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Hello everyone..

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so lately my body been having overactive reflex like my body and heart everything is hyper and pulse my body start moving out of control like its a nervous system problem with my spine and brain just would like to know whats this about and i get this energy going up my body that my heart accerlerates fast with my pulse or sometimes it doesnt beat fast it beat forcefully like beating hard then it speeeds up a bit i feel it in my head a titeness and brain pressure ehat could it be ?

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This is all from anxiety. Please make an appointment with a counselor or psychiatrist. You have got to work on healing the real problem. I have told you this alot though 😔😕

Sometimes have to be the one to help yourself... believe that this is all anxiety and work on healing yourself. If not, you will never feel normal. Please get help

i hope so i get alot of bad headaches aswell my head gets tite sometimes pressure all these sympthoms happen everday even i feel like it stress me out even more.

Anxiety causes headaches.... headaches cause you to worry.

It's a cycle.... it just goes round and round

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I too was like you and until you actually come to terms with the anxiety you won't beat it as your making yourself worse by stressing. I understand 100% what your going through but you need to take some control on self help x

More than likely what you are feeling is adrenaline from being scared. You're body doesn't know the difference. If you feel scared your body will do what it has to to prepare you to fight or run. You have to learn to try and relax when you start to feel those feelings and just let them run through you. Don't fight the way you are feeling. Anxiety can not hurt you. Try walking. That always helps me. Any form of exercise can help get rid of excess adrenaline and then you may feel more at peace and calm.

its hard when its happening everyday

I understand because I go through it. But you have to do everything you can to make sure you move forward. Staying in the same place forever trying to figure out where the feelings are coming from is a never ending battle. Anxiety can cause a million and one different symptoms and I've had alot of different ones. But you have to push through and find a better place.

have you had all those sympthoms racing heart and pulse like everday i cant even enjoy myself because of the heart always beating fast and also all these bunch of headaches mostly everyday pressure in the head then it leaves sometimes i get dizzy like about to past but i force my self to stay up then it goes away the feeling.

Yes I've had all that. The racing heart is because you have excess adrenaline because you are scared. You can't be scared of anxiety. It can't hurt you. It's just a feeling. The dizziness is also the anxiety. As you ignore these symptoms they lose their power. You have to tell yourself it's just anxiety and it can't hurt me. No matter how many times you have to say it in your head or out loud. Just let the feelings come and they will pass. I promise. I've been where you are many times and I've always come out a better person on the other side. One big thing I read was a woman used to get reoccurring anxiety and it was her body telling her she wasn't taking care of herself whether it be physically or emotionally. Maybe take a look at how you are living your life and see if maybe something sticks out.

but the issue sometimes im calm im not even scared and the sympthoms is just there happening none stop everyday i mostly the head and the heart and these crazy muscle twiches all over my body that doesnt stop i dont know why i seen docters they say i was fine all this happen with a bad trip with some weed it messed my nerves iguess or i dont know if it messed me up physically.

I'm not sure about the marijuana but I know I've had the headaches, tightness around my head, full ears, anxiety cough,racing heart, palpitations, shortness of breath, ect... If you've seen a doctor and they say you're clear, believe them and try to focus on healing from anxiety. The muscle twitches could be from being tense all the time from stress.


You have many good replies, but you have not said anything about your kidney stone that you talked about a few days ago. You mentioned the doctor was going to take it out. What's up?

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Johnnie1234 in reply to HearYou

Feb 8th i would get surgery for it im a bit nervous about that day

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HearYou in reply to Johnnie1234

Of course you would be a bit nervous, but it's ok. You have good doctors. OK? OK.

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