My soul is being sucked from my throat...HELP

My soul is being sucked from my throat...HELP

Hello first post, i took a lot of drugs in my teenage years and smoked a lot of weed, my early life wasnt easy early on in my life i suffered from anxiety attacks, But the thing is i always knew it was just anxiety and it will pass and ill be the years passed..i chilled out, Got my life on track met a girl, got married and had a kid, my kid has just been diagnosed with autism and im 26 now, the attacks are back..but this time its unlike anything ive ever experianced in my life, it started with severe chest pains...then my hands went numb, my legs went numb, i coudnt breath, my body was literaly vibrating, id just done a cliff jump recently so i automaticaly thought 'ive wreked myself' my hearts damaged and its failing, so i went to bloods done, got an ECG done..everything was normal..i thought its ok jack its anxiety u will beat it. The doc gave me beta blockers and i got on with it..after a week i thought ok im good its over..then the other night playing xbox BOOM another thing has started hapning, it felt like my soul was leaving my started of with a weird pressure up the back of my something was failing in the core of my brain..then a weird sensation began in my if there was a ball in it or throat started to flutter then my whole body was consumed with this strange lurking feeling of pure terror, like please have mercy on my soul terror, the pressure on the back of head got intense the throat sensation got intense and my eyes started to close..i felt my soul leaving my body literaly through my felt like my nervous system was shuting down..just as i was passing out BOOM..i jolted up of the seat and my whole body was trembling with fear..i wept to my wife that my time was coming to an end..i still feel that im dien now..that my bloods not getting to my brain or im typing this now i feel if lurking..just waiting to hit me..its the scariest thing thats ever hapind to me. I dont want to Die yet for my anyone out there feeling like this? Is my brain shutting down? Is my heart giving up? Or am i just going nuts??


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  • Hello

    Severe anxiety can give you all these symptoms , I do not think you are dying even though I know it can feel that way

    Maybe you could just check in with the Doctor again and make sure the beta blockers are suiting you ? could be some of how you feel are side effects from them , worth asking

    Also some Counselling could really help to get to the bottom of where you anxiety has triggered from this time

    Lovely little boy you have there , I am sure with the right help and support you will be hear in years to come guiding him to be a wonderful caring man like you sound you are :-)

    Keep talking to others and get all the support you can :-)

    Take Care x

  • Thanks for reply and taking 2 mins to read about my shite lol. All the best x

  • This could be the medication, I was on it too and Im not joking I was feeling the same, I was thinkin suicidal thoughts n God knows what,it sent me nuts was awful, so I went back to the doctors and said this isn't right so I'm on a different medication that is right for me but I only take it when I need it. And I feel better then what I was, I still have my bad days, like today :( but I'll get a good nights sleep n hopefully I'll AV a better day tomorrow. Hope this as helped xx

  • Thanks melanie can i ask what med they have givin you? X

  • I was on Promazine (think I've spelt it right) it's really good, and I only had to use it when I actually needed it not every day :) I'm not on it now I haven't been in it for 9 days now, it really did help me loads :) I hope ur feeling oK today xx

  • I was in hospital all day sat, chest xray was fine, bloods were fine and ecg was fine..but even tho im being reassured a couple hours l8r my heart is pounding out my chest again, i went back to my gp he gave me a sick line to stay off work for 2 weeks and put me on sertraline..last night was hell..iv had 3 panic attacks through the heart is just constantly racing at like 120-130 bpm..and i feel like im going to throw up all over the place..but i suppose thats the change in meds making me sick..its ruining my life to be honest with you melanie..iv always been a strong man and gotn over some crap in my life..i hate feeling like such a weakling and helpless, my mind is set on 'im gona die' and i cant shake it. Thanks for msg, hope all is well with you. X

  • I'm sorry to hear what going through, hang in there and don't be discouraged, you are going to be okay and you won't die, its just anxiety and tackle this day by day 😊

  • Thanks alan.

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