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My Imagination is out of Whack (Part 2) (Irrational Thoughts)

I was so Terrified, I mean I was actually believing what happened in the Movie had actually happened to me, I couldn't eat for days...On the first day I didn't eat my Mother had fixed my favorite dish, which is spaghetti n' meatballs. The best in the world. I nibbled at it, but my stomach felt so queasy, unbalanced like I was full of butterflies that I couldn't finish it, in secret I just threw it away...I still hate that I did that, but I was so scared y'know...I never felt that way in my entire life, well one time ago after watching the Saw Movie with my Older Brother. I was throwing up and everything. However along down the line made it through, because I know that I am ok and that no will harm me. I was like 14 or 15 I think. Talking about it though still gives me chills though you guys, but I'm being strong so that I can explain to my condition. I think I have OCD. What do you guys think. Also the Movie I was talking about earlier you guys is about a guy who's struggling to keep everything together, however in the end the company he worked for ended up catching him and putting him in a Virtual World where all his dreams came true, all that had made him happy. That's what scared me the most. I guess that I experienced this fear becauseI could relate to the main protagonist in the movie because, everything he did ended up in failure, after giving it all he got. He still was captured in the end...I guess that's why I think it could've happened to me. I've had struggles too, many hardships, I guess I'm afraid of failing like he did. The name of this movie is called (Repo Men) Feat. Jude Law and Forrest Whitticker. I think I spelled the names right...Thanks for listening guys please, please respond. I need your opinions on this matter.

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Please read my reply to your first message. Maybe it will help.

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Hi Anxiousnaruto123

It may be difficult at first and some hard work but I have trained my brain so that I use my imagination for good and positive thoughts!

I call it "thoughtarrest"

So when my imagination starts scaring me I "arrest" it and try looking at it from a more objective angle. It's not that easy sometimes I know, because your imagination can go so fast.

It's your imagination, use it for your own good! Check every thought.

Janco Vorster


Thanks you so much, I'm stuggling with it really bad, I'm a Cartoonist in training so my Imagination is very strong. I just have to put it down in lock and key.


Dr Joe Luciani has a book called Self-coaching which I found helpful :-)

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Ok. I'll Google it to find out more information. Thank you so much...


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