Feeling weak

My symptoms are ever-changing that's why I think it's anxiety, yet I am still worried it might be a guts problem as well because of the constant pain and sort of sucking in/pressure feeling.

Also I started feeling really weak and tired. It starts randomly, one moment I am full of energy and suddenly as if it was all gone and I barely stand. It happends every day and lasts for some time, then goes away again.

I am seriously worried now.


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  • Don't let your anxiety put irrational thoughts inside your head, it could just be anxiety and you got this alright, hang in there, hopefully this goes away

  • Thanks. But that's all it's been doing. Making me worry over stuff I never even cared about. It seems a but silly to feel like I have a different disease every second week, but doesnt really ease my mind at all.

  • You're okay don't worry, you're alive and well do try not to worry much

  • It would be much more believable if I didn't feel pain so much. My belly hurts and makes me worried about my guts, my hip joint hurts when I want, my back hurts. Ugh, its annoying.

  • It's okay don't worry and hopefully it will go away 😌

  • I feel the exact way you just described. I get it in my chest also always feels like something sitting there. I'm horribly fatigue one minute & then I can feel normal again. I feel dizzy at times to & my vision gets blurry. Aches & pains. I'm so sick and tired of it. It can last for days & days. Feel better 🙏🏻

  • I do feel good most if the day, not counting the belly pain and tiredness, but the evenings are the worst!

    You feel better too, hopefully it will past.

  • Yes I get stomache pains chest pains ferns like I have z lump in my throat pain in my shoulder and back x and one pain follows another start in the morning in my stomache then to my chest then to my throat then finishes of in the evening with back and shoulder pain x every day this happens x doctor says it's anxiety x getting really fed up with it now x hopefully one day ii will wake up and it's all gone away please x

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