LUMPS in my throat

Ok, so this is like a regular thing that keeps coming back to me. And this has been happening for over 2 months now.

Every 2 weeks, I just start having trouble in swallowing food and even gulping anything down. The problem gets like really unbearable. It's like I have a lump in my throat that is just sitting there. Sometimes it feels like it is in the right side, sometimes on the left, and then after giving me trouble for a few days, just POOF! Gone!

I once showed this to a doctor, and he prescribed me an iodine mouth wash, and asked me to gargle with it. After doing that, things went back to normal. But again now :(

It's like really bothering me. And yes, there's one thing in common. A mild cold always is accomponied by these lumps. Like a mild cold and a running nose. So it's like, before these lumps in my throat show up, a mild cold shows up with a running nose.

Not sure what this is, and if the mild cold has to do anything with it.

Any input would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Bliss and Bless


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  • Not sure if this is down to anxiety or nerves. As you improved after a mouthwash it could be a number of things, not being a doctor I do not know. Do you think you may be affected by pollen? You could be anxious about things and this is causing this very hard to say. I honestly do not think this is serious, but I would go back to see the doctor and put your mind at rest. Another thing is usually things disappear as quickly as they came. Try not to worry, easier said than done I know but get medical advice. Hope you get better soon😊😊

  • Sure, I will go to a doc soon :)

    Thanks for you input :)


  • I am glad that you said you were going to go back to the doctor! GOOD! :) This is what you need to do. The fact that you say its 'disappears' now and then is also a real head-scratcher! But thankfully, it DOES eliminate what could be something more serious...It sounds like some kind of an allergic reaction.

    I wish you all kinds of good luck. Please keep us posted, ok? OK! Have a good day! :)

  • I did visit a doc betty :)

    I am sort of recovering again, and he confirms that it isn't anything serious. Probably outcome of my addiction to junk food. :p

    Thank you so much for your input on this :)


  • Thank you for replying, Panicker! I am so glad you followed through and checked with the doctor! Proud of you!! :) Well, "we shall overcome" when it comes to the junk food thing! :)

    Take good care!!


  • The junk food part :p well yeah :p

  • I just read the junk food part , and too much sugar will make your thrust sticky and gunky. Also do t drink sugary carbonated drinks, drink a lot of water and a lemon squeezed in it, even singers drink this to keep their throat clear .

  • Sinus drainage and heartburn are the 2 most common things that cause the throat closing feeling, as well as lumps. But get a doctor to check it out

  • Thanks for the input Cuda :)

    I did visit a doc, and thankfully it isn't anything serious...

    But why would you need anything serious anyway when you have anxiety :p

    Thanks for posting


  • This is a very real symptom of anxiety... You can google this one and actually feel better about what you find.

    I went to the ER several years ago because I felt like I couldn't breathe and my throat was closing up. If you burp, have pain in your chest, feel nausea and regurgitate acid, it's most likely acid reflux. Try an over the counter medicine, like Prilosec (it takes a few days to work) with Pepcid AC (works within an hour) and see if you have any relief. If you do, it's acid reflux in which a major symptom is like a lump in the throat or perceived trouble swallowing.

    If you drink alcohol on occasion, have a drink and see if the feeling goes away. If it does, another wonderful symptom of stress and anxiety.

    Peace and prayers!

  • You reply just didn't make me feel better, but also took care of a major bummer. My chest pains, or heart burns or whatever you call it. These were really bothering me.....

    I would really request if you could go through the most recent post by my and answer one of my questions in there

    Please lemme know if you have trouble finding it, I'll just post a link (If I am allowed to do that)

    Really thank full you concluded a lot of things for me

    PEACE :)

  • Went to your original post and followed the string, sorry, but could not find the questions you were referring to...

    I've experienced everything you mentioned and thought you might appreciate my outcome/diagnosis. I was okay. :)

  • Do you still have your tonsils? If so it could be tonsil stones. I recently went to the doctor for this feeling thinking it was anxiety (my anxiety did increase the feeling) but it was tonsil stones.

  • It sounds like post nasal drip. Draining down your throat , maybe follow with an ENT doctor and they can give you something like Flonase . But they would understand . Sometimes anxiety alone does that. Let us know how your doing , I'm sure it's an easy fix, good luck to you

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