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relationship with depression and anxiety

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I suffer with depression and anxiety which has got worse as I got older. I would like a relationship but feel because of this illness I wont be able to cope with seeing someone all the time. I need my own space and find i struggle on a daily basis. Because of this I get very lonely. I am starting to join things which should help with my confidence and I like to go out and meet people. I just feel Ive had too many disruptive relationships. I have a couple of male friends I see regularly

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Hi Knowles

I can understand how you feel & to be honest even without these problems , relationships can be one of the hardest things to work on , even though of course there are benefits as well

We do tend to over think things & maybe it is better to do as you are doing , which sounds like all the right things by joining some where to help you with your confidence as well as you say having two friends , which for now , might be the best thing for you & as time goes on & you gain more confidence who knows , you may feel different

I believe if we dont go searching , the right person when the time is right will come along if it is meant to be , mean while enjoy what you are doing , who needs their dirty socks hanging about , they do come with disadvantages as well ;)

Hope you are having a good day

And well done taking these steps to get your life back




Hi Knowles - I can relate to this - I suffer from anxiety, although atm the depression seems worse/more prevalent. I'm lonely, but, like you, can't stand people round me too much - real Catch 22, isn't it? Like Whywhy said, you seem to be doing all the right things, trying to get out and join things. I do think when we're low, its sometimes easy to think of that "perfect" person who will make everything right - but not sure they exist! Relationships bring their own set of problems, unfortunately, although I DO understand how lonely life can be without one!

Well done for trying to extend your social circle, when you're ready, and the time is right, maybe that special person will come - if not, you'll have a social life and friends, which can't be bad. :)

Well done, and keep up the good work :)




thanks for being so kind

You're more than welcome, that's what we're on here for!!! ;) xxxx

Hi Knowles. I know how you feel, as I'm in a similar situation. When I feel at my lowest I can feel very lonely, and this can just make it even worse. It sounds like you are doing all the right things though by joining things. Are these groups? Also have you considered some counseling? This could help you work through some of your inner feelings. I also find picking up the phone helps when I feel very low. If you don't have anyone you can call who might understand then try the Samaritans - they are so good believe me, and that is what they are there for. They are also there 24/7. A new more positive relationship may come when you are feeling more in control of the anxiety and have more confidence. Good luck and keep posting.

Hi, I'm in the same boat, been single for years, loneliness is really adding to the depression. Anxiety isn't exactly on the list in what a woman looks for in a man. Lot of love to give but never anybody to give it to.

i've been in the same boat. have you tried online dating sites? you can let people know you don't want anything serious, there are others out there looking for companionship too. you can build on this and maybe a relationship will blossom. it's hard for myself seeing everyone around me getting engaged / married / having kids. things everyone else take in their stride. we just have to remember there is someone out there for us, keep socialising as much as possible. if possible get a pet too! i'd love to get a dog but it'll probably be a cat as they need looking after less haha. take care as always

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knowles8586 in reply to Makaluu

Hi I have 2 greyhounds. I have a male friend I see but he works away a lot

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Yea people look on anxiety and depression as a no no. I have a male friend but he moves around a lot with his job.

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