Panicky in stores

Grrrrr. Anxiety, I will get rid of you.

But for now, I was wondering if anyone could relate. When Im out, I get so panicky, like I get lightheaded and I feel like I'm not in my body and I'm not actually there and like anything bad could happen at any time. I've officially stopped caffeine, but this feeling makes me not want to go out. I don't feel like I benefit from it because all I find out is that nothing bad happened but I can't even apply that to future events because....well..."it could happen this time."

Anyone else get this way?


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  • I do understand how you feel. I had a few memorable panic attacks type of situations while in a shopping mall. Once I felt like everything turned into a dream. Everything was moving in slow motion at times and there was horrible Christmas music droning on and on and I sat on the floor with my back against the wall. I kind of started to talk to myself and encourage myself like I was another person helping a friend. I didn't care at all if people looked at me while I was talking to myself either. I bought myself a cranberry muffin and ate very slowly trying to concentrate on that instead of the whirl of anxiety around me.

    I don't go anywhere pretty much other than work. I hid behind doors or book shelves or anything I could at first to avoid being asked to things. And now people just know not to ask me. I don't care much anymore when people are rude to me because I put up with bullies all my life - and it is not like I didn't survive that.

    It is so difficult not to be like everyone else enjoying what they perceive as everyday fun. I avoid people because I just don't want to talk to them. The more I get to know all the cliches at work - the more I get a feel for the people in them. They all ignore me while babbling on about each other. So I hear all the cliches talking about each other. And you know what? They are all so two faced I don't know how they keep their lies straight. I am missing nothing from being a part of that.

    However I do wish I could do an ordinary thing like go get my hair cut without extreme anxiety and embarrassment. I feel like they are going to laugh at me for even trying look nice. I dread grocery lines sometimes because I am embarrassed about the items I am purchasing. Ridiculous things I should not feel but my anxiety gets the best of me.

    I get floaty and watch myself do tasks or sometimes feel like just woke up as I look around familiar surroundings and wonder how I got there.

    I hope you feel better Sooha,

  • I understand what you are going through I have been there got over it its come back and its annyoying horrible feelings it helps me to listen to relaxing music in places that are hard to vist take an mp3 player or anything which as music on as you gain confidence you will take the headset off more and more hope this helps

  • Wow! This could of been me writing this. I feel exactly the same. I have to live day to day. I can't make any future plans as it brings on severe anxiety. Even something silly like knowing I need to go to the grocery store for food brings on an attack. I begin to feel so unwell when I'm out that I think I'm going to just collapse and die. Obviously I don't and when I get home the rational part of my brain says " see nothing bad happened" and then the anxiety part of my brain says " maybe not this time but it could happen next time" this leaves me feeling so exhausted I sometimes think it would be better if I didn't push myself to go out but just stayed in. It's one hurdle after another.

  • Its like im reading my own words.. we can and will be helathy again!! We can do it!! 😄😄

  • It seems so pathetic doesn't it when you write it down or say it out loud. In the moment though when you can't think rationally it's absolutely terrifying!

    I hope we all get better very soon :) x

  • Hi,

    Yes I get exactly the same, get shaky when out and about, particularly in shops. I've started Cbt to work out what it is that's causing this and it helps me to know that and then I try to slow my breathing down. Sorry to not be more help, I'm trying to figure out a solution too!

  • Do you get brainfog with ur anxiety

  • I used to have it, yes.

  • I don't even feel panicky but still get exactly the same systems as you, it's crap and ruins my life, I try not to think about it but it doesn't seem to work

  • There has been times I feel I cant even go in a shop. It is anxiety but also the sensation of embarrassment. Like fearing being judged I guess. There is a perfume shop that I only had the courage to go in once. I felt like everyone would laugh at the idea of me actually buying something like that. When I asked if I needed help I said I was shopping for a friend. It all makes me sound pretty pathetic really.

  • Wow....a little bit of me is in each of these stories. ...its so helpful and good to no were not ill...but just different than other's. ..our minds are more active maybe ..I have started taking St John's Wart a herbal tablet to calm me...I will pass on to you all if it helps me...sending huge hugs to all you peeps. ..we will and can defeat this problem x

  • Hello.. I have the same issues.. I went to some outlets last week and the same happened.. I tell my self that i am ok and I do my breathing exercises and sit down for a bit. . It helps me alot.. i also have water with me at all times

  • hi I know exactley ehat you mean, Zi have no reason why, my chest always pound im light headed And feel scared, its how I feel right now especially when I admit it! i dont know why!

    Is it normall? Its ceryainly not un common if you can tske any solice from that!

    Im crawling up wall in my mind I have chest pains, pins and needles snd feel dizzy

    i heard that curring down on caffine helps x

  • I hate crowds, so I can relate to this. People are so annoying in stores & shopping malls, they seem to be in a world of their own & never seem to look where theyr`e going, bumping into me & getting in my way.

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