I'm freaking out!

I freak out about every little thing! I get myself so worked up about everything that happens to my body. My mind doesn't stop and I feel like I'm always going to die. I get chest pains and I get dizzy and I get pains that feel like its my heart. I am so sick of it its like i don't know where to turn next!! Even my jaw locks up! I'm so tired of this 😢😢😢


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  • Not having a good day then?

    Are you OK?

    It's awful feeling like this and not knowing where to turn. Have you got people who know your struggling ?

  • Hey Rissa. I'm new on here. Only two and a half days so if I do or say the wrong thing I hope you'll forgive me!

    Are you freaking out at the moment, hunny, or upset about the fact it keeps happening? Can you tell me what you're feeling at the moment? I don't want to say the wrong thing etc but you sound very stressed. Do you want to talk about it? I know we don't know each other but sometimes that's a good thing.

  • I have been very stressed about everything lately and my anxiety has consumed me. If my head hurts I start freaking out. Then my chest hurts and then my left arm hurts. If my stomach hurts I start freaking out. It doesn't matter what happens I am freaking out. I wish I could just forget about it and have a good day and be happy. Everytime I get upset about something it literally feels like I'm going to have a heart attack and die. I can't stand the feelings. And yes the people around me know I'm struggling

  • When you say you start freaking out, can you describe for me what happens. In fine detail as I sometimes don't retain memory for stuff🙄xx

  • I could scream cause I have had enough. Its ruining me!

  • I get that! Totally! When people say about having a punchbag hung up for them to use for stress relief etc, I always say I would prefer a "Scream Room"!! A small to medium sized room, all soundproofed, and a big bolt on the inside of the door. That's because when I get overwhelmed, I'd much rather just scream and scream and scream until no sound comes out! Hitting bags, smashing plates, ripping up old phone directories may work for some folk but it's too destructive which feels wrong to me, personally. It doesn't really get much OUT it just makes me kind of violent. Which feels bad and I feel guilty and get stressed and round it goes again. But a darkened room where I can scream out the stress or the pain, or the sadness or even anger is so much more cathartic. Nothing gets broken and I get to lighten the load. How about you, Rissa? 🌹xx

  • Freaking out as in an anxiety attack... Chest pains arm pain feels like my head is spinning.. Can't sit still can't focus feeling like I'm doomed and gonna die. Can't even breathe sometimes. Then I calm down and sit there and think about the pains I had and then I get them again and again and again.. I really hate being me sometimes

  • Its to the point where I take my anxiety pills and they don't seem to help anymore. My boyfriend is getting aggervated with me just because he doesn't understand anything about anxiety and how it can take a toll on someomes body

  • Have you spoken to the doctor about uping your dosage or changing your pills.

    It's hard when your other half just does not get it. It just adds another thing to stress about. My husband doesn't understand and gets frustrated.

    Have you looked into if it's just anxiety or like me anxiety with depression. I was only diagnosed yesterday. But from what I've read it's like doubleded up symptoms.

    Is there a park or anything near you where you can walk round when you get to exploding point. ? Somewhere you can sit and look something to focus on till you calm down instead of going back on yourself as to why you / mind blew up.

    Sending hugs

  • I feel like I have hit rock bottom with this and its not getting better and it makes me so sad. So so so sad

  • I was about to say "don't be sad", but A) that's so not going to work! And B) it's actually good to be sad and to hold that sadness and think about everything that's made you sad and then cry, hunny. Cry and cry as much as you need to. Crying is NOT going to hurt you, sweetie, but bottling it all up most definitely will harm you. I get rapid, extreme mood swings and I've learnt that, at least for me, letting myself feel everything stops it festering. Have you perhaps been trying to stay calm and behave "normally" and just get on with stuff and life, and now the ton of cr@p that you've held inside feels like it's going to make you explode OR you're feeling absolutely exhausted by holding it all together until you're out of energy to even move?

  • I'm going back to the doctors on Monday and I will be explaining everything... Hopefully I can put this to rest soon. Me and my boyfriend had a long good talk tonight and he now seems to understand me more. He's a really good person but I know this can get frustrated. I mean regardless he has stuck by my side through all this. There isn't much to do where I live but I try and keep myself busy.. I do cry.. I let it all out. I actually cried 3 different times today. I haven't really held anything in.. Just my anxiety has literally consumed me.. And I have no idea why it had gotten this bad. Thank you so much for replying DizzyRose and Doglovingwife. I appreciate it so much

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