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Freaking out


Hi everyone!

So I just woke up from a nap about 2 hours ago. Ever since, my heart rate has been in its 100s while resting(highest was probably 114). This is totally not normal for me. All day yesterday, I was having a numbing feeling in my right arm. I have health anxiety and always feel as if I’m going to die. But I have not been anxious none today, as I’m trying to implant the suggestions I’ve heard to overcome.

I can’t help but have anxious thoughts about my heart rate though.😕 any suggestions? What’s should I do? Is there anything that can contribute to the fast heart rate? I’m currently having a migraine with neck & back pains.

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Anxiety can manifest itself in numerous physical symptoms that can put us in a panic . If you want to be sure , go to the doctors to cancel out any risks . But I can assure you it’s anxiety playing tricks with your mind . Our minds are wired to be pessimistic, alert , and alarmed all the time and our body reacts .

You may try getting a thyroid test. An abnormal thyroid can cause palpitation. Hope you get well soon.

I’ve had a thyroid check done & it was normal. So I’m sure that’s not the case😔

I’ve been to the doctor & they told me everything was fine.

I’ve had the same isssues and the high heart rate makes the anxiety worse. Which I’m sure you knew. Are you currently on any anti anxiety medicine? I know after numerous times going to the doctor with my blood pressure through the roof, and my pulse high, they finally upped my Zoloft and put me on a medication to control my heart rate. It is called atenolol. It helped me tremendously! I took it for about 6 months before i winged myself off per doctors orders of course. It helped a lot! I hope this helps. Just remember slow deep breaths you can get through this. This to shall pass!!😊

I’ve tried propranolol, cymbalta, and another medication I can’t think of the name. But none worked, so I’m just trying to do everything by myself

I don’t know if you are aware of this or not but it might be worth looking into. There is a blood test that you can take that will tell you what medication will work for you! It’s worth a shot that way you don’t have to switch medication so many Times.

clopez1514 in reply to Akw0885

My doctor never mentioned this... how do I get this test??

Akw0885 in reply to clopez1514

Here is more information in this link as far as the test goes and what it actually is and how it’s done😊

clopez1514 in reply to Akw0885

I’m staring Zoloft tonight and I’m so nervous

Akw0885 in reply to clopez1514

Don’t be nervous I was to but it was heaven sent to me. Nobody is the same we’re all different but I wouldn’t worry!

I have health anxiety (about my heart mostly) and I wake up every day and say out loud that “I am healthy, happy and safe” and also think of 1 or 2 things I’m grateful for. I find that starts my day off good.

I usually try to do some mindfulness activities too on an app (calm, Sanvello) and get in 30 min of walking or exercise in some form daily.

This coupled with therapy and medication adjustments has helped !

During your nap were you having a Bad dream? I have innsomia, this morning I finally feel into a deer sleep, my daughter needed to wake me up, I was startled, so I screemed. It ruined my day

No I wasn’t having a bad dream. I don’t think I was in a deep sleep... I was hearing everything around me. My son & my niece was playing and I heard everything.

Just asking, I've had that kind of sleep when everything around me seems Real. I definitely need a sleep study, I'm Desperate for sleep,😖

Hello Beautifulgirl01. I can relate to this my resting heart rate is usually in the mid 50’s to lower 60’s and sometimes I wake up with my heart racing even if I feel fine. It freaks me out and I’ve definitely gone to the ER to get an ecg for it. Of course, my ecg is always fine. Sometimes our bodies just do weird things like that but if your doctor says you’re healthy I wouldn’t worry about it.

When in doubt go to the ER ❤️

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