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Hello to any newbies and a message for berrty and baylien

Hi guys

Sorry if I haven't had chance to say hi to any newbies to the site. This site is a valuable resource and it has helped me so much. I was in a bad place last year and am now phasing back to work after months off sick. Never lose hope of getting well, stick together and laugh and cry on here its a lovely place...

I'm so sad that we have lost baylien(mr b) and berrty and if they are reading this I'm sending both of you lots of hugs and if you have gone because its time to move on I wish you the very best but if you have gone because of any misunderstanding then pleeease come back.

I will be on the site tomorrow but then I have to take a break for two weeks... I'm struggling with time and energy as I try to get back into work and I have a couple of mad weekends with the kids coming up.

I will be back week commencing 15th July to update you on my progress and my next stage of treatment due to start August.

For those that don't know me I have had a battle with stress, anxiety and depression and have had emdr therapy for PTSD... and for the special people I have met(whywhy, rose, baylien, berrty, cloudy, lizard, helpmebirmingham hope I haven't missed anyone) I WILL be back to torment you so take good care of each other OR ELSE!

Loads of hugs love eve x

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Hi Eve,

Hope you're doing ok.

Have a good couple of weeks off and I'll be looking for your blog on the 15th.



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Hi lizard I'm doing really well but struggling with fatigue now I'm phasing back into work. I'm feeling calmer and happier than I have ever felt in my life and hoping it continues... You take care of yourself and I will talk to you in a couple of weeks stay strong love eve x

I'm so pleased it's working out for you, Eve.

Take good care of you.xxx

Hi Eve

I have heard from someone called grog , don't no if you no him ;-) that Bertty might be back on Saturday , Mr B is still missing in action , but hopefully he might reconsider

I understand you are busy & with kids , I no what its like , but you will be missed till then

Great blog for the newbies as well

You take care & look forward to hearing from you soon


Thank you whywhy xx I hope everyone is back up and running very soon. I have got attached to you and many others on here and I don't find it easy to do and i mean that from the heart. Don't take too much on whilst I'm away... I don't want you crashing and burning {{{{{rose keep an eye on her please}}}}}.

I don't want to be away from the site but I need to look after myself.. I don't want to undo all the hard work.

i wanted to make a plea for people to come back and I want newbies to know how helpful this site is. I've learned so much and been touched by everyone's kindness.

I hope cookie and lambosh are well too xx

You look after yourself and I know you will make a small journey outside sometime soon. {{{{special curly hugs}}}}}}.

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Yes I understand Eve

I am sure Rose will do her best to keep an eye on me , think she struggles a little though , but bless her she does try :-D

O yes , I feel that journey is getting very close & hope when we next speak , who knows I may be able to tell you all about it

All I can say is get ready , where I come from ;-)


You didn't mention ME





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She did , you were the "hope I didn't miss anyone " :-D


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Sorry look how distraught I am now.

It's only the thought of all those plotted pants in your garden and the thought of some more vice on Saturday that is keeping me insane.

Poor Sod Grog


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OOPS Meant SAD sorry Mr Admin

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Bad news

Said on another blog , he is back , he didn't like it , got an early flight back , so he will be taking custody of plants back very soon :-D

Also , the vice has finished now , but if you like I can put you clips on here ;-)

Why do I have to keep giving everyone bad news :-D


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It's ok don't, worry about the clips

Sorry your Dad didn't like it but I must admit I don't like it either


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Was his holiday he didn't like , not the vice :-o

Have you been on Berttys Ribena tonight :-D


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Sorry slight confusion

I was thinking of Mr B behind the bike sheds.




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You mr grog are on my naughty list for bunking off and freaking everyone out xx I have to take time out or I will be running round whywhys garden with my pants on my head... Then she will be after me with her iron yikes! You make sure you are here when I get back and hope alls well at the hospital. Be good now ok?! Much love eve x

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I can't beat that!

Yes I will be good and look forward to you coming back.




