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health anxiety!

over the past 3/4 months I have become so anxious... to the point of where in my mind my life is in ruins! im not even sure if it is anxiety.. but sounds like it.. if somebody mentions certain types of illnesses, crumble.. in my mind I believe I have these illnesses! ive become forgetful, I cant concentrate for too long, I get dizzy! oh and wee a lot.. does anybody else suffer with these symptoms?

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Hello Aidan & welcome

I don't have health anxiety myself but from what I have read on here your symptoms sound very common.

Can I ask if you have seen your gp about this?



Hi & Welcome

It very much sounds like health anxiety , I have suffered for a lot of years & yes just the mention of an illness & you think you have it , this is very common how it affects you

As its not been long that you have been feeling this way I would see my GP , there is so much they can do now to help

Keep talking on here people will relate to you & it helps to no you are not on your own with how you feel :)





Welcome to the world of health anxiety aidanleeleggett.

Like whywhy I've suffered from it for years now.

It horrible and I hope you can get it under control quickly as it does drag you down.


hi Aidenlee,Ihave that too,I have a pain in my side,DR says its a muscle spasm,but I don't believe him,i'm thinking ovarian cancer,last month Icouldnt eat with nausea,and pain in my back,and pelvic area,Iwas thinking cancer again,turned out it was a uti..i wont go for a smear test,in case something shows up,I am a mess and anxiety has increased big time..I do get my blood checked every 6 months,and alls fine except I have high cholestrol,so yes this sounds like health anxiety,I wonder if theres help we could get for Miarose xx


I have recently been feeling this way I've been to the ER nearly everyday for different things and I've seen so many doctors because I'm scared something is wrong with me. Every time someone mentions an illness I feel convinced that I have it and I start getting the symptoms and the forgetfulness, dizziness, and I also wee a lot. Not too sure how to cope with it all because I'm kinda new to it all.


I completely understand and sympathize with you. Mines a heart attack or stroke. If I get a pain in my arm, chest, or back then I'm automatically having a heart attack. A headache will be a stroke. I've been to the er numerous times and to my gp more often then that. I am dizzy a lot and as well have to use the bathroom quite often. It's taken everything in my power not to go to the er tonight because I have a cramp in my neck. It's truly real. Good luck and just know you don't suffer alone. Best wishes!


Before I saw a therapist, I was constantly dizzy and fidgety. I was scared of the dizziness being a number of problems and it wasn't. Health anxiety is such a difficult thing to deal with. I was having a little pain by my hamstring - jumped to oh god I have a blood clot. Had a piece of hamburger go down my throat before I was ready and I was scared some food went down the wrong pipe and I'll get pneumonia. It's so hard to not freak out over everything. For me, I have to talk myself down and try and rationalize how ridiculous I am being. I don't always feel perfect but it does help calm me down a little.


I to have had a sharp pain and thought omg it might be a blood clot!!! I suffer from heart palpitations too.. I went through this about 3 years ago and now it has been back for 5 months and I'm going crazy over this. And this depersonalization feeling and vision does not help either


Hi Ceelos81, I was going over your prior posts and wondering if you ever started on the Zoloft? Sounds like you are overwhelmed with symptoms. Something needs to change in order to break that cycle of fear you are in. Anxiety will keep challenging you with new symptoms.


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