (I sleep in sitting position sometimes to ease the head pressure).

    Feeling like crying randomly.

    Occasional panic attacks for no reason.

    Almost constant worrying.

    Most of the said things rarely happen during the day, so I am pretty sure it is anxiety. I've been to several doctors who said so as well.

    It is still annoying and when it hits I always worry that it might be something serious.

  • FINALLY! Feeling worse towards evening. Same. Here. Association is a big factor in that. Also, when you wake, you have this surge of cortisol which propels you through the day. But after noontime, it starts to diminish, which is why many people feel more sluggish around that time and after.

    Head pressures, yes.

    Ear sensations, yes. Stress can cause the muscles in your inner ear to constrict, causing ringing, sounds, whooshing noises, etc.

    Tight neck muscles, yes.

    Abdominal pain; stress causes the abdominal muscles to tighten. Diaphramic breathing can help this.

    It can happen any time because yoiur brain is misfiring the stress response. Imagine a really really tense watchdog and it barks at every little sound because it's been trained to. Same thing. Your mind feels uncomfortable "resting" because it's been trained to react so it does, even when nothing has happened just to make sure you're still on your guard.

  • I am not really sure about the diaphramic breathing. I've had pain where that is supposed to be. And it doesn't seem to change anything just makes me concentrate on manual breathing.

    It is really weird how I am mostly perfectly okay the whole day and then at 6-8pm it goes down. Or not.

    Were you ever afraid of sleeping?

  • Afraid of sleeping, yes. Sometimes. I would have this thing where I woke up feeling like I was being smothered and sometimes it would happen a lot. Those were actually panic attacks that just woke me up. Association is a huge factor as to why you can feel something at a specific time.

  • Have you found any relief?

  • Yes. Relaxation supplements help. I speak verses about peace over myself. Particularly Psalm 4:8 'In peace I will both lie down and sleep, for you alone, Lord, make me dwell in safety and confident trust.'

  • I love that scripture. I should print it on my desk! what type of relaxation supplements do you like?

  • Isn't it awesome? I do too. Any scripture about peace. And one scripture that helps me through any panic is Acts 17: 28.

    I get them from my nutritionalist. But melatonin works well, as do things with lavender, passion fruit, chamomile, etc.

  • Omg first Iv seen this put I always notice my nose it's strange lol

  • Yeah, they are so much fun! *heavy sarcasm* They are so weird.

  • Lack of appetite, weight loss, trembling, trouble swallowing "choking feeling", headaches/migraines, sweaty cold feet, palpitations, tight stomach or nausea.

  • Had them all. Tight stomach in particular, also tension headaches. Yup. I find that with all of it, letting yourself feel it and just kind of "going with it" helps you lose the fear over them.

  • Thank you so much for posting this. Your list was so accurate that it made me cry... I'm just tired of it all. I've got to find a way to overcome. I'm tired of going to doctors... I'm tired of always thinking and talking about my health. I just want things to be "normal" again.

  • My latest sensation is a feeling of warmth in my right chest/lung... can this be anxiety? I do also suffer from acid re-flux but it is currently being controlled by meds, so this new feeling is very unnerving.

  • Both acid reflux and a warm sensation can be caused by anxiety. I haven't experienced them personally, but I've found it listed as a symptom.

  • I feel like I'm going to have a heart attack or my heart is just going to give out because it's beating to fast is that normal???

  • Hey Trea,

    I've posted here before and your answer was great, so I thought maybe you might be able to help me again.

    MY MS fears (which I don't even remember why I thought I had MS in the first place) have mutated into ALS fears. Some days are worse than others and some are better than others. Today is one of the worser days-just my luck!

    I've constantly monitoring my "strength" to see if I have actual weakness. I'm checking for atrophy. I'm not shaky all the time, but sometimes I am. The worst thing is I'm just plain sore. This alone should rule out my ALS fears because the overload of researching I've done states that ALS is a motor neuron disease and not a sensory neuron disease so I should reason to have nothing to worry about.

    BUT....I saw an interview with a few ALS patients who said they "felt" weaker before the actual diagnosis. They could tell they weren't as strong. So that sticks with me.

    I don't know exactly what I'm looking for here. Reassurance I suppose. But I can't shake this ALS fear dangit! I'm 32 and I'm walking around terrified I have a disease for which I have a 0.0001% chance of having (this is the actual stat by the way-I've done the math lol)

    I've been overly anxious now for about 7 months. I think my body is just starting to shutdown and revolt because I'm wrecking it will all this stress.

  • I was actually going to recommend you look up the stats to see even just the chance of having that, which is EXTREMELY low.

