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Relationships and Anxiety


I realized, that when I'm really in love, or focused/ interested in a girl I literally forget about anxiety (unless I was nervous to talk to them)

It really makes me forget about derealization and anxiety because I'm so caught up in the moment of interest in someone, Affection, love, and all feelings of that sort really help take your mind off of the negative thoughts because you're using your heart instead of your mind,

I feel a lot better within the last two days honestly, and it's crazy how meeting the right person could help change the way you think, It does help to have that one special person who makes you forget about all the problems in the world, it just sucks when all of that goes wrong and all of the love turns into depression and sadness, but this isn't about sadness, it's about positivity . !

so if you have a significant other and deal with anxiety, my advice is cuddle tf out of that person, go out for ice cream, talk about life, do something different.

You'll feel a hell of a lot better, much love to you all

- Tabuu

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It can always be nice to have that one special person in our life it can also be difficult for some when they have anxiety to deal with relationships

I think we also have to remember that we cannot rely on others to make us feel better with our anxiety as one day they may not be there as relationships don't come with guarantees so maybe we still need to work on ourselves & how to deal with our anxiety not only when we are in a relationship but for " us " because we have to learn to live with ourselves and love ourselves and by learning to do so we can then become better partners to if that special someone comes along

I am pleased at the moment that you are feeling good & hope it long continues :-) x

I've been thinking of ending my relationship of 2 years as its not fair on him with the anxitey as get ready to go out and I cant do it he totally understands and is amazing but its just not a life for him

Just think he better off with someone normal 😢

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Oh littlelegs

I know how you feel , we can feel so bad about ourselves & how we are sometimes it makes us believe we do not deserve to be loved but we are :-)

I would ask myself if I was in the right place and could I cope with a relationship at the moment & as long as it was not affecting my anxiety I would try & work at it on the other hand if your BF is struggling then of course that would be his decision but try not to make it for him as only he knows what he wants & so do you :-) x

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I sat him down when first got together and explained about the anxiety he struggled at first but he got used to it in the end

Sometimes I think that's its just not the life for him

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Well he is capable I presume to know his own mind and what he wants yes :-)

Think this is us that feel this way and we start to think for others but we need to accept that they can think for themselves :-)

Also behind your anxiety I suspect there are such great qualities to you and that is no doubt what he focuses on and why he is there , we just don't see them because we are so wrapped up in our anxiety but let him be the judge if been with you is what he wants :-/ x

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I get married in may so he must want to stay with me

Thankyou for your kinds words your right by what you said 😊 x

nah don't say that,

if you weren't you , you never would've met that person in the first place . !

The fact that he sticks it out through the rough times with you shows his true intentions, you're an amazing person even if you don't think so right now . !

Have faith in yourself,

much love

- Tabuu

That's so true, just need to believe in myself if he didn't want to be with me he could have left ages ago but he hadn't

He wants to make me his wife so nervous about the day not going right

Hope everything works out for you to xx

I'm happy to hear your feelings better.

But I'm going to be completely honest with you. Don't give up on yourself because of a relationships a happy,healthy relationships is when you both love yourselves. If your so much into this relationship and it goes down the wrong road your going to be right back to where you started always have plan A,B so you don't fall flat on your face. Yes having someone in your life does help with the anxiety,depression and everything else

But you also don't want to push her away by smothering her be honest and TRUST that is one thing a lot of people with anxiety,panic,fear have a problem with. Always show her she's special,beautiful

And treat her like you'd want to be treated treat her like a PRINCESS as I'm sure you'd like to be treated like a KING!!!

Never give up on yourself.

Stay strong,positive

Love is the key to happiness

And I'm very happy for you!!!!


Much love . !

Trust me though I love myself , I just understand where my anxiety stems from,

just being around positive people really helps for me to live in the moment and not dwell on problems, being alone all the time is really when i'm just left to my thoughts, so that's what I need to work on, i can admit though, within the last week i've gotten a lot better and don't get anxious over small things or overthink them

You are 100% right getting out and being around positive people is definitely a good way to take your mind off of negative thoughts and thinking.

It also helps with depression and a lot of other things. Just getting out of the house

Is a big step so be proud of yourself

A lot of people have a hard time just doing that (like myself) Be free and enjoy every day

I always like to say when ever I can


Stay Strong &Positive!!!

I'm Happy for you


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