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Should I give my new medication a try?

Things have gotten better and worse and tonight I'm feeling like I may need my medication again. Because no matter how I go about this no matter if I ignore my anxiety or just don't pay attention to it it just seems to scare me still around nighttime when I get home from work. And I just want to go back to normal. Still get scared and I think I'm getting a little forgetful, foggy headed, I will be laying in bed then next thing I know it I'm waking up and I don't rememberand some of how or when I fell asleep and this scares me because I dont know if this is normal because all I know is I'm anxious every night to go to sleep, then I pass out without recognition, then wake up nervous because I don't know if this sleep pattern is normal, from exhaustion from work and my mind being exhausted from anxiety. So, should I try my medication klonopin and tegretol that I was prescribed but did so much research on on read side effects and eventually just scared myself out of taking medication and going to therapy? I've dug myself into a ditch of too much knowledge about the medication that I was prescribed n scared myself and now I'm in desperate need of relief and thinking about taking my medication and trying to get an apt with therapist but until then I want to see other peoples views on the medication if they have taken either medication or any other help would be greatly appreciated

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DO NOT GOOGLE. Everybody reacts to medication differently. If you are feeling better when taking medication by all means take it. Per your name mommy4 it sounds like you have children and if you are not feeling well you won't be able to give your children the attention and care they need. If this medication calms your mind and helps you sleep it is a good thing. You definitely need sleep to work thru anxiety. Lack of sleep makes your anxiety symptoms worse.

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