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Dog bite freaking out

So I was working today and I got bit on the ankle by a chihuahua (I deliver pizza). When it happened it did not feel like a bad bite but when I got back to the shop I noticed a small puncture wound with blood. So now I'm sitting here 3 hours later freaking out like I'm going to die from some sort of infection or something. I've been googling dog bites for the last hour and some of the information is sending me into a straight panic. The site of the wound seems fine, no sign of any trauma or anything but I'm still scared I'm going to die from it. Help!!!!

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Keep watching it; keep it clean. Chances are good that you will be fine. If possible, call the house and confirm that the dog has had all required vaccinations. Does your work require you to report this? If there is a protocol, then you should follow it.


I got bitten by a Rotweilier in April on my wrist, fortunately there was no blood but a nasty bruise, it did scare me. If you put antiseptic on and keep it clean it should be ok but I do think you should have informed your employer of this as it could happen to another delivery person too. Personally I would have also gone to the doctors as they would have told you if you needed a tetanus injection. One thing is for sure you ARE NOT going to die, we have not got rabies in the UK. For peace of mind go to see the Doctor, make sure your employer knows and continue with your life, it's going to be sunny this week, feel glad to be alive😊😊😊☀️☀️☀️😎😎😎


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