    Well, soreness it very common because when you're anxious, you tighten everything. Stomach, legs, arms, chest, sometimes you get headaches because your INNER EAR muscles tighten too. I once went to this interview and when I came out, my legs were so. sore. Like I've done Zumba and Pilates but I've never been so sore in my life. I felt like Id just gotten off a horse. Because I was unknowingly clenching my leg muscles for over an hour.

    Do yourself a favor and stop researching it. Don't look up anymore interviews. Nope, nope, nope. That just feeds the cycle. Weakness? Well, that's also a symptom of anxiety. "Feeling weak, lack of energy, etc." And the chances of anxiety are so so so so SO much higher than ALS. We're talking two stratospheres from one another. And if anxiety can imitate heart problems and Brain problems and emotional problems, that includes ALS. So Id take it day by day, not researching it. If you feel like you want to, go to somethng you like. See that if your mind is distracted you feel a little better. Go outside. Take a small walk. Anxiety can also decrease your level of activity which can, if you originally worked out a lot, decrease your muscle mass over a period of time which would make anyone feel weaker. But that's normal.

  • Thanks for the reply. I think the hardest thing to grasp with anxiety is it's residual "echoes" through" the body. Even when I'm not feeling anxious anymore, the effects of anxiety can be felt I suppose. I've been anxious for so long, riding a constant rollercoaster of intermittent fear and terror and comedowns, that my system must just be wrecked. I've been like this now for 6 months (which makes me lucky I suppose because some people have been struggling their entire life) and from what I'm seeing it's going to take atleast that same amount of time or more for my body to reset and be calm where I can begin to feel like myself again.

  • It takes the body four times as long to calm from the stress than it does to provoke it. So even if you stay really calm and don't react to your symptoms it can take months for the body to return to its normal state, which is why people get so panicked because they don't give themselves the time necessary for the body to "chill out". I've had Depersonalization for like two years and am only now starting to notice a change and that's after a year of not freaking out over it. So yeah, I get it.

  • Thank you!

  • I've experienced every single one of them... It's good to know I'm not alone in this torture chamber

  • I have pain in my chest and a feeling like fluttering that feels like a bubble starting in my chest but I feel it in my head to like I'm gonna pass out. I have had every heart test that you can have and everything has been perfect. I feel so hopeless, I feel like I can't live my life, because of the fear I have . I was so glad to find this.

  • So how do you find relief?

  • Yeah, I've felt like this. I used to have fears over my heart too. Once it hurt because it felt like I couldn't breathe. For that, I used to walk out at night. It's very calming. Talk to yourself out loud and say you're fine because talking and walking proves you are. And try to practice changing your thoughts. After you jump to OH NO, MY HEART, reel it back in and change it to something calming like, "I've had this and nothing bad has happened. The doctor checked it and even though it feels weird, I know anxiety causes things like this." First time is the hardest. There are setbacks. It's about pushing through it.

  • DP, chest pain, impending doom (fear that I'm dieing) the back of my head tingles all the time. Dizziness light headed Ness. I can't snap myself out of DP, no matter how hard I try it always gets the best of me. I'm always worried I'm haveing a heart attack? And my face gets red and very hot to the touch. Were/are your attacks every day? Cuz iv had them pretty much non-stop everyday for the last 9 months mostly at night around 7-8 pm and now lately at work. I feel like my brain is getting triedl. And I see spots and stars and the newest thing is feeling like I'm forgetting things like iv been with my husband for 7 years and we have a son. I have had to remind myself of them.. it scares the crap out of me.

  • Um, I didn't have Attacks of DP because my DP was 24/7. For two years. Maybe I still have it at times-I don't pay it as much attention anymore. The only reason the DP is there is because of stress. It's a defense mechanism. Your brain kind of detaches itself from you to "help" as counterproductive as it is. The memory thing I have ALSO had and went on a very long tangent thinking I was losing my mind. Nope. All are symptoms of stress and anxiety. The first step to getting those symptoms gone is training yourself not to react to them. They're there because of the stress response. If the stess response is continually activated, those symptoms will present themselves all if not a lot of the time.

  • Did you ever suffer from diarrhea? Like having bow movement problems? Or having discomfort on your stomach area? Or feel nauseous? Like close to throwing up?

  • Yes! What do you do about that?

  • I had issues with emetophobia, so my focus on stomach was allllllllllllll the time. Still is, I just do instead of sit back and focus on it which helps. Also, my Bible is my buddy. There are verses that have helped me through panic, because you turn your focus from the panic to the verse.

