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Feel like something is stuck in my airway!!

I have had problems with thick mucus for a long time and it comes and goes but now it is really bad. Especially after brushing my teeth or eating and drinking I feel like my throat gets so thick that I am struggling to get air, though it can happen when I am doing absolutely nothing too. I went to the dr and he said I had a tonsil infection so he gave me antibiotics and told me to take Mucinex but that isn't helping at all. And yes if I think about it it does get worse so it could somewhat have to do with anxiety but I know what I am feeling is real. It is ruining my life and I can hardly go out anywhere because I am so afraid I am going to suffocate (it also gets really bad in the car). I am also frightened it will destroy my relationship with my boyfriend because I can hardly do anything anymore. Also, I am drinking lots of water (I have to pee all the time now!) but that's not really helping either. Other things I have tried are gargling with warm water and salt and drinking warm tea with honey. PLEASE does anyone have any advice or suggestions on what I should do?? Oh and btw I am 26 and I am also taking XAnax to try to calm the panic attacks. thank you.

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Maby you still have the infection. . Have you seen your Dr again?


There also feels like something stuck in my throat on the right side beside my airway I get very scared, I have anixty GERD and depression, I wish you the bestest luck with you relationship because mines ended and to be honest I feel awful about it,it's annoying me and I can't get the certain person out of my mind, I hope your feeling better soon and can control, as I'm still trying I always think I'm gonna die.


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