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I have anxiety and depression for 3 years now. I've been to a few psychiatrists and used different meds. Right now I'm on Pristiq 50mg and klonopin 3mg for 3 years. My husband doesn't want me on meds so it's always a fight but I'm not feeling better and think the klonopin stopped working and I'll never get off of it. Also, I feel like I'll never get better crying most of the time. I I am new to this site



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  • Hi puppy11, oh I love that name. Getting the right meds, the right doses, not too high and yet not too low that it's ineffective. Staying on them for a short time since they do lose their efficacy. Which may very well be what happen with the Klonopin. The daily crying I went through aggravated everyone around me until my doctor weaned me off my benzo and the crying stopped. Your husband may be right in thinking if the meds don't work then why be on them. Of course, only your doctor can advise you. I hope you find some answers soon. I literally couldn't talk to anyone without crying. Not the way to face each day. Good Luck x

  • I'm afraid if I go off he klonopin the anxiety will get worse. I'm afraid of the anxiety

  • puppy11, I fully understand your fear. If it is not working anymore, it is actually feeding your fear. Your brain wants a higher dose or a different med. It will badger you until you give in. I came to a decision after the doctor took me off one benzo and put me on another and that didn't work. As he raised the dose higher and higher, I was still scared but a walking zombie. Since there didn't seem to be an answer, I felt what do I have to lose by getting off my benzos. (30 years is a long time) With proper guidance in weaning slowly and seeing the doctor, I did it. It wasn't easy, but I did it. And now it's been over 2 years w/o any benzos. I'm alive, my brain has healed and no longer wants drugs. puppy, it's a decision that you and your doctor need to make, not your husband. You have to be ready. I wish you well. x

  • Thanks! I'm so scared. The thoughts make my anxiety worse

  • Do you still have anxiety?

  • puppy, I can truly say that I don't anymore. No more panic attacks, anxiety episodes, they are in the past. I may feel the normal fears and stress when having a tooth pulled but the ups and downs of free floating anxiety for no reason at all, is gone. If a twinge of fear should enter my mind, it's gone before it even has a chance to grow. The biggest thing has been in not feeling drugged. My mind is clear.

    Puppy, this is not saying it is for everyone. It took me many, many years to get where I'm at now. I would not have been ready a long time ago. I feel I needed to take the drugs, have the different therapies to find what worked for me. I needed to fully understand what was happening to me and to be ready to take the next step. Don't beat yourself down on this decision. The time will come for you. x

  • I am beating myself up. If I go off the drugs my anxiety will be worse and I'm scared of the anxiety. I'm really scared to go off.

  • Then talk with your doctor and see what he suggests.... You may need to have the dose increased or another medication. The thing is your doctor needs to review your case. Right now you are simply "stuck" and that makes you more scared. I've been there. I understand the fear believe me. Try to relax now, no one is making you do anything you are not ready for or that may make you worse. Sending a hug x

  • Thanks for the hug. I hope everything works out.

  • Yes I still have anxiety pretty bad

  • Dont feel badly because you need to take meds. If you had an infection, you'd take an antibiotic or if diabetic, you'd take insulin. Mental health is no different than physical health. It can take a really long time and much trial and error to find the combination of meds and dosage that work, but when they do, it can be life saving. I have suffered from anxiety my entire life - I have done CBT and meditation and breathing exercises - but propanol and a low dose of Ativan have been a good med combination for me. I may take them forever - and that's ok. I SO understand fearing the anxiety - as you can tell by my screen name, I too fear the fear. My anxiety is more social in nature - anything involving people puts me into panic. And people are everywhere! Some days it's overwhelming. But just keep swimming - one minute at a time - head above water. And ask your doctor about other med and treatment options. Like agora1 said, find what works for you and be kind to yourself during the journey.

  • Thanks but my husband keeps telling me how bad the medication and that they can damage your brain and I'm afraid of my thoughts.

  • I assume your husband doesn't suffer from anxiety - those that don't rarely understand. It sucks to not have support - and makes it even more important for you to be kind to yourself. Imagine that you have a friend going through what you are - what would you say to them? Talk to yourself the same way. I'm glad you found this site because people here understand all too well. If someone told me that the meds I take might cause me issues down the road, I'd still take them because without them I would have no life at all. Some people take them long enough to slow their thoughts down until they learn to control them, then they work their way off the meds - that could be the case for you. Work with your doctor to find the right meds and/or therapies for you - once you are a bit more stable with your thoughts, you can try reducing or removing the meds.

  • Thank you so much! I'm so scared. I have anxiety so bad I have pain in my ribs. I can't stop the thoughts from being afraid of the anxiety which makes it worse. I believe my nerves are so sensitized I'll never get better. I'm going to be this bad for the rest of my life. Help me! I can't take it anymore.

  • I still struggle with the stopping the negative self talk too. I do a ton of reading about anxiety - understanding what is happening and why helps me to work thru it. For example, I tend to get really bad headaches when my anxiety is high. I've realized that comes from tensing my neck and shoulders, so when I'm anxious I focus on relaxing those muscles while doing the deep breathing exercises. I also work thru the 'am I in danger or discomfort' exercises alot. As I mentioned, my anxiety is people based - being afraid of embarrassing myself somehow or having a panic attack in front of others and freaking out. When something happens that triggers my anxiety, I ask myself 'danger or discomfort?'. It's almost always discomfort, which is manageable thru thought processing. What's the worst that will happen - I'll be embarrassed. What's the worst possible out come of that - people will think I'm stupid. Will they - am I sure of that? Or are people not focused on me as I fear? And if they do think I'm stupid, is that life altering? No. By doing this type of thought analysis, you can work your way to a less exaggerated mindset. It's tough and you have to want it, but getting those negative thoughts replaced with better options will help. Best of luck to you - hang in there, do some research on anxiety, be patient with yourself, and don't give up.

  • I'm scared because I'm losing weight from my anxiety. I haven't had much of an appetite but I'm still eating.

  • Thanks but I'm afraid of. The anxiety and the thoughts. All the feelings. They're obsessive thoughts. So I'm don't know how to get rid of anxiety. It's wrecking my marriage. I don't like the feelings. They make me feel terrible. I want to be happy again.

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