Lovely blog, Eve, and thank you. Take care of yourself, try not to take on too much, know what it's like when we get busy, so take care of Eve! Look forward to hearing how things have gone in a couple of weeks. :)

I will do my best to take care of Whywhy, but you do realise that's a full-time job, don't you? (Just kidding, Whywhy! :-D )

Let's hope that by the time you come back Berrty and Mr B will have found their way back too :-/

Lots of love and look after yourself




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Im no trouble , I don't no what the fuss is all about ;-)

Me full time , never

Just don't look at what I have been up to today Rose ;-)


BriarRose profile image
BriarRose in reply to

Well, I WASN'T going to look at what you've been getting up to today, cos I thouht you were being good :) - but I'm going to check up on you now! You have been warned! :-O

;) xxxxxxxxxxxx

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O please don't :-o

I have done all my jobs though & I think most of my activity has been after tea ...I think :-o

Might go into hiding for a while :-(


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No I have a defence here I feel you should listen to

I think its on my explanation blog

When I said I cant be on here 24/7

grog answered & agreed & said I need to do 8 hours & have a 10 minute break , so I have been ;-)

So its grog you need to see

Phew ;-)


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BriarRose in reply to

EIGHT hours with a TEN MINUTE break? That's illegal working! :x I shall have to have a serious word with Grog! :(

However, I have checked up on you :) - and I have to admit you have been QUITE good today - so no detention for you! ;)


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Yes Rose , its grog not me

O I am pleased I have done well :-)

I couldn't squeeze a detention in with just a 10 mins break every 8 hours :-D


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Thanks rose I will be thinking of you all but I tried to keep 50 plates spinning last year and ended up with em all crashing down on my head! I have learnt the hard way so I'm just stepping back for a wee while. I hope you are ok and looking after yourself. It WILL be a full time job running around after whywhy! Oh speaking of Will hope hes ok and Anne too

Good luck with your hospital appointments rose speak very soon {{{{hugs}}}}

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BriarRose in reply to

Thanks, Eve - and yes, it is a full-time job running round after Whywhy, whatever she might claim! :x Still, she's worth it! :-/

I've postponed my hospital appointment - don't think its urgent and got too many plates spinning myself atm, so, had to do a bit of prioritising before I went mad(der) ;)

You enjoy your break, if that's the right word, but make sure you come back, can't lose any more good people! :-O

{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}} xxxxx

Dear Eve39,

I hope that you have a good two weeks. All the best.

a big hug,

Marcus xxx

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Thank you Marcus

I hope you are doing well. I will be back soon to see how everyone is

Take care of yourself love eve x

!Ohh, i just love reading the blogs on here, te only problem is i have to make sure i'e done all my jobs before tuning in otherwise my home would be a tip and the dog woild be pooing quietly in a corner! That said keep us all smiling Rose Whywhy Grog &Co. It is better than any therapy!! This site has made sooo much difference to me and many others i'm sure.

{{{{{{{{hugs to all}}}}}}}}}}} Look you've got me at it now!


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Hi ruby

It's very addictive and a great help when we are struggling. Just knowing that you are not alone in how you are feeling is very reassuring. Take care hun love eve x

hi everyone its my first time on here:o/ everyone looks very friendly and aquainted..i nearly lost my son last year he is 16 now he had a grade 4 ruptured spleen and they dropped a bombshell that it wasn't looking good(infront of my son and he whole ward)anyway thats another story..he in short had to remain completely still for 3 months otherwise it could cause another internal bleed..the anticipation and stress was just too much i had just had a new baby(breastfeeding) and also had a 9 yr old with adhd at home(my husband was making two trips a day to collect expressed milk and so i can see my other 2 boys ) it was so stressful i just wasn't coping..every pain he had i panicked but not showing him etc..soooo when he eventually came home he was banned from physical for 12 months..everything changed and when he eventually started going out again i was literally a nervous wreck(as he was still fragile) every ambulance that went pass i would ring him, i would have flash backs and just start crying and all while trying to seem normal to my husband and boys..there has been massive changes at home with other things and nearly 2 yrs later i am experiencing dizzyness,vertigo, pins n needles in my head and arms, shaking..been dr's they sending me up for tests rule out ms..all my bloods came back ok and i am going up for some spinning test with machine that watches my eyes reactions etc..followed by nurologist week after..what i think is either i am just super stressed with the abundance of stress(lots of which ive not mentioned) or im on verge of nervous break down..feels like i CANNOT COPE WITH ANY MORE STRESS..scared where it will end..has anyone else these symptoms or advice


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