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Freaking out


I’m freaking out, obviously. Okay so my calf has been having a cramp in it, but this morning I woke up and it was in my thigh and it’s still there. I’m terrified it’s a clot. My heart feels like it’s pounding/skipping beats and i feel like I’m breathing funny & now my chest feels heavy, I just feel EXTREMELY nervous. I might be going to ER, once again. But it’s a weekend and I wanna enjoy the day. But I don’t wanna miss something and die. ADVICE? I’m going crazy 😭

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Hi if you had a clot your leg would be very painful and swollen. So if it's not then it's not serious. x

anon99 in reply to hypercat54

That’s what I’m trying to tell myself. But then the other half is like, “well some people don’t get swelling or redness or warmth” 😭😭

hypercat54 in reply to anon99

Well if it would put your mind at ease seek medical help is my advice. x

Can u go to an immediate care center to avoid the ER wait time. It sounds like a bad cramp . sometimes when u are stressed they tense up. Rub some rubbing alcohol on them. Reminder I'm not a Dr,, just some suggestions.

I get those scares me mine was lack of potassium and or magnesium. Its best to have it checked if you feel like that so you don't have panic and more anxiety Be safe rather than something wrong anxiety is such a horrible feeling

Breathe try to not to stress about it did you get it checked out ? Hope all is okay

I felt the same two weeks ago but I went to my regular doctor and he sent me to get a sonogram of my leg which was a negative for blood clot, mind you the pain was going on from a Saturday to Wednesday and there’s still cramping when I walk, it could be tensing in the muscles or not enough support in your shoes, but again to ease your mind and to seek professional help you should go to a doctor, BUT don’t let them make you sound like you’re crazy, if you’re really concerned and they make it seem like it’s not something serious, keep pushing, you’re the only person who actually knows your own body

Anxiety will make you feel alot of different things. I've read many people going to the ER and being told there's nothing wrong. Try going to the doctor for a physical to rule out any possible problems.


Happens all the time... Stretch more and relax more.

Are you ok? I threw a clot in December, when in doubt always get checked. I almost brushed mine aside, but luckily I went in and they found I had a PE Blood clot in my right lung.

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