  • My main symptoms is a thinking am going to die our iam dying then a start to panic any help watt to to

  • Sense of doom is one of the most common anxiety symptoms I think known to man. Usually stems from a fear of death. I didn't have THAT fear because I don't have a fear of death but it exceptionally common. Changing focus. Get up. Take a walk. Drink water. Watch something good. Tell yourself you're fine, as many times as it takes. Be confident in what your doctor has said. And if that doesn't work, I open my bible and remind myself Who has me, which pretty much relieves any trepidation I have over that scared to die feeling.

  • Same here I read my bible most of the time and I am not scared of dying but anxiety sure does take an big damage to your body

  • Well, that thought doesn't really help you. Sure, it has its effects, but that doesn't mean you can't recover from them with the right amount of relaxation and dedication. Anxiety is not done to you, it's a reaction you train yourself to have and it's just about untraining that reaction and substituting it for a healthier, calmer one. You have your parasympathetic nervous system and your sympathetic nervous system. Your sympathetic nervous system is activated with thoughts of panic and fear. That's the part of your nervous system that gets you all prepared to run. The parasympathetic nervous system is activated with calming, relaxing thoughts. It slows the heart rate and everything. You can't have both of these activated at the same time. It's either one or the other.

  • Hi have got the fear off death on my mind all the time i also get that a fell spaced out my head eyes hurt n water get sore heads dose anyone else get this

  • How do you just not react to it?

  • Practice. First time is the hardest because you kind of have to go against every instinct screaming "RUN!" I used to be someone who couldn't get out of the car and who used to run into places and run back out. I get sweaty and panicky and often just bolt. I didn't want to leave the house. One year later and I am driving, I am going into places. I am TAKING MY TIME in places. Sure, I still have anxiety, but it's easier to calm myself down. So, you have to sort of go against what everything inside you is telling you to do, and often that means being in a situation that makes you as scared as you can be and coming out the other time and seeing, "Hey, I'm okay. I'm actually okay," and seeing how everything terrible you imagined didn't happen. And I know what you're thinking: "What if everything I fear DOES happen?" then you sort of have to break it down. "What am I scared of?" "Okay, so then what if that happens?" "Is what I'm thinking even LOGICAL?" And just take it as deep as you possibly can. Do it in public if you want to. Start small and go bigger and change your thoughts from "I can't" to "I will". It's hard, and it's long, and there are setbacks. But it's just the process.

  • I'm having the hardest time driving long distances. I'm mostly afraid of passing out. It's never happened to me and I know how dumb it sounds but it's there in the back of my mind. I don't even know why! This all started randomly a year ago

  • I have the same lol. It's funny how we think the same.... I feel like I will get a rapid heart rate episode or panic att just while driving long distances lol. I have to listen to my pastor while I'm driving to keep myself busy lol

  • I listen to podcasts or Joel osteen or talk on the phone and yes it does work but that fear is still there

  • I find Todd White or Joyce Meyer are excellent for feeling empowered. But you have to put their guidance into action, too, which is when results are seen. It's so true how your thoughts influence your physical sensations.

  • Not stupid to me. Passing out still IS a fear of mine, but you kind of have to see it from the logical angle. Also! If you have tight neck/back muscles, it can make you feel light headed and weird.

  • One way of looking at it is the fight/flight response is designed to protect us in times of danger. It either makes us fight or run away. This response is not designed to make us pass out right at the critical moment so it is unlikely to happen.

  • ^^ This has helped me before too.

  • But does your body feel funky daily? Does anyone experiences like discomfort around the stomach area not pain but discomfort. Also feelings of dizziness or tiredness? I just constantly have symthoms in my body like discomfort but it's all day long and it's annoying sometimes I don't have it for couple months but then it comes back.... is annoying.

  • I do get the dizziness often and the tiredness I attribute that to my body and mind just being tired of fighting all day ūüėě

  • I was someone who couldn't get off the couch and there was nothing physically wrong with me, so YES. I have had ALL of that, particularly the dizziness. That symptom used to freak me out. For that it might not be ALL anxiety, and could be contributed to tight neck muscles FROM anxiety. So I'd recommend an adjustment from a chiropractor. That can sometimes release a lot of shoulder tension you didn't even know you had. Yeah, it's normal for symptoms to go away and then come's learning to NOT react each time they come back and gradually the time between those symptoms will get further and further until they're gone altogether.

  • all the time :-/. I can't get a doctor to understand that I feel "wrong". The best I can explain it is like being on a boat with a mild case of sea sickness & the off-balance feeling.

