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I have almost all symptons you talk about. Panic attacks, head tension, dizziness, vertigos, heart racing, fullness in the ear like there is fluid, sinus congestion, thoughts about serious illnesses, fear of fainting, stomach and intestines cramps and gas, and so on and on and on. THIS IS ANXIETY DISORDER. I tried a lot of techniques to get rid of it: EFT, Acupressure, Meditation, Prayer, but here is the point: everything one could possibly do to fight this thing only keeps it. the secret is ALLOWING. I'm reading a very interesting book FOCUSING, by Ann Weiser Cornell, you find at Amazon. This is a new approach. I feel great relief in knowing I'm not alone.

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I will have a look at that book , thank you for recommending it , what helps one may not help another but there again it could so it is always good to share what has helped you :-)

Take Care x


Reading your post, was like reading what goes on with me on a daily basics. I hate anxity!! Do you take anything for your anxity? I take Prozac 20 mg. I've seen lots of people take Xanax. I'm gong to look into maybe trying Xanax. I hate feeling like this everyday. I just want to stay in bed all the time.


hi. can you describe your symptoms in detail


Panic, diziness, vertigos, sinus issues, ears with fluid, cramps, intestinal gas, tension head, heart racing...


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