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Got out of bed - singing

Yes it's true! Six months ago I couldn't even get out of bed! No motivatio, wondered what I was living for. And the reason I was singing? Well it's because I read all the blogs from why why rose grog etc and I had such a laugh. I thought here are all these folks who all have struggles and yet they can still find humour! Keep up the good work you wonderful peeps xx

Hugs to all


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I am so pleased to hear this , its great :-)

Keep singing , I do , keeps me happy , as well as a bit crazy ;-)

We aim to please :-D

See grog this isn't a complaint , this is a patient that appreciates DR whywhy :-)

So pleased ruby you are feeling happier , its great to hear

Take Care






I am truly happy that the little banter has made you smile.

You can always join in too you know.

Doctor whywhy is truly overworked and has also been slacking.She does need help especially as she tends to stop to eat and sleep now and again! Perhaps you could become her Team Leader and tend the rest of us?

Long hours and no pay but good job satisfaction.

BriarRose has no vacancies as she spends all her time watching tennis in her plush office.Also (and don't tell anyone) rumour has it that she has a toy boy!!!.

If you would like to apply please message Doctor Whywhy between the hours of 5am and 7am as these seem to be her quiet periods.

Thank you for your interest







Cheers Bot, but Team Leader?Dont think so been there, done that. I think I'll just remain as a sleeping partner if that's ok? And as for the singing, are you trying to get me evicted? Lol don't think my neighbours would appreciate that too often haha!

Keep laffing



Huh! Toy boy be damned - I need a sugar daddy!!!! :-O



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