  • Hi dose any one get symptoms that thay fell spaced out and your eyes fell as thougth thay are popping out your head

  • I used to feel VERY spaced out, especially in stores. I'd get dizzy from the lights and it would feel like I couldn't see because I was seeing EVERYTHING and my eyes couldn't "take in anymore". So yeah, I can most definitely relate and can tell you I don't really have those symptoms anymore after a lot of time just letting them be there.

  • Me too. Same exact thing you are describing. I thought it had to be the lighting, then I felt my brain was just so overwhelmed that my eyes couldn't absorb all the info hitting me at once.

    Then one day, it all went away. Who knew???

  • Sadly.... like I'm not wearing the right glasses & haven't slept for days.

  • Definitely that would impact the situation. Not sleeping makes you have brain fog and as for the glasses that could distort your vision. I once was told to wear sunglasses in the store or glasses that had little side blinders like a horse has so he won't become skittish.

  • I have recently gotten new glasses & optometrist says my vision & eye health is great, so I'll have to try the sunglasses in the store. thanks!

  • I hope the sunglasses help. At least your vision is good so we know it's coming from our anxiety. x

  • I'm still looking for a physical explanation. I "failed" my vestibular function test, but ear MRI looks fine, so?????

  • loglegmomma, I don't know what the answer would be for you. I never had any tests done and yet all my symptoms went away in the store when my anxiety went away.

  • Anxiety CAN affect your balance, because stress can cause the inner ear muscles to contract, messing with your equilibrium. It can make your depth perception feel off, can make you feel like you are on a boat, slightly rocking from side to side or like the ground is swaying. I have had all of these sensations and though scary, anxiety can cause them all.

  • Yes Trea121, I remember hearing about how the inner ear muscles contract giving you that boat feeling. Thanks for the response.

  • Hi did u have problomes with your eyes a have a fear that a might go blind a cant seem to sleep cause the pain n back off my eyes just scared plus my eyes water anything to worrie about

  • Was any ones eyes sore with anxiety

  • Yes, eye strain is a common cause for that and if you've had your eyes checked, you're fine. Ophthalmologists are very thorough; they look behind the eye to the nerves, they check your cornea for retinal tears, they can spot weak surface areas, etc. So if they say your eyes are fine, you have little reason to doubt them.

    Anxiety can cause you to blink less, actually, which can cause eye strain and eye dryness. If you've stopped drinking coffee, that can cause eye pain, as can sinuses.

  • Thanks just worriend in case a go blind anyone had thay thpughts

  • Hi how are yous all to day a keep taking panic attacks a fell like am just about to die our iam so scared geting like sick felling scared we bite off chest pain on my right hand side

  • It's just stress. Take a deep breath. One thing that really helped me is asking myself, "How will panic help me here?" and your answer will be it won't. I know you might think so, because every time you panicked, nothing happened. So you might believe reacting actually aids you in keeping the threat away, but it doesn't. It just makes everything look scary.

  • Got a tight sensation bottom of me belly and have anxiety over death helppppp

  • Tense muscles. Yup. I used to have it when it would feel like someone just punched me in the stomach. You have a whole plexus of nerves behind your stomach, so stress often goes straight to the upper or lower abdominal regions.

  • Hi Trea,

    I've had DP 50 years now, since age 11, and although much milder still there.

    Just got used to it ,accept it, but would like to feel whole again

    instead of this spaced out deadness..albeit very mild now... where my sense of self should be

    Any advice gratefully received.

  • Usually DP sticks around if there is any kind of stress so other stresses in your life could be causing it to linger. Dismiss it. Go about your day. Therapy might help you get to the underlying cause of stress. Also medication can cause DP, as can depression.

  • Thanks for good advice

    I have Hep C and that causes some concern

    I'm not on meds,only holistic

  • I also recommend seeing a nutrionalist. They can be awesome and really help keep your diet in order because some foods, believe it or not, can cause DP, DR, brain fog, etc.

  • Correct Trea,

    My DP was dramatically reduced when I became gluten/nightshade free..

    Thanks again

  • Hey Trea! You sound like you are pretty familiar with anxiety symptoms so my last turn is asking you! I've struggled with anxiety for about 3 months now. I feel like the traditional symptoms like fast heart , trouble breathing and such aren't really bothering me anymore, I did use to get those all the time. But I do have this one symptom that concerns me and don't know if it could be anxiety induced or not. I know dizziness and distorted feeling vision can be caused from anxiety and I have that a lot, but almost every time I stand up I see black spots or tunnel vision almost for a few seconds and feel dizzy . Everything I've read doesn't really say if anxiety can cause this or not. Most things say it has to do with low blood pressure. But I wasn't having this problem at all until I started up with having anxiety ... so can you please tell me your opinion on this! I don't know if I should see my doctor or accept that it's just anxiety and will pass eventually!?

  • I have heard tunnel vision with anxiety. I haven't experienced it personally, but I have read up on it as being a symptom. Also, I would not be surprised if anxiety can mess with blood pressure. You can always just ask your doctor if you are concerned and if they give the all clear then it sounds like anxiety. Have you already been checked out?

  • You're gonna be so confused it's a long story.. but about a year and half ago I was diagnosed with pseudo papeliedima.. it's confusing .. but long story short they did brain MRI and saw nothing .. and I'm getting a basic eye exam this Monday .. you probably can't help explain it now ūüėā

  • I feel like like I have itchy throat and burning eyed

  • Have had both.

  • I have chest pain which is more of a tightness but sometimes stabbing just under my collarbone. I had tests done and everything was perfect. Lightheaded. Dizzy. I feel unbalanced sometimes or as if I'm about to fall down but somehow I keep walking or standing. Suddenly feeling like I can't feel my entire body. I feel like I don't get enough air so I start yawning to catch air. Disorientation. And every day it's a different symptom. Sometimes I'll manage to feel not too bad and sometimes I feel horrible. I dunno what triggers it Coz it's so random. Unless my worrying about getting anxiety attack triggers it? Coz the moment I wake up I think "what if I get chest pain again" or "what if I get breathless"

  • Chest pain is a common symptom of anxiety, along with tightness due to tight muscles. Anxiety can affect your depth-perception and make you dizzy, lightheaded, off-balance, etc. It affects your equilibrium. Yawning to catch air is not a symptom of hyperventilating, it is a symptom of hypOventilating, which is breathing too much. I had that a lot, you just have to slow your breathing, hold it for a few seconds, and make sure you are breathing from your stomach and not your chest. It is random because your neurons are misfiring because your brain is on full alert so it is looking for threats alllll the time. You stop it by learning not to react to it. It'll take time and perseverance but then those symptoms will go, different ones will come, and you have to keep NOT REACTING. It took me two years before I really grasped that. I used to feel horrible all the time. Trust me, I understand.

  • Are Brain zaps considered shooting pains on /in your head? I keep getting a random pain pulsing on my left temple . And sometimes get it other places

  • Hi Charityjones, I've had the random pulsing pain at times in the temple.

    For me, the brain zaps are more like a static sound that I hear in my head.

  • I pretty much get everyone of those, but right now last 3 days been really dizzy, and led in bed now and feel like my heads falling back where im so dizzy im so scared

  • Allergies itchy throats and toungue?

  • Yeah, anxiety can worsen the effects of allergies and cause weird oral sensations.

  • Hi, it's really nice to see people on here tha help others in times like these.

    After reading through the symptoms I was worried I was only a handful of people that found it hard to swallow, I find my self trying to swallow for no reason what so ever. You also say about you're left side feeling foreign. Are the symptoms like having pins and needles down you're arm?

    All the best

  • No, but pins and needles are a symptom of anxiety. Body feeling foreign is like your own hand feels like someone else's, as if it is someone else touching your other hand. It is super weird, but I don't really experience it anymore after not reacting to it. It all went away.

    I have had tingling sensations before, which could fall into the same thing as pins and needles but I never worried about that symptom so it was never a constant for me.

  • How about feeling like your head is swaying ?? I don't even really think it is.. it jerks sometimes lightly , but I have a sensation a lot of feeling like my head is moving or unstable . I feel dizzy a lot and it's kinda freaking me out!

  • Yeah. I used to feel like I was on a boat and the ground was swaying. Tight shoulders and neck muscles can also cause this

  • Allergies? Dry throat?

  • Hi thanks for taking the time to reply, I also have a strange feeling when I eat, it's like my chest goes tight sometimes. It feels very strange sensation. As I write this my left side of my face feels numb and weak as well

  • I'm sorry to say I know that all too well. any relief?

  • Hi ūüėä. Yeah I have some relief to the pains and numbness in my face and chest. They aren't a Constance on going it's just when my anxiety gets going. Did you get or still have the feelings?

  • I do get them. Every doctor says it's from neck issues, which makes it hard to avoid. What helps you?

  • Yes, that's common. Tight chest. I used to feel like there was a brace around my ribcage.

  • Dizziness


    Lost of appetite

    Staring off into space

    Back pain


    Not waking feeling rested

    Spaced out feeling

    Inability to eat

    Inability to focus

    Weird/bad dreams

    Slight OCD

    Feeling as if I'd suddenly snap

    Falling sensation..

    It's alot but I really feel like all of this..

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