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Welcome back health anxiety - I did a silly thing!

I hadn't really noticed but my health anxiety has been slowly creeping back up on me just like it does - insidious and quiet - just nibbling at your thoughts and fears.

I had a major health anxiety attack yesterday and committed the cardinal sin of Googling. I terrified myself and still feel shaky now.

Why did I do it as I know it'll only bring fear and worry. I know this but I still went ahead looking for reassurance and found only horror and worry.

Let this be a lesson to all of us with health anxiety DO NOT GOOGLE!

Now, all I have to do is follow my own words and try and stay calm. :-)

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Snap , I had done so well , till last week I did the same

I looked & looked first ten answers ok , so kept going & yes I found the one to put the fear in me that was already there , & its been on my mind since

Only myself to blame

Like you say , take my own advise would be good

I have done really well though its been about 6 months , but still , I slipped & did it

Yes let it ne a lesson :-o

Hope you stay calm





Thanks. I feel a bit better today but still pretty anxious.

I'd been so good and not Googled and actually only had mild HA sessions but the last couple of weeks since the weather turned brighter I've been getting far more anxious again.

Like you say only oneself to blame!

Hope you're okay.



Oh Bramwell

You have not really done a silly thing it is just that people like us who suffer from health anxiety find it hard to accept that we probably are not about to die but that it's just anxiety.

Last night for me was terrible.I woke up in the early hours with chest pain and cold sweats.I was sure I was going to have a heart attack.

It was about 2am and I wrote a blog on here just to try and help myself.At that hour I did not expect any replies but with in moments there was three of us all suffering together.By the way I hope the other two are OK and eventually got to sleep.

At 5.30am this morning I felt worse and called 999.The ambulance was here within a few seconds.They took me into the ambulance and put a crushed aspirin under my tongue.Then they gave me oxygen and took an ECG.The oxygen helped and the ECG was normal Then they took my blood pressure which was slightly high but not dangerous.......142/69.They gave me every re-assurance and told me to see my doctor on Monday........Thank you NHS.........Thank you ambulance service.

The point is that even after the tests I have retreated back to bed convinced that I am going to die any second.Oh I hate this constant state of fear/anxiety and just want my life back.

Good luck DUX


Oh dead olddux!

I've never got as far as 999 - NHS Helpline a couple of times or I just try and sit it out - but with the constant gnawing fear it's so *&%$£ hard!

Hope you're okay.



Thanks Bramwell

Yes it is so *&%$£ hard but next time ,like you,I shall try and stick it out or try 111 as I hate to tie up an ambulance which could be helping save some one's life.It's just that I really thought my last moments had come.

All the best



I agree, Googling is not wise but I can understand why we do it, we are always reaching out for reassurance and comfort. In days gone by it wouldn't have been possibe and maybe folk were more contented, I live in a village and the folk in days gone by seemed to be haapy in their simple family life, often hard going physically but they had more peace. Imagine, no phones, I Pods, TVs Computers and even electric, Just Cows, poultry, bees birds and wildflowers, and I hope lots of HUGS cotonroad .


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