Heart palp in throat


I really love this group and I always look for help here. I've continued to have what you would call heart palpitations. Doctors are convinced i am fine but to me it does not look like that. I can see that I am getting better, babysteps, but these thumps still happen 2-3 times a day sometimes not at all. They are like a flip flopping feeling im my chest and when they happen i feel a bit short of breath like smth is pushing on my throat. I aleays get this urge to burp after, as if i had a fizzy drink before it. Has anyone else experienced these?


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5 Replies

  • Yes I have and I looked up ways to get rid of it and they say a simple cough yes jus cough while getting it and u can also look it up "how toheget rid of hearth palpitations "hope it helps.

  • Yes I did have these for few years but at the time I was going through a lot of stress in my life. Once things got better I noticed the palpitations were less. I get them once in a while now but not very often. Deep breaths and calming my mind helps. I also bear down when this happens (what you do when you need to have a nr2)

    Best luck

  • Are you stressed about something in your life? Are you on any medications?

  • Hello, I don't take any medication and currently I am not under any stress but before I was. I had an accident at work (inhaled chemical) which got me a tachycardia for an 1hr or two. Followed by weeks of different symptoms like chest pain heart skipping etc... I got faint like feeling as well. But now its only these palpitations and they are the only thing causing me to stress.

  • Well I have the same problem with the heart palpitations but I figured it was either my stress, anxiety or the birth control I was taking. It is scary but it sounds like most people get them. I wouldn't worry to much.

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