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Going out of my mind


Been having the same bad feelings about me dying and it won't go away nothing seems to help just need someone to talk to help me through this....

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I know its do to my anxiety but I can't shake it

Dont Focus So Much On It. Just Know we all have to at some point but you not going to sit and worry about when. You can't live your life focused on it or in fear. DO you feel fine? Have you had a health work up?

I have had many check ups and nothing doctor said I have gad and pts anxiety disorder ...

When you start to have the thoughts water them down, with positive things.

Thank you I will try

Hi James :-) it's very scary to feel like this I know. It's the anxiety doing this. I've suffered with it for over 10 years so understand how you feel. What makes you feel like you are dying?

Jamesdean87 in reply to Evey37

It all the weird symptoms I keep having they scare me and they I convince myself am dying

Evey37 in reply to Jamesdean87

Morning James :-) it's the irrational fear we have. You get a pain somewhere and your brain and body search for more symptoms. You link them together and hey presto that's it we are on our way out. I have spent many of the last 10-11 years worrying about the same. If you are concerned go see your Drs? What symptoms are you having? What pain?

Jamesdean87 in reply to Evey37

All kinds pains in my cheast around my heart can't breath sesnes will change vision problems can't focus on anything irrational scared of everything think am going to die in my sleep list goes on

Been there. Whats going on exactly?

Just bad anxiety I think keep feeling all weird and then the thought of dying pops in my head and am convince that's what's happening it scares me to m core...

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Hi Jamesdean87,

I'm sorry to hear how you are feeling. When my anxiety levels are high, it's thoughts of something happening to my loved ones that pops into my head. O.C.D routines then kick in to protect them. The I.A.P.T therapy helped with this. I have been taught how to manage these thoughts. It takes practice and fighting it regularly, but it does work. I have had O.C.D.in various forms for over 50 years since childhood when my father died. I opened up about it only in the last 3 years to the therapist. I originally went to see her for depression and anxiety. I will always be glad that I spoke up. Things are so much better for me now. They explain things so well and understanding it helped me to start getting better. Try and see if you can get a referral to see someone from this wonderful service. I know you won't regret it. All the best with it.

That's the worst. How are you now, any calmer?

Dyou know.....years ago I had a 50/50 operation to remove a tumour from my spinal canal.

Not long after the operation the ventricles in my brain collapsed.

I knew nothing.

Nothing at all.

My brain had no oxygen.

I guess that is what it is like to be dead.


You cannot remember BEFORE you were born, so you will know NOTHING when you die.

Please don't be afraid.

There is NO need.

There is more to fear in life than in death.

What are your other worries ?

Do you have anyone special in your life you can talk to about your fears?

I wish I could help you.

I'm going thro domestic violence divorce at 75 years old, no maintenance and have to find somewhere to live as well as being disabled due to spinal tumour so I understand your terrors.

Let me know if I can help.


Hi, I suffer from anxiety issues and bouts of depression and O.C.D. Have had various measures of it over the years. The BEST thing I ever did that HELPED me tremendously ...is to be referred to I. A .P. T. cognitive behaviour therapy. I have had 2 separate therapist and they have been fantastic... You can self refer on the NHS or your GP can refer you. It took time but I can't express enough how helpful my therapist were. Initial phone call questions and then a short wait for appointments. By the way my issues were so bad that even sitting in a room with strangers was horrendous! I can cope now and it's improved my life so much. Some days are rubbish, but now I don't think every day will be rubbish. You need to deal with the anxiety before all the other things will get sorted out. Your symptoms are sooooo anxiety related by the sound of things. I have experienced many awful symptoms but you can kick their Butt with help, it's out there ..just take the first step, one at a time.

Please do this.

accept your thoughts no matter how real they maybe im going to die big deal am going to die then it goes if you fight them its worse

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