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Anexity and b12

Hi everyone

For all of us were on here for support and advice I think this site is brill how many of you have had blood tests done for b12 defincey I posted on the migraine site on here and a comment was av I Been tested for b12 which I think can be linked with anexity also makes ya have cold hands n feet n also the pins and needles it's maybe a long shot but also goes with the headaches and lightheadness and balance I'm waiting to see a neurologist where I'm going to ask about b12

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I had just mentioned it on a post about acid reflux. People with anxiety, tend to make more acid. Then comes the acid suppressing pills. Without the acid, your stomach can't make B-12. Next follows the symptoms you just mentioned. Its a vicious circle . 😊


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Yeah even I am suffering from GAD and i have vitamin B12 deficiency!!!

I have some hunch that they are related but never tried to search on google!!

Because of anxiety my RLS problem is getting worse and also because of vitamin B12 deficiency , the pain in leg it is getting worse!!

And the place I live far from home I dont get anything called proper food!

I feel so helpless and when I dont have good sleep which I havent got for last 10 days,

The pain in leg is so unbearable!!!


Hi I'm gonna ask at my appt at hospital but just been looking on Holland and Barrett website they do the vitamin tablets was going to get sum but think is best check with s doc first

I av had more heartburn since having anexity too

It sure is a vicious circle it's mad if it's not one problem it's another

Yesterday I was shaking like a leaf coz I had my sons leavers assembly !!!! Xx


Supplementing will affect test results.

If the problem is down to malabsorption rather than lack of B12 in the diet then tablets will need to be very high strengthg - 1mg+, and even then they may not help.

The mechanism by which your body absorbs B12 is very delicate and depends on specialised cells in the ileum and binding agents. 1% is absorbed outside the ileum so sometimes flooding the gut with B12 works but generally treatment for an absorption related B12 deficiency is injections for life.


Are you based in the UK and on 3 monthly shots of hydroxocobalamin. Large numbers of people find that this really isn't enough for them.

I was diagnosed with B12D in December 2012 - my symptoms all continued to get worse on standard treatment.

Suggest that you consider joining the PAS forum on health unlocked


I'd just like to ask a question in on here, I guess it sounds relevant.

But can B12 deficiency cause mouth ulcers, because I have theses ulcers with me from a very long time now.

Please, any help on this would be really appreciated.



Not too sure I'm not anyway bout the mouth ulcers


ok :) Thanks for the input...

Anyone else maybe ?


Hi just an update on b12 I've seen my gp yet again today regarding headaches anyway I mentioned b12 he said that b12 tends to be in alcholics as suppose to someone who has a well balanced diet

But he's testing for it anyway get bloods done tomorrow


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