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Heart arrythmias feelings


my heart feels like its beats really fast then slow down 4 months ago or 5 months when i saw the cardiologist he said i had arrythmia but not a dangerous he didnt give me pills or anything but for some reason for all the months that past i feel like it had gotten worst and i could feel it right in the middle of my throat beating hard and a bit fast when i touch it and been getting a pressure feeling the left side of my chest where my heart is and a pain that comes and goes hope fully everything is good but feel like i have a heart rythm disorder some times feel like a wave of dizzyness hits me aswell i just need my heart to get back to normal i do alot of fried foods and eat junk food hopefully all this didnt messed up my heart aswell .

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Go back to the cardiologist if it's worse

Johnnie1234 in reply to Lm92

i have appointment agust 2nd already

Sounds to me like sinus tachycardia, that's what I have. My heart does that all the time.

whats the sinus tachycardia ? its different fromarrythmias right and hope fully im fine but this is mostly everyday if its not heart racing really fast its that i get pressure or pain that comes and goes sometimes its like my heart just wnana excelarate for no reason its crazy.

Sinus tachycardia is a fast heart rate that is caused from drugs, thyroid problems, exercise, alcohol, anxiey and stress, and many other things it could be caused by.. I have a cardiologist appt for Wednesday to see what is causing mine. It could be normal and it may not be normal. If your cardiologist said your arrythmia is normal, this is probably what he was talking about. Normal sinus tachycardia.

yeah i dont get why is doing that like right now im laying down trying to take a nap and i cna tbecauss it just beating hard and a bit fast and i could feel it in my throat just beating to and on back like my pulse are beating on my back im tierd of it cant really sleep good becUse of this

I know exactly how you feel. Your not alone.

have you experince aswell?

Johnnie, I'm glad you've got that August 2nd appointment. Sometimes doctors mean well in saying things but with anxious people, that is what sticks in our minds. The fact that the doctor said you have a non serious heart arrhythmia has played non stop in your mind all these months.

Non life threatening heart rhythm disorder can cause what you are feeling as well as the wave of dizziness. It that's the case, then when you see the cardiologist, let him know what you are experiencing everyday whether moving, lying down etc.

I'm sure he will be able to explain to you what the arrhythmia is as well as give you something for it. You will then not feel the fast beats, slow beats or skipped beats. Once that happens your anxiety level will go down and then away.

Even something benign may need to be treated in order for you to not be as concerned.

Let us know August 2nd when you get back from the doctor.

Johnnie1234 in reply to Agora1

thanks and i will keep you posted

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