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Lots of new people :-) welcome


Oh I see lots of new people....welcome:-). Anxiety is horrid and scary but you'll find a lot of people on this site that will help try and give advice and get you through. You are not the only ones to suffer there are many like you. If you ask something or post and don't get a reply straight away you'll find it's just a matter of waiting but since I've joined there is someone here quite regular :-)

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Hi Evey, how are things? You seem better than you were when we first spoke. GOOD! :)

Hi viel :-) still having my own issues with moving home it's obviously causing a lot of anxiety for me but had seen a lot of new people on here and thought I'd just let them know they are not alone. How are you doing?

Hi Evey

Hope you had a calm day today and I second your welcome to new people.


Evey37 in reply to Mysteryreader

Thanks mr ...think new joiners feel they are the only ones having issues ...and it's nice to feel welcome :-)

Hi Evey

I remember when I moved house out was so stressful, I do feel for you. :-)

Jules x

Evey37 in reply to jules2105

Hi jules :-) oh very stressful... A lot of work needs doing and it's a big old house so kinda scary too when no one else about.

Oh it's at it's peak this anxiety and I'm so mad and angry.....I fell asleep for an hour, I've woke up to pretty much every anxiety pain going. Chest hurts, hot and cold, sweating, ears, crying, blocked nose, arms hurt, stomach hurts....feel like I wanna be sick. It's this new house...I say new it's an old house and it's scary as anything...every little noise, every creek and groan....I'm scared....son is sleeping and snoring lol husband at work :-( it's 1:15am and I'm not able to sleep

hi I am 58 and have been battling severe anxiety panic attacks that have caused me to lose weight . I have IBS so the stress is bring it on. I am sick and tired of fight this. I cant take an anti depressant as most give me the poops. They stopped making the only 2 meds I could take ad gave me generics they do not work.. I cant sleep even though I am so so tired. I had test in ers and my pcp sucks so I changed PCPS I hope I am fixable as far as my digestive issue you know I am afraid of the big C word...anyone else lose weight as well ? help. My therapist says I need to calm down my stress level is off the hook and I tried to listen to relaxation tapes and I cant even loosen up enough to listen

Hi so :-) yes I have ibs too. Look up something called the fodmap diet. I follow this and it tells you what triggers the stomach issues. It's not nice I know and very scary. Have they tested you for the c word? You will lose weight if not eating and drinking well. When did your anxiety start?

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