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Changing from pregabalin to seroquel. Advice welcomed


I have a pounding heart from anxiety about not sleeping. Ok I the day but heart pounds at night. I have been on pregabalin since November but it’s never helped me to get good nights sleep. Even raising the dose to 600 mg or so doesn’t help I’m going to ask the doctor about changing to seroquel. I tried 25 mg in October it knocked me out but I reckon it’s worth trying again. It made me feel like a zombie next day. Does the zombie feeling go away after a week or so. Any advice welcomed. I’ve had this 25 years. So fed up and scared.

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Nobody give you a answer ?

Yes it goes away

But break maiby the med

It's better do it slow 😉

Liz1806 in reply to Elfje

Thanks Elfje. IVe just started taking seroquel at 25mg but guess what this time it doesn’t knock me out and the heart still pounds on getting into bed. Perhaps it’s getting used to it again. Sleep not great but only day 3

Elfje in reply to Liz1806

Ye it's low dose

But normally is it better the taken with serogeul a benzo not a heavy one but just before you go too sleep that you get bit comfort

I know serogeul for anxiety I sometimes ask myself why the serogeul or olanzapine

But ok you can only try

And talk with your doc if you can

I know people that taken a lot and the anxiety stay

Maiby a therapist could help ?

I have high anxiety ptsd and adhd

I am like a anxiety bomb

Really hard

I have Xanax but sleep not

So then I have here serogeul but I thinking hmmm not sure

Some are good with it

Some not

Everybody is different

But I hope you get better soon and take care for yourself

Focus on good things before you go too sleep 😊

Liz1806 in reply to Elfje

Thank you very much

Elfje in reply to Liz1806

Your welcome

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