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Should I be worried?

I have developed this breathing problem during sleep basically when I'm just about to dose of to sleep i quickly jolt back awake again because to me it seems like I stopped breathing or have forgotten to breathe. This happens like every time I'm dosing off but I never feel out of breathe or anything just really scared and affraid to go back to sleep, I get this quite often now and want to know if its anxiety/stress related and what can I do to prevent it. I do not have sleep apnea or any other kind of sleep disorder this just started recently and already got another anxiety and worry cycle going on again along with my other problems. What do I do? Many thanks

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I have suffered with this & also have woke up before with the same feeling , which is really scary , I dont really no what you do about is & it does shake you up , I am sure its anxiety & my GP said it was ...I have to admit I have a night light which I leave on dim , this seems to have given me more confidence

Hope it reasures you to no you are not the only one that gets this

If it will put your mind more at ease go & see your GP





This is what I had happen everyday for about 2 weeks before what I presume is a "panic attack". On and off I have had this happen for years, but I always thought it was as I am a very light sleeper.

I would suggest it's anxiety. I feel it was a factor for what possibly bought on mine.

I find it's a vicious circle as you get worried about sleeping and then it brings it on. It still happens to me once or so a week. It's something I am unfortunately just putting up/dealing with.


Yes I've had bouts of that - horrible.

Anxiety related.


I have it too, had it for 3 weeks solid and now the past few weeks its on and off, never had it until i came ill with anxiety so i think its part of that, its so scary though i do symperthise. I seem to get it more when im more anxious and more tired, feels a bit like someones given me an electric shock and i wake up with a jolt. Speak to your doctor if you are worried, i will next time i go but im sure its anxiety as most people here seem to have had it, hope that puts your mind at rest if only a little.


Thank you all very much for reassuring